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My passion has long been building and creating things of value for society. One of the supreme challenges in my life has been finding a way to combine my interests – drawing and creativity – with a potential academic future that allows me the ability to make a positive impact....

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My purpose in seeking advanced graduate education is to gain skills and knowledge for in-depth policy research, and to participate in critical solution making targeting the complex issues that society today. Such complexities are reflected in the unique development and diplomatic policies mandated by a changing global culture. Graduate education...

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Like most people, I also initially targeted a profession on the basis of job security and income potential. After obtaining graduate diploma in business from the UK, I returned to Malaysia and joined my husband’s company as a business development manager. I have been with the company for nearly three...

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Education is one of the best investments we can make in our future. We seek university education not just to prepare ourselves for our chosen professions but also to acquire insights and skills that will help us become productive citizens of the society. It is a huge leap from high...

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We are always referred to as Odysseus’ “twelve best men” (Homer, Book ix), and it’s true that we prided ourselves on that. In the encounter with Polyphemus, many of the twelve of us were killed, eaten specifically. I’m one of the lucky ones. Ha, that’s a laugh. You don’t even...

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My record of academic excellence has enabled me to come top of the class, demonstrating my creative mindset and passion for the field of marketing communication. However my appetite for learning is not yet satiated; I possess a hunger for knowledge and wish to further my education in order to...

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I still remember listening to my parents’ friends who would complain their children’s addiction to technology and the internet. I would not be surprised by their concerns because everywhere I looked, I saw technology governing our lives. Life without internet-enabled technologies is as unimaginable for my generation as life without...

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Shock, disbelief, and regret filled my body. The newspaper article read, “The boy was riding his bicycle and pulled out in front of a truck. He was killed on impact.” I cannot even say I lost a friend, because I was never a friend to him. The events that took...

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One of the best advices I have ever gotten was from my father who told me to do what I not only enjoy but can also excel at because one life means we are only given one chance to realize our true potential. In addition, I have always wanted to...

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If you ask people familiar with me to define me, two of the traits most of them may mention are strong work ethics and empathy. Not only I have excelled in academics throughout my high school career including AP courses, I have also been highly involved in co-curricular activities. It...

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My parents are strong believers in international exposure because they believe it opens up our minds and expands our thinking horizons. Thus, it was only a matter of time before I follow in the footsteps of my elder brothers both of whom have been studying in Australia. But a scholarship...

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Personal Essay Writing Guide

Essay writing is one of the most versatile forms of writing. Personal essays offer more freedom to the writer as compared to other forms of essay writing. This freedom in personal writing also makes it complicated to define personal essay.

There are two types of personal essays, opinionated and narration. Personal essays focus on your understanding of a subject. It matters how well you express your experience and thoughts regarding the subject. Now, let us take a look at the definition of personal essay.

Personal Essay Definition and Understanding

When it comes to personal essay definition, it is the one in which your opinions fluently meet your narration. One should take this opportunity of writing a personal essay to express their feelings and ideas in an articulated manner.

The chronology of the event or experience is not very important while writing a personal essay.It is an account of an essayist’s thinking patterns. One could get to know a lot about their own self by analyzing their personal essay. It helps the writer to practice and become better at the art of writing a personal essay.

Methods Of Writing A Personal Essay

Now that you know what is a personal essay, you would wonder how to write a personal essay. To write a personal essay that allows your readers to understand your creativity and skills, you have to begin writing. The following points will not only help you write a good personal essay for college but they will also help you excel at it.

Look around you for inspiration and ideas. You must look for the topic that appeals to you and read some personal essay examples. Pick a subject that you would like to talk about. A fine subject paired with good writing will leave a lasting impression of you on your teacher’s mind.

Make a list of all your topics and ideas and then pick out the best one among those. To write an amazing personal essay, first, you have to start writing. Begin writing your thoughts on paper. Put your heart out. Slowly and steadily, you will find your flow and voice.

Writing a personal essay for college or any other purpose is incomplete without proper research. Your thoughts and opinions would be guided in the right direction if you understand your topic better. Use the library and internet for reading some personal essay examples. There are numerous topics on the internet that will help you organize your ideas and understanding and provide you with lots of personal essay samples.

It is important to understand the personal essay format. Generally, an essay is made up of three parts, which are as follows:

  1. Introduction: This is the first paragraph of your essay. Introduce your topic to the reader. Begin with an interesting quote or line that would hook your reader. Be clear and brief. This is an important part of the essay and you have to make sure you make it compelling and give an interesting direction to your personal essay.
  2. Body: The body of a personal essay consists of 2 to 3 paragraphs. This is where you write about the subject and express your opinion and understanding. The sentences should be small and easy to understand. Moreover, the transition from one paragraph to the other should be smooth.
  3. Conclusion: In this part, you wrap up the essay. You can talk about the things you learned and how you changed in relation to your topic. Close your personal essay with a positive note.

Use appropriate tense and verbs while writing. Use words that offer a good flow to your essay and are easy to understand. Moreover, you must use specific terms as per the topic of your personal essay, wherever required. Edit your personal essay once you’re done.

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