“Should Marijuana Be Legalized?” Essay Guide

should marijuana be legalized essay

So, your educator has asked you to write why should marijuanas be legalized essay. But, you don’t know where to start or how to go about the process of writing this essay. Well, writing an essay on legalizing marijuana should be easy. That’s because cannabis has become increasingly popular over recent years.

Whether you’re for or against marijuana legalization, finding information to support your stance should be easy. All you need is a little research to know what experts say about it. And, you can opt to write the benefits of medical marijuanas essay or focus on the negative effects of marijuanas essay. You can also focus on the implications of legalizing marijuana in society. Nevertheless, you should find credible sources of information to help you form an informed, well-rounded opinion.

From the pre-writing step to researching and composing the bibliography, have the main points of your essay on marijuana in mind. This will make tackling your topic easy.

Pre-Writing a Should Marijuana Be Legalized Essay

Start this project by pre-writing the major viewpoints of your essay. Here is what you should do when pre-writing your why marijuanas should be legal argumentative essay:

  1. Brainstorm for ideas. Brainstorming will guide you in deciding the best approach to take on this subject.
  2. Research. Preliminary research will give you ideas and help in compiling a bibliography. Peruse different journals and books. Go through interviews, statistics, and research papers on this subject.
  3. Support your thesis. Come up with a thesis statement and come up with key points to support the main argument. For instance, find authoritative sources of information to support your argument for or against marijuana legalization.
  4. Create an outline. Come up with an outline to guide you throughout the process of writing your legalization of marijuana essay. This outline should help you structure your write-up properly.
  5. Choose an eye-catching title. Marijuana essay titles are generally intriguing. However, you should pick an essay title that draws the attention of the readers while preparing them for the argument. Make sure that your readers know your stance immediately they read the title.

The possibly provocative nature of this topic provides a chance to write a fail-safe hook for your essay. The introduction should be based on the sentiments that your title expresses. It should also provide an initiative for the audience to keep reading. Make sure that your audience understands the topic or issue from the beginning. Also, use connecting words and sentences to keep them reading. Don’t be afraid to link different data and expand the topic as long as you don’t go astray.

Debates around marijuana legalization are not likely to end any time soon. Therefore, write your essay knowing that it’s likely to be read for many years. Make strong arguments and support them with data from authoritative sources. This will make you seem more knowledgeable about the topic and impress the educator to accord you the top grade.

Writing a Persuasive Essay on Marijuana

Marijuana legalization is a debatable and controversial issue. When writing a persuasive essay on this topic, focus on persuading the readers to accept your viewpoint. That means your argument should be supported by sufficient evidence to prove to the readers that you are right.

What’s more, make your final decision about your stance known to the readers. For instance, if you opt to write why marijuana should be legalized essay, tell readers why this is your stance. Why did you decide to support the legalization of marijuana? How does this decision affect you and those around you? Make readers see sense in what you tell them.

It’s crucial to gather sufficient supporting data and formulate strong arguments. You can read good marijuana essay examples to learn how other authors have presented ideas and supporting evidence. This will demonstrate how you should present your arguments and supporting evidence in the essay. A good presentation can make all the difference when it comes to persuading people to take a certain perspective on an issue that is controversial globally.

Writing a Pros and Cons of Legalizing Weed Essay

To write a good essay on legalization of weed where you highlight the pros and cons of such a move, you should understand the issue first. Having a strong attitude is not important when writing such an essay. That’s because such an essay requires you to highlight the good and bad sides of legalizing marijuana.

Gather sufficient information about the pros and cons of legalizing weed. List the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana and expound on every point. Make sure that you have evidence to support every pro or con of marijuana legalization.

You can also show the problems or dangers of legalizing weed. Tell people how the move will affect individuals and societies. Additionally, explain how banning marijuana affects individuals and society. You can even compare the bad and the good sides of legalizing marijuana.

Basic Concepts of Why Marijuanas Should Be Legal Essay

Should marijuana be legalized essay must have a clear structure to earn you the top grade. Readers should follow your argument from the beginning to the conclusion. Here are the major sections that your marijuana legalization essay should have.

  • An engaging introduction. Your marijuana essay introduction should provide answers to certain questions. For instance, whey is marijuana legalization an important topic to write about? Should your essay be the final argument? Answer such questions in the introduction to show readers why they should take time to read your essay.
  • Body paragraphs. This part of your legalize marijuana essay should include strong arguments, supporting information, and relevant examples. It should be structured properly depending on your chosen topic.
  • Conclusion. The conclusion of your medical marijuana essay should summarize the information presented in the introduction and body sections. Show readers that you have proven your thesis statement. Also, suggest or recommend directions for further research on the topic.

Make sure that your legalizing weed essay flows logically and seamlessly by using connecting words and sentences. Ensure that your text does not sound like unconnected sentences grouped to form a large block of text.

Pitfalls to Avoid when Writing a Legalizing Marijuana Essay

Writing an essay on a debatable matter like marijuana legalization should be interesting. However, you should be careful to avoid the pitfalls that can ruin your essay. For instance, it’s okay to reflect your opinion or attitude in the essay. Tell your readers why you support the move to legalize marijuana.

However, don’t forget to include the experts’ opinions. Therefore, find out what experts say before you start writing a legalize weed essay. Find interesting and relevant data, statistics, rhetorical questions, and famous quotes. Our essay writers can help you with all this. Use information from different countries to support your thesis. Study information from health specialists and analyze statistics to write a solid medical marijuana essay.

Marijuana legalization is a tough subject to write about. If not uncovered properly, your educator won’t award you the grade you desire. Therefore, take the time to research extensively, analyze information, and present it properly. Consider different viewpoints before you decide on the stance to take in your medical marijuana argument essay. After writing the essay, proofread it or ask somebody else to do it before you submit for marking.

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