221 Immigration Essay Topics You Should Use

immigration Essay Topics

Every year, people migrate to different countries in the pursuit of new opportunities and a better quality of life. This process of permanently moving to a foreign country in order to get permanent residence or become a naturalized citizen is called immigration.

If you are a student of International Migration Studies, Political Science, Sociology, International Relations or related subjects, then you may have to present papers on immigration. Here is a list of immigration essay topics to help you study and understand this global phenomenon better.

Argument Topics on Immigration

The subject of immigration has always been a controversial one. So, choosing to write about argumentative essay topics on immigration will always give you a lot of material to work with. Here are some topics to start with:

  1. Why has Mexican immigration become a political controversy?
  2. Should immigrants be granted the right to vote?
  3. What is the ‘green card lottery’ and should we be concerned about it?
  4. Should children who are born to undocumented immigrants be granted citizenship to a country?
  5. Should immigrants learn the native language of the country they migrate to?
  6. Immigrants must receive complete cooperation from professional psychologists. Do you agree?
  7. Can immigrants who receive citizenship be considered natives of a country? For instance, can immigrants with US Citizenship be called Americans?
  8. Do immigrants fill the gap in labour demand or steal jobs from natives?
  9. Should resident immigrants use a national or international license?
  10. Do you think the immigration policies of your country need reform?
  11. Immigration is an important part of world history. Present arguments for and against.
  12. Could the United States have survived through history without immigrants?
  13. Immigration policies and homeland security go hand in hand. Do you agree?
  14. Should there be language policies with respect to immigrants?
  15. What is the right way to deal with undocumented immigrants?
  16. Should countries have strict immigration policies?
  17. Recent events in the 20th century have shaped the modern immigration policies of the US. Discuss.
  18. Illegal immigration affects our economy. How?
  19. Religion and race are responsible for the fundamentalist view on immigration. Discuss.
  20. Does illegal immigration affect us as a society?
  21. Do you agree with Donald Trump’s views on immigration?
  22. In large countries like India and the US, should each state have its own immigration policies?
  23. Does the media provide enough information about current immigration policies or does it mislead them?
  24. Should immigrants pay a fee to migrate to a new country?
  25. Is the increasing rate of drug abuse in the US related to immigration. What measures can be taken to eliminate it?
  26. Should illegal immigrants residing in a country for a long time have some path to citizenship or legal residency?
  27. What if the immigration to the US between 1850-1920 never happened. What would the future look like?
  28. Is immigration related to criminal justice?
  29. Does immigration rate have a direct correlation with crime rate?
  30. Should less skilled native citizens work harder to prevent jobs going to better skilled immigrants?
  31. Should European countries be worried about the sudden increase in immigration?
  32. Can you persuade your readers that immigation affects the economy positively?
  33. Are immigration laws of a country unfair to the natives and legal immigrants?
  34. The effects of capitalism on the global issue of immigration.
  35. Provide economic reasons for or against reforming the current immigration laws.

Illegal Immigration Essay Topics

Illegal immigration is a common issue that most countries are faced with. So, it makes for interesting immigration topics to write about.

  1. Can there be valid reasons for illegal immigration?
  2. Do undocumented immigrants harm a country?
  3. The most common issue of illegal immigrants is overstaying their legal migration period. Discuss.
  4. Should the government value paperwork over people?
  5. Which are the common countries of origin of undocumented immigrants? Why?
  6. Human trafficking is the root casue of illegal immigration. Discuss.
  7. Is the surge in illegal immigration an indicator of corruption?
  8. What are the common issues of illegal immigration?
  9. Should legal assistance be provided to undocumented immigrants?
  10. Is the term ‘illegal immigrant’ offensive?
  11. “No human is illegal’. Is this statement valid?
  12. How does illegal immegration threaten legal immigrants and natives of a country?
  13. Write your views on the ‘Drop the I-word’ campaign.
  14. Detention of immigrants causes more harm than good. Discuss.
  15. Should a person who enters a country illegally be given a chance of obtaining legal status?
  16. Is illegal immigration the cause of terrorism?
  17. Should policies be different for elderly immigrants?
  18. Children are victims of their parents’ decision to immigrate illegally.
  19. Even undocumented immigrants should be treated respectfully.
  20. What are the organizations that support illegal immigration?
  21. Is illegal immigration the cause for racial fear?
  22. Illegal immigrants must be punished even after they have settled.
  23. Do illegal immigrants throw our society out of balance?
  24. Are governments hostile towards illegal immigrants?
  25. Is the absence of correct documentation a criminal offence?

Legal Immigration Topics To Write About

The process of legal migration is a lengthy one. Still, many people opt for it in order to improve their lives. Here are some related topics that will help you find great content for your paper.

