137 Animal Rights Research Paper Topics You Will Enjoy

Animal Rights Research Paper Topics

Finding the right ideas for your animal rights research paper can be a daunting task. Much of the online materials either have insufficient or irrelevant materials on this issue. With the rising cases of people abusing animals, it is necessary to have research titles that address this issue.

There are many sample topics on animal rights that college students can use for their research project. Choosing the right writing prompt is vital for your overall success in any academic paper. That said, we have gathered 137 excellent research paper topics for animal rights that you can use as motivation.

All the best as you put them into practice for top grades. But first, let us take a look at the sample paper of the animal rights.

Animal Rights Research Paper Example

Tom Regan ’s work The Case for Animal Rights entrenches monumental and fundamental rights for animals. Because a significant majority of the animals has complex mental lives that resemble that of human beings, Regan postulates some reasons that support the need for animals to be exempted from various activities. For instance, Regan advocates for the absolute abolition of the use of animals in scientific and medical research by various organizations. Additionally, he is an ardent supporter for the dissolution of the entire commercial enterprise, which has played an imperative role in the animal agriculture across the world. Lastly, Regan also emphasizes on the need for exempt animals from trapping and sports since both activities have led to the significant reduction in their population, especially within the regions where legislative frameworks have failed to protect them (Regan 23). Despite his ardent support for the absolute right for animals, the comprehensive implementation of such an initiative would roll back the accomplished gains, which have led to the commercialization of animals, their significant use in advance medical and scientific research. As such, Regan’s ardent support for animals’ rights is an overreaching initiative that may detrimentally affect various analysis initiates aimed at improving the welfare of human being on the society.

In an attempt to safeguard absolute rights for animals, Regan has suggested the total abolition of the use of animals in medical research. The implementation of Regan’s recommendation by banning the use of animals in scientific research is a regressive approach, which may hinder the full realization of various medical research findings. For example, the use of animals in scientific research has played an indispensable role in advancing scientific understanding of human beings. Specifically, basic biological research focusing on the various interventional treatment has relied on animals for testing the viability and safety of a different medication before dispensing them for large-scale human and animal treatment. Implementation of Regan’s recommendation in an attempt to accomplish absolute animal right will be dealt a significant blow to medical and scientific research.

Apart from banning the use of animals in medical and scientific research, Regan has further recommended the elimination of all commercial animal agriculture (Regan 46). Despite the inhuman treatment that some individuals have meted on animals, the contribution of animals in the agricultural sector is highly imperative, and the absolute eradication would hinder the full realization of various economic gains by farmers in both the advanced economies and developing nations. For example, animal agriculture is the core of the food-producing system in various societies as their products are directly and indirectly applicable in the processing of a variety of products. Because of their significant contribution to the food-producing chains in multiple societies, various institutions have formulated an implemented numerous policies of ensuring the safety of animals while benefitting from them. Hence, a blanket abolition on the commercial use of animals in the agriculture sector is a retrogressive approach, which will impede the production of food and trigger food insecurity across the world.

Based on Regan’s recommendations from The Case for Animal Rights, there needs to be an alternative approach of advancing the already existing methods of protecting the rights of animals while ensuring that they benefit human beings instead of a blanket and retrogressive ban in accordance. For instance, governments must strengthen and empower the established institutions that reasonably advocate for animal rights. Such an approach will play an essential role in safeguarding animals’ welfare and protecting them for the future generation. Additionally, such an intervention will improve the various benefits that man derive either directly or indirectly from animals. Hence, inasmuch as Regan’s recommendations highlight the need to protect animals, the specific approaches of accomplishing such a task encapsulates various radical measure, which is unattainable.

