Simple Tips to Write a Successful Discursive Essay

discursive essay

So, first things first – what is a discursive essay?

A discursive essay is a type of essay that brings out all possible perspectives on a particular topic. It can also be presented like an argumentative essay where you write both for and against a subject. But a discursive essay is not limited to this alone.

In order to understand what is a discursive essay, you need to know the three types of these essays:

  • An Opinion Essay: In these essays, one must list their opinions on a particular subject and then put forth arguments that support that opinion. At the end of the essay, the writer is required to provide opposite opinions and the arguments to state why they are not convincing.
  • For and against essay: The writer must provide both arguments for a certain topic. The opinion of the writer must be presented towards the conclusion of the essay.
  • Problem-solving essay: In these essays, the writer must describe all the problems related to the subject. To conclude the essay, the writer suggests the best solution to the listed problems and provides arguments for it.

Structure of a Discursive Essay

Now that the discursive essay definition is clear, the next step is to understand how to structure the essay:

  1. The essay must begin with an interesting introduction. It must intrigue the reader and must urge him to continue reading the essay.
  2. If it is an opinion essay, your stance must become clear in the first paragraph of the essay. If not, the last paragraph must bring out your opinion.
  3. The argument must build in the following paragraphs. Throughout the essay, several arguments must be presented. Each one must be in a separate paragraph to make sure that your discursive writing is clear and coherent.
  4. If you are presenting a ‘for and against’ essay, then the opinions must be alternate. So, if one paragraph presents opinions and arguments for the topic, the next one should provide opinions and arguments against the topic. Using this essay format leaves a lasting impression on anyone who reads it.
  5. The conclusion is the most important part of the discursive essay. The conclusion must sum up all the key points of your essay. Depending on the type of essay that you are writing, the conclusion must present your stance on the subject. Personal opinions can also be presented as part of the conclusion. However, it must be justified using valid arguments.

Tips to Write a Successful Discursive Essay

Once you understand the format of these essays, the next step is to understand how to write a discursive essay successfully. There are some simple tips that you can follow:

  • Make sure that the introduction of your essay does not contain any generalizations or stereotypes.
  • Always provide some internal or external sources within the discursive essay to make your arguments stronger.
  • Make sure that your essay is thoroughly researched.
  • In most discursive essays, the stance of the writer is not important. Then, the opinions must be presented in the most balanced manner possible.
  • The writing voice should be very calm with an even tone.
  • Make the transitions between your for and against paragraphs seamless.
  • Use connecting words like similarly and equally when you are joining two paragraphs that are similar in their opinion.
  • Discursive essays must contain formal and technical language always.
  • The very nature of this essay is formal.
  • Making use of writing techniques like hyperbole, imagery, metaphors, triads, similes and oxymoron make for a more persuasive writing style. The format of the essay must be maintained, however. If not, the essay will lean towards an argumentative and persuasive style.
  • For every paragraph, make sure you use a topic sentence.
  • Sequencing must be avoided.
  • Examples and arguments should be provided for every point that you make.
  • All used sources must be identified.
  • A proper citation format must be followed in discursive essays. This prevents issues like plagiarism and lends more credibility to your writing.
  • Read a discursive essay sample to understand how to maintain the flow and style of writing that is required for this type of essay.

Top Discursive Essay Topics

To help you bring out the real discursive essay meaning, you need the right subject to write about.

  1. Here are some of the best discursive essay topics for you to choose from:
  2. Is it a good idea to euthanize a patient with cancer?
  3. Technology: Is it a boon or a bane?
  4. Impact of social media on the youth of today.
  5. Technology makes people lazier
  6. Children should be taught about different religions in school.
  7. Which is worse: White collar crimes or blue-collar crimes?
  8. Is graffiti a good form of expression or art?
  9. Is good grammar a necessity?
  10. The fundamental role of women in society has not changed and may never change.
  11. Should all distractions like drinking coffee or eating while driving be penalized like texting while driving?
  12. Are zoos a means of entertainment or an honest step towards conservation of wildlife?
  13. Do aliens exist?
  14. Traditional medicine is better than modern medicine.
  15. Co-ed schools are better than single-gender schools.
  16. Is homeschooling a good idea?

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