60 Top Proposal Essay Topics For A Top-Grade Paper 

proposal essay topics

As a student, the challenge of finding a topic for your proposal essay can be a significant setback. At the same time, online sites come with bogus issues in the name of helping you attain top grades. That is why you need a professional essay writing service.

A proposal essay describes a specific problem that needs fixing. Such a paper focuses on the possible working solutions to a problem. Therefore, when you are thinking of a proposal essay topic example, it should:

  • Have a well-defined problem
  • Offer an effective solution to the prevailing problem
  • The answer (topic in this sense) should stand out from the rest

Your instructor can either assign you a topic or expect you to find one for yourself. The latter is not an easy task, and students can spend hours researching and brainstorming. However, we save you all that trouble by providing 50+ proposal essay topics. They will help you beat that tight deadline and, at the same time, guaranteeing you an A+.

Before we look at the topics, it is essential to note that a proposal argument can be persuasive. Through your case, you should convince skeptical readers of the solution you are offering about the problem.

Check out our list of handpicked expert proposal argument topics for your inspiration.

Interesting Proposal Essay Topics on Education

  1. How to make online learning useful for all learners.
  2. Why colleges and universities are producing theoretically-minded people for the job market
  3. The best way to maintain social distance in learning institutions.
  4. How to make the school curriculum more interactive and student-oriented
  5. Why bullying is still a significant threat to students in the 21st century.
  6. Why online sources are not useful for learners

Proposal Argument Essay Topics on Technology

  1. Should people embrace 5G technology in their homes?
  2. Can we protect personal data available in the public domain from hackers?
  3. Is technology achieving its intended purpose?
  4. Should children under 18 years be on Facebook?
  5. Can we reach a state of unbiased information on social media platforms?
  6. Are hackers doing more harm than good?

Topics For Proposal Essay On Health

  1. The role of technology is shaping the health sector
  2. How to protect the older generation from contracting COVID-19
  3. Ways of motivating doctors and nurses for significant work
  4. Alternative means of conducting vaccine trials
  5. Why it is possible to prevent a health pandemic before it happens
  6. Should people without underlying conditions wear K-N95 masks?

Proposal Essay Topics For College Students on the Environment

  1. What is the best way to recycle kitchen waste?
  2. How to recover the depleting ozone layer
  3. Why electric and solar-powered vehicles are better for the environment
  4. How to implement renewable energy technologies in developing countries
  5. How to make the Amazon forest thrive again
  6. Ways of preventing forest fires from occurring

Good Proposal Essay Topics on Business

  1. Simple ways to start a business from scratch
  2. Why everyone needs to have the necessary business skills
  3. What should companies do during an economic recession?
  4. Best ways to market your business online and get profits
  5. Why should the government provide support to upcoming firms?
  6. Negotiation tactics every business owner, must-have.

Topics For a Proposal Essay On Sports

  1. How to support athletes during the coronavirus lockdowns
  2. Why it is necessary to pay students participating in athletics
  3. Should athletes found doping face lifetime jail terms?
  4. How can coaches build a more friendly relationship with their players?
  5. Benefits of daily exercises that everyone should yearn for
  6. Is cyber-sport making people more lazy and obese?

Proposal Essay Topics List on Culture

  1. How to integrate different cultures into one
  2. Is it possible to end ethnic affiliations in developing countries?
  3. How to cultivate respect among children at a tender age
  4. How to reduce discriminatory behavior against other races
  5. Is modernization killing valuable cultural morals and ethics?
  6. How to stop risky behaviors as a result of modernization

Examples of Proposal Essay Topics on History

  1. How can we use historical occurrences to solve modern-day problems?
  2. What lessons can we draw from the fall of the Roman Empire?
  3. Ways in which Karl Marx contributed to modern-day problems
  4. The historical view of the role of women in society
  5. What is the impact of the slave trade in today’s world?
  6. Can we say that the end of WWII helped bring the world together?

Easy Proposal Essay Topics

  1. Why should everyone learn self-defense tactics?
  2. How to solve the problem of orphans and street children once and for all
  3. Should elections only have two presidential candidates?
  4. How to prevent teens from joining illegal gangs
  5. How can society embrace the growing population of young mothers?
  6. Preventive measures against sexual abuse

Problem – Solution Proposal Essay Topics

  1. The role of mental health providers to sexual victims
  2. How the force can enforce laws without being brutal
  3. How society can help reduce suicide cases
  4. Policies to help recover student loans and debts
  5. Rigorous consumer protection laws against consumer debts
  6. Programs that can help reduce long term unemployment.

You can use any of the suggestions above to write your proposal essay assignment today. Better still, you can request a sample or use our expert help with essay writing at cheap rates.



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