Best Rated Animal Rights Research Paper Topic Ideas

  1. Is it a good idea to rear exotic and indigenous animals together?
  2. Are animal rights advocates doing enough to protect the rights of animals?
  3. The evolution of animals rights movements from the 1900s to date
  4. Should animal rights be enshrined in the constitution as human rights?
  5. Fundamental interests that give animals both moral and legal rights
  6. Are dogs the most abused pets at home?
  7. Why there is a need to alleviate pain and suffering for animals of burden

High-Quality Animal Rights Topics For Research Paper

  1. Why should animals have to be afforded the same consideration as human beings?
  2. Why experiments should not be conducted on animals
  3. Reasons why we should not kill animals for food or clothes
  4. Is killing animals for medicinal purposes justifiable?
  5. Reasons why using animals for hard labor is inhumane
  6. Discuss the inherent worth of animals
  7. Evaluate the effectiveness of core legislative protections granted to animals
  8. Are animals considered property under the law?
  9. Merits and demerits of animal rights to man
  10. Point of rules on the protection of domestic animals in the US
  11. What amounts to animal cruelty?
  12. Is it possible to achieve a world where animals are free from cruelty?
  13. Social and economic factors leading to animal abuse

Animal Welfare vs. Animal Rights Topics

  1. The role of human emotions and current societal norms in determining animal rights
  2. Historical practices that have drawn the line between animal welfare and rights
  3. Cultural habits and behaviors that undermine animal welfare
  4. Keeping animals as pets: Is it a matter of animal welfare or animal rights?
  5. Role of the World Organisation for Animal Health championing for animal rights and welfare
  6. Factors that contribute to animals suffering from unpleasant states such as pain, fear, and distress
  7. Evaluate what constitutes good animal welfare practices
  8. How to ensure that animals are comfortable in their final moments of life
  9. Is euthanasia on animals justified?
  10. The role of The World Veterinary Association in championing for animal rights and welfare
  11. Discuss the controversial areas of intensive animal production and the transportation
  12. The effects of the rising human population on animal welfare and rights
  13. Results of the changing attitudes of the human population towards animals

Researchable Animal Rights Topics

  1. Do animals undergo mental suffering as human beings do?
  2. How to allow animals the freedom to express normal behavior
  3. The role of rural clients who provide the source of animal-based foodstuffs
  4. Why veterinary supervision is necessary for the protection of animal rights
  5. Evaluate the international efforts being led by the World Organisation for Animal Health
  6. Discuss how animal rights pose an interface between science and society
  7. What are the fundamental tenets of determining animal rights in the community?
  8. Ethical concerns that relate to animal welfare and rights
  9. Why we should ban meat across the board
  10. Are laws against animal violators punitive enough?
  11. Discuss the trends in the philosophical views of animal rights
  12. Is a vegan lifestyle the only moral choice to spearheading animal rights?
  13. Why using animal products is a violation of animal rights.

Impressive Animal Rights Debate Topics

  1. Do humans have any moral responsibilities towards animals?
  2. Do animals have any legal rights as members of the moral community?
  3. Should human beings be masters or partners with animals?
  4. Are animals destined to serve man alone?
  5. Is there a distinction between animal rights and animal welfare?
  6. Do historical precedents justify contemporary animal abuse behavior?
  7. Is it right to use animals in biomedical and scientific research?
  8. Are there ethical differences between the use of animals and humans for scientific research?
  9. Should ethical or moral principles guide scientific research on animals?
  10. Do personal beliefs have an impact on animal rights?
  11. The result of value systems and scientific evidence on animal rights
  12. Do historical perspectives of animal rights have an impact on future directions?
  13. Discuss the moral line that exists between public interest and saving animals

Top Animal Rights Research Topics

  1. Why using animals and animal products for food is against animal rights
  2. Why overfishing is threatening the survival of the marine ecosystem
  3. Is it justifiable to claim that there is ‘humane’ meat?
  4. Why experiments performed on animals are covered under the Animal Welfare Act
  5. Reasons why hunting as a sport is against animal rights
  6. Assess the impact of fur coats falling out of fashion
  7. Does horseracing, marine animals display, or cockfighting violate animal rights?
  8. Is owning pets ethical?
  9. Is honey the best option for animal products used as food?
  10. Reasons why laboratory-grown meat violates animal rights
  11. Why testing products such as cosmetics, food, and drugs is a violation of animal rights
  12. Are zoos violating the rights of animals by putting them on public display?
  13. The need for a suitable diet for the animals

