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In his presentation Dr . Hossein dwelled majorly on electrical engineering. At some point, he explained the cell phone bock diagram. According to him, he termed the cell phone as an electrical engineering project, which entails many features. The features include microphones, filters, Analog to Digital Converter, Digital to Analog Converter, amplifiers, and the Digital Image Processing. The primary focus of Dr. Hossein Mousavinezhad’s presentation was to stress the aspect of electrical power and more importantly the importance of power engineers.

In his presentation Dr. Hossein Mousavinezhad interest’s majored on three key areas signal data processing, communication systems, and Bioelectromagnetics. Dr. Hossein Mousavinezhad wanted to see Michigan become economically developed. In his presentation, he touched on all specialization fields of electrical engineering, which included communication system, control system and the power system. Through such specialization in both undergraduate and graduate programs in the fields of electrical engineering, graduates will be prepared for careers in different fields.

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When the processing, manufacturing, planning, sales, service and teaching sectors all have well trained and qualified individuals development in this case will be more than automatic. Electrical engineering also specializes in the provision of quality, accessible and relevant graduate and undergraduate programs to allow development in research programs ranging from computer engineering, systems up to electro-science (Maxfield, 17). All these focus consequently should result in sustainable development and positive impact to the economy.

In conclusion, Dr. Hossein Mousavinezhad presentation focused on how the knowledge gained from electrical engineering could be well utilized to power economic development. According to him, electrical engineering is like the basis of development. Therefore, the only way to experience sustainable excellence is to ensure undergraduate and graduate education is characterized by relevance, accessibility and desired quality. Technology also to very great extent depends on the concepts of electrical engineering. A good example as mentioned above is the cell phone. The cell phone is one of the projects of electrical engineering.

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