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Windows 8 Technology

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Windows 8

Windows 8 is an operating system is very cheap and offers great improvements in existing capabilities and performance. This operating system is very exciting as it comes with very many relevant applications that are displayed on the first interface. Windows 8 has an incredible booting speed which is twice as fast as most of the other operating system making it very effective in saving time. All the applications are always scrutinized for security purposes and to prevent unnecessary and intrusive updates (Muchmore, 2013).

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The touchscreen is a display that is a touch-sensitive panel that covers the screen. It is used over the use of pointing devices like a light pen or mouse as one can point directly on objects on the screen while selecting them. As opposed to the traditional methods of input, touch screens enable the users to use a computer comfortably without a lot of training. Selection errors are also eliminated because the selection is very precise, and the user has only to touch the wanted menu. Because the input media is completely integrated on the monitor, there is no space wasted to put other input devices. The traditional methods may be better over the touch screens especially if the individual operating the computer has very large fingers (Muchmore, 2013).

Windows 8 brings forth changes that have a great impact in the information technology platform. This impact adds up to a lot of positivity in the use of computers. Therefore, an upgrade to windows 8 is obvious. This is because it provides a dynamic and innovative desktop that is very attractive and user friendly. It allows for customization and personalization in the organization of the applications. It is equipped with a search box at the start menu which provides instant and stronger search functions. Windows 8 and its upgrade are worth adoption as it provides marvelous enhancements on the previous versions (Muchmore, 2013).

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