Persuasive Speech Topics on Animal Rights

  1. Why a pet is not a birthday present to anyone
  2. Discuss why the animal circus is vicious
  3. Why committing indecent acts against animals is wrong
  4. Why animals being kept in a zoo are more dangerous than those in the game reserves
  5. Why chaining dogs outside is unethical
  6. Why using animals as companions is not morally right
  7. Why it is possible to prevent the extinction of rhinos by banning the selling of their horns
  8. Why it is unethical to modify livestock genetically
  9. Reasons why it is essential to administer vaccines and drugs to animals
  10. Using the term ‘guinea pigs’ for vaccination is unethical
  11. The activities of man are responsible for the extinction of some species
  12. Animals of the burden should receive humane treatment like any other
  13. Why animal dissection during class experiments is unethical

Animal Rights Controversial Topics

  1. Why using animals in biomedical research is wrong
  2. Are the lives of animals the same as those of humans?
  3. Is the death of a human being equivalent to the end of a mouse?
  4. Do standing requirements limit the enforceability of protectionist laws?
  5. Can animals protect themselves against abuse?
  6. Is the international whaling law being enforced as it should?
  7. What farming practices go against the highest ethical standards of animals?
  8. Is society guilty of conducting irresponsible dog breeding?
  9. Why cosmetics testing on animals is a violation of their rights
  10. Is the ongoing underground practice of dogfighting ethical?
  11. Why caging animals is unethical
  12. Reasons why trophy hunting of endangered species is unethical
  13. Impacts of legislation allowing the killing of whole families/packs of wolves

Argumentative Essay Topics About Animal Rights

  1. Why the animal right is an indicator of a civilized society
  2. Human violence is the leading cause of animal extinction
  3. Why animal testing is against animal rights by all means
  4. Why farms are exposing animals to more harm than good
  5. Why encompassing the adoption of pets is against animal rights
  6. Why everyone should be at the forefront of protecting endangered animals
  7. Why production of garments from mink should not be allowed
  8. Why everyone has a moral responsibility to eliminating animal abuse
  9. Why kids should be taught to care for animals
  10. Principles of maintaining animal health
  11. Why water pollution is a human-driven threat to marine life
  12. Why hunting is inhumane
  13. Why animals living in risky areas need good care

Latest Animal Rights Research Paper Topics

  1. Why everyone should fight for the legislation of animal rights
  2. Genetically modified livestock is endangering animal lives
  3. Laboratory research is the biggest threat to animal survival
  4. Ecological problems posing a threat to animal lives
  5. Why invasive species are wiping out the local wildlife
  6. Why organic, free-range eggs and chickens are the best option
  7. Reasons why overbreeding pets is a threat to the ecosystem
  8. Why taking out predators means a collapse in the food chain
  9. Why using sniff dogs in terrorist environments is wrong
  10. Why political campaigns sideline animal rights and freedoms
  11. Why some animals live in a constant state of fear
  12. Cultural activities that exploit the rights of animals
  13. Why using glue traps is inhumane

Hot Topics on Animal Rights

  1. Impacts of factory farms on animal welfare
  2. Why the commercial killing of kangaroos is wrong
  3. Why hens in battery cages are unable to perform most of their natural behaviors
  4. Why broiler chickens in a single shed are deprived of their rights
  5. Why pigs confined in crowded pens suffer depression
  6. Do animals suffer from pain and feel emotions?
  7. Why live exports are wrong
  8. Using pictures of animals in labels
  9. The commercial slaughter of calves
  10. The role of the Voiceless Animal Cruelty Index (VACI)
  11. Commercial agricultural facilities
  12. Prolonged depression among animals
  13. Habitat encroachment

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