  1. Why are visas important in the modern world?
  2. How did 9/11 affect the visa policies globally?
  3. Should immigration laws be created to safeguard the citizens of a country? How do they fulfill this objective?
  4. What are the potential consequences of countries declaring open borders?
  5. Is multiculturalism good for our society?
  6. Do you think modern immigration procedures are efficient?
  7. Should the number of visas for immigrants be limited?
  8. What are the advantages of immigration?
  9. What should the main objectives of immigration policies be?
  10. Why has the US rejected Syrian refugees?
  11. Do most immigrants in the U.S seek citizenship? Why?
  12. Write an in-depth essay about legal immigration through fake marriages.
  13. How can children of immigrants obtain legal status?
  14. Why do people have to reside for 5 years in certain countries to become citizens?
  15. How is citizenship different from naturalization?
  16. Is it fair for children to get citizenship of the country they are born in, despite the parents being immigrants?
  17. What qualities should a person have to get legal status in any country?
  18. How can an individual with disabilities pass the naturalization test?
  19. What are the main requirements for naturalization?
  20. Is naturalization good for the economy?
  21. Legal immigrants are still victims of racism. Discuss.
  22. Do legal immigrants improve the economy of a country?
  23. Should immigrants be allowed to reapply for citizenship?
  24. Can one obtain legal status by serving in the military?
  25. How can modern technology improve the immigration process?
  26. Does immigration have any effects on academic performance of other international students?
  27. Is it simple to immigrate to a foreign country?
  28. Analyze the trends of immigration in the 21st century.
  29. Write in detail about the immigration experience of any racial or ethnic group of your choice.
  30. How will prevention of immigration impact our society?

Immigration Issues Essay Topics

Immigration has become a subject of debate over the last few decades. There are clearly many issues for the host country and the immigrants that prevail even with changing immigration policies. Here are some topics on immigration that explore these issues:

  1. The reasons for negative views on immigration.
  2. What has immigration become a subject of debate?
  3. What are the most common misconceptions about immigrants?
  4. Write in detail about three top issues faced by immigrants.
  5. How does immigrantion impact business?
  6. Immigration in Germany. An act of tolerance or the need of the hour?
  7. The flaws in the modern UK immigration system.
  8. The rising rate of unemployment in Canada and the influence of immigration.
  9. What is the relationship between immigration and national identity in Australia?
  10. Changes in the immigration policies of Japan after the Second World War.
  11. Recent immigration issues and the Mexican repatriation in 1930. Compare and contrast.
  12. Increase in Muslim immigration in Britain and the consequences.
  13. The negative and positive effects of immigration in Saudi Arabia.
  14. The relationship between terrorism rates and the current immigration issues in the European Union.
  15. The issues of immigration during the second world war.
  16. Indirect immigration to Texas versus direct immigration to Europe.
  17. Irish immogration and gender roles.
  18. Do immigrants suffer from an identity crisis?
  19. The issues faced by children of immigrants.
  20. The common issues of immigration and race in the early 20th century.
  21. What are the issues of immigration and multiculturalism in Sweden?
  22. The top issues with immigrating to Spain.
  23. How have Chinese immigrants shaped the Western attitude towards the country?
  24. The causes and effects of immigration from Vietnam to the US.
  25. Issues faced by Pakistani immigrants globally.
  26. Top reasons why the European Union has failed to address refugee and immigration issues.
  27. The history of immigration in the United States and the main issues caused by them.
  28. Why is illegal immigration associated with prostitution?
  29. Poverty is the main cause for the surge in illegal immigration. Explain.
  30. Immigration laws are unnecessarily strict and hostile.
  31. Elderly immigrants should be provided with proper rehabilitation facilities.
  32. Why is there an increase in the death rate of immigrants?
  33. What are the main concerns with respect to immigration policies in the upcoming years?
  34. How are family members of illegal immigrants affected by deportation?
  35. Why has the focus of US Presidential Elections been immigration policies?
  36. Acts of discrimination against illegal immigrants should be punishable by law.
  37. Blending with the culture of the host country or safeguarding their own. What troubles immigrants more?
  38. The threat to security caused by illegal immegration.
  39. Should immigrants be granted amnesty?
  40. What crisis have recent immigration patterns caused?
  41. What are the best ways to end illegal immigration?
  42. Denying illegal immigrants any benefits is inhumane. Discuss.
  43. Countries that wage war and create chaos should be open to illegal immigrants. Your views on this.
  44. What are the environmental issues related to immigration patterns?
  45. Write in depth about the plight of illegal immigrants and the various challenges that they face.

