My Personality Type Essay

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This paper will look at the test results for the Big 5 Personality Inventory, working to convey the results of the test and determining how the scores obtained reflect the readiness of the individual to become a leader and reflecting on how this personality shapes behavior toward work, school, and teamwork.
Keywords: Big 5 Personality Inventory, reflection

My Personality Type
The Big 5 Personality Inventory is designed to work to provide information on an individual based on the OCEAN personality model (Manning, p. 340). The results indicated by the test were as follows: I prefer a traditional and familiar experience, being more conventional and down to earth. I am somewhat unorganized, and extremely outgoing, energetic, and social. In terms of agreeableness, I rated right down the middle, neither being too agreeable nor expressing irritation too easily. Finally, in regards to neuroticism, I am generally relaxed, rating on the low end for that particular scale.

After completing the personality test, it was possible for me to see that I still have a bit of a way to go toward being a leader. I am still too disorganized to effectively lead, but I have gotten higher on the scale then the last time I completed the test, back in high school. My generally relaxed nature works well in terms of a leadership quality as it means that I will not put undue pressure on those on my team, only that which is needed, keeping in line with the measure of agreeableness received.

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These personality results are reflected in my work in that I complete all my work, but I do not stress about deadlines. The same goes for schoolwork; I know what needs to be done and I find the easiest way to complete that task, making sure that as long as it is completed by the deadline it is fine. Teamwork is typically a breeze, as I am laid back and easy going and am more than willing to be agreeable with just about anything determined by the group. Though I am not quite yet at the place I need to be in order to truly identify as being a leader, I am able to see continual growth in this regard, working to ensure that I will be able to embody all the best leadership attributes in time.

  • Manning, George. The Art of Leadership, 4th Edition. McGraw-Hill Learning Solutions, 04/2011.

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