Writing a Winning Enduring Issues Essay

Enduring Issues Essay

Are you taking geography, history or related courses? If the answer is “yes,” the chances are that your teacher will, at some point, ask you to write an enduring issues essay. Note that even teachers outside the above two disciplines might also ask you to write an enduring issues essay. So, how do you go about writing a winning enduring issues essay?

This post is a comprehensive guide to help you understand what an enduring issues essay is and how to craft it. Furthermore, we have also provided a sample and special tips to help you craft top-rated essays.

What is an Enduring Issues Essay?

This is a type of essay where students are required to identify and describe historically significant challenges that have persisted over time and efforts to address them implemented with varying levels of success.

In most cases, you are provided with a set of historical documents, which you need to analyze, and finally write a report.

Examples of Enduring Issues

To be able to craft a great essay, it is important to start with enduring issue definition. Enduring issues are problems that people encounter daily and that have been looked at or debated in anthropology, history, geography, and social studies or other related disciplines. Therefore, studying them helps to look for solutions, and essay writing is one of the best ways to present such recommendations. Here is a list of some common enduring issues that you are likely to find in excerpts.

  • Inequality

  • Conflicts

  • Power

  • Cooperation

  • Impacts on the environment

  • Interconnectedness

  • Beliefs and ideas

  • Scarcity

  • Environmental impacts

  • Innovation

  • Cybercrime

  • Religious extremism

How to Write a Great Enduring Issues Essay

The process of crafting a good enduring essay starts with answering the question, “what are some enduring issues under consideration?” Then, go ahead and identify a good title and a thesis for your essay. The thesis statement is very crucial because it will be reflected in the entire essay. Then, develop a good enduring issues essay outline, which details what you should discuss at different points in the essay. You might also want to check a few enduring issues essay examples to see how their outlines were developed. Here is a sample outline that you can use:

  • Introduction: The introduction should capture the background of the study and bring out the thesis. Also, you should use the introduction to grab the readers’ attention, and make them want to go through the entire essay.

  • Body: In the body of your essay, you describe how the issue you are focusing on has affected people over the generations. If your teacher provided the excerpts about the issues you will discuss, make sure to understand the context of the problem well. Then, present the issues logically and use additional evidence to make the story look professional and informative. Make sure also to bring out the counterarguments.

  • Conclusion: This is the last section of the essay and should be used to summarize it. Note that you should not use the conclusion to introduce new points, but should only summarize what was discussed on the essay.

Enduring Issues Essay Prompts

If you take a closer look at the most enduring essay prompts, they are almost similar. Take a closer look at these examples:

  • Define a nesting issue by bringing out its historically accurate explanation captured the three documents

  • Human rights violation: Why is it an important enduring issue?

  • A closer look at inequality from the viewpoint of industrial revolution.

  • How has global warming impacted society?

Enduring Issues Essay Example

When you finally submit the completed essay, some of the things that your teacher will check include succinctness, flow, facts, and sentence structure. See the following enduring issues essay sample that demonstrates how to do a great paper.

Nationalism is the identification with a person’s own country and supporting its interests, but this happens to the detriment of the interest of other people in other nations. Nationalism happens through people uniting and forming a united front that helps to define them. In history, many countries felt the extreme attachment and, indeed, pride for their countries. Although people mainly see nationalism positively because it is their source of pride, there are others, especially the excluded ones, who see it to be extremely negative. The events that make a country view nationalism both positively and negatively make it a hot enduring issue.

Nationalism changes the way people think, making them look for ways to benefit, whether socially or economically, to the detriment of others. In history, nationalism was a key source of conflict that fueled major conflicts, including World War I and II. It influences cultures and nations, as shown by Count Camillo di Cavour’s statement about driving foreigners away from Italy in 1852, Unification, and Death in the 20th century in Serbia…

Enduring Issues Essay Writing Tips

To make your essay shine and earn you more marks, it is prudent to ensure you understand the instructions from your lecturer well and follow them. For example, what format does your teacher recommend? Here are other useful tips to consider.

  • Ensure to read about the selected issue or issues widely.

  • Develop an enduring issues chart to help you understand the extent of their implications.

  • Carefully follow the guideline provided by your teacher.

  • Make sure to support the issue that you are discussing with credible resources.

  • Read other enduring issue essay examples to learn from other writers.

  • Proofread your work well before submitting it.

Seek Writing Help from Experts

When it comes to writing enduring issues essay, many students often find it a challenge. Some find the deadline tight while others have poor writing skills. However, it would help if you do not give up because custom writing help from experts is only a click away. The assistance is provided by expert writers with experience and commitment to help you rake the best grades. Why go for a standard or a failing grade when you can scoop an A with an expert?

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