Immigration Presentation Ideas

Here are some of the best topics for you to make impressive presentations on the subject of immigration:

  1. Is the ‘catch and release’ policy a good one?
  2. Why is America, ‘The Land of Opportunities’, so opposed to immigration?
  3. The influence of 18th century Chinese emigration on American society.
  4. Why did the migration wave of the 1960s occur?
  5. What is the DREAM Act and what are its benefits?
  6. The effects of immigrants on the education system of a country.
  7. Do Americans emigrate? Where to and why?
  8. Are immigrants motivated by religious purposes when they move to a new country?
  9. How did border control take place before visas were invented?
  10. The condition of Syrian refugees in Canada.
  11. Does a country benefit from granting asylum status to refugees?
  12. How are refugees different from immigrants?
  13. Should there be any investment in education by the host country for people who are displaced?
  14. Wars are the primary reasons for immigration. Support this statement with examples of events in history.
  15. The effects on 9/11 on international travel and immigration policies.
  16. Is the assimilation policy in Australia a good way of maintaining aboriginal control?
  17. Does tourism suffer from increasing numbers of refugees and immigrants?
  18. How has immigration shaped the history of Europe?
  19. How does an increase in the number of refugees affect the economy of a country?
  20. The relationship between global immigration and the Cold War.
  21. Is there a difference in the rate of immigration among men and women?
  22. Do you think emigration to a foreign country is an act of courage?
  23. Should racial persecution be considered a valid reason for emigration?
  24. Is religious persecution a good reason for emigrating?
  25. People normally immigrate to give their children better lives. Discuss with case studies.
  26. Lack of healthcare facilities is a good reason for immigration.
  27. Refugees should be given ample psychological support.
  28. The responsibilities of a government towards children of immigrants.
  29. The financial instability of immigrants and refugees makes them victims of abuse.
  30. Should a person emigrate if he or she disagrees with the country’s policies?
  31. Are some personality types more inclined to immigrate than others?

Top Immigration Research Topics

Write good quality, comprehensive essays on these simple topics:

  1. Does the lack of a good education system force young people to emigrate?
  2. Is immigration the only hope for some communities?
  3. What are your views on relocation for a romantic reason?
  4. Write in detail about the experiences of Lithuanian immigrants in America.
  5. Does immigration stem from the urge to get away from oppression?
  6. Is immigration a way of escaping financial responsibilities?
  7. Can better training facilities push athletes to relocate?
  8. Is climate change one of the reasons for immigration?
  9. Should environmental refugees be asked to present documentation?
  10. Countries that have a high amount of environmental issues must encourage immigraton.
  11. Write about the Haitian migration after the earthquake in 2010.
  12. How did the 2004 Tsunami in the Indian Ocean affect immigration?
  13. Do people move to other states as a result of ecological issues?
  14. Pollution of the oceans and the effects on movement of the human population.
  15. What is the relationship between migration levels and global warming?
  16. Which countries receive the maximum number of climate migrants?
  17. Will online job opportunities reduce the rate of immigration?
  18. Should international students be given jobs or encouraged to go back to their home country after graduating?
  19. Better quality of education attracts more immigrants
  20. Should the government support religious missionaries?
  21. The economic and social challenges of immigrants in Toronto.
  22. How to ensure that international students have the necessary language abilities?
  23. The prerequisites to get a student visa.
  24. Working abroad and cross-cultural management.
  25. Which countries do people immigrate from to get better job opportunities?
  26. What do countries with maximum emigrants indicate about the economic and social conditions?
  27. Did the industrial revolution increase the number of immigrants?
  28. Immigration to underdeveloped countries to aid development is a noble cause.
  29. The unique perspective that foreigners bring to a country.
  30. How does the cuisine of immigrants benefit the host country?
  31. Has immigration led to more trading opportunities?
  32. Some immigrants have rare skills that are beneficial to the workforce of a country.
  33. How has immigration improved corporate policies on inclusivity?
  34. Immigrants are willing to take jobs that are less prestigious. Discuss.

Common Immigration Research Paper Topics

Here are some immigration thesis topics that you can write lengthy papers about:

  1. People from other countries bring their mentality with them. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
  2. Children of immigrants have the hope of a better future.
  3. Earning money in a foreign country and spending it in the home country. Your views.
  4. Immigration is key to the development of our world.
  5. Brain drain affects the home countries of most immigrants.
  6. Immigration leads to overcrowding of cities.
  7. What are the social complications that are the result of immigration?
  8. Resident immigrants never manage to fit in with the locals. Is this statement true?
  9. Immigrants divide the attention of the government.
  10. What are some positive effects of illegal immigration that are barely discussed by political leaders?
  11. Why is information flow critical to reducing the population of illegal immigrants across the globe?
  12. What major changes have taken place in the immigration policies of the United States? What led to these changes?
  13. Why have immigrants come under the radar over the last 12 years?
  14. Do immigrants determine the political scenario of the country that they reside in?
  15. Is the crime rate in Germany increasing after it opened up to more immigrants?
  16. Should affluent foreigners be invited to immigrate to a country?
  17. Buying property allows you to get permanent residence in certain countries. What are your views about this?
  18. Write about the advantages and disadvantages of the Golden Visa being offered by some European countries.
  19. Does resurgence of diseases have any connection with the number of unchecked immigrants?
  20. What can you learn from political cartoons and source letters on immigration?
  21. Name some prominent activists who have struggled to help immigrants get better opportunities?

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