Who Wants 100 Outstanding Analytical Essay Topics?

analytical essay topics

When it comes to writing analytical essays, most students are not able to come up with top-rated analytical paper topics. It, therefore, makes writing hard and thus, most students may give up on the way. If you are one of these, count yourself lucky today. All those head-scratching topics are available for you in this post.

But first,

What Is an Analytical Essay?

It is a type of paper that survey, scrutinizes, and interprets happenings such as a play, poem, an event, poem, or any other work of art. Such an essay implies that the writer needs to give a claim or an argument which he will be analyzing.

We will help you choose your analytical essay topics for college wisely by giving you the best. You will now be able to write your paper more easily. Are you ready? Let’s get analytical fantastically and superbly.

Top 25 Straightforward Topics for Analytical Essays

In this part, we will explore an easy analytical essay topics list. Enjoy!

  1. How does rain form?
  2. Why do we have dimples when smiling?
  3. Why teens can’t keep off their phones
  4. Why do people sweat?
  5. Causes of early pregnancies among school girls
  6. Do we need to drink water?
  7. Why we wash our hands after visiting the lavatories
  8. Why do people feel hungry?
  9. Is the sun a star?
  10. What is the shape of the earth
  11. Why do ladies like long hair?
  12. Why is it dark at night
  13. How long does it take for a complete rotation of the earth
  14. Why do men have beards?
  15. Why do athletes train in the morning?
  16. Why are older people toothless?
  17. Why do people shake hands?
  18. Why do women love the kitchen?
  19. Why should babies immediately they are born
  20. Why do feathers have feathers?
  21. How to get rid of hunger
  22. How to leave a stubborn girlfriend
  23. Why does a bulb produce light?
  24. Why do lions roar?
  25. Why do we need pens?

All these analytical essay topic ideas are as easy as pie. My grandmother can even answer question 16 with utmost precision.

From the milk, let’s proceed to some solid food.

25 Complex Analytical Essay Topics

  1. How does the human brain work?
  2. What is the science behind the working of a computer?
  3. What makes robots more effective than man?
  4. Why can a plane fly with its massive weight?
  5. Why do teens engage in relationships?
  6. What causes Tsunamis?
  7. Why is the USA referred to as the superpower country
  8. Why do Muslims pray while bending?
  9. What causes the lunar eclipse?
  10. Does a child really “kick” in the mother’s womb?
  11. How do people survive on the moon?
  12. What is the cause of obesity in many people?
  13. Why do ladies like crying?
  14. Why are most wild animals in Africa?
  15. How come most engineers are male?
  16. Where did love come from
  17. Is it right to divorce?
  18. Why do humans have 32 teeth?
  19. Why do Whites keep dogs as pets?
  20. Why is it that bad news sale more than good news?
  21. Why do companies have logos?
  22. Why do we have nine planets?
  23. What causes the rainbow to appear?
  24. Causes of the 1st and 2nd World Wars
  25. Why do we have four seasons?

Here, you will need to scratch your head a bit to unlock the mysteries behind the happenings. Middle school and primary students may not analyze these effectively.

Let’s explore more topics for analytical essays.

25 Amusing Topics for Analytical Essay

  1. Why do people have two legs?
  2. Why does man behave like a monkey?
  3. Why do cats chase after rats?
  4. Why do ladies love selfies on the streets?
  5. Isn’t it okay not to bathe for a day or two?
  6. Why do Nigerians like saying, “Oga.”
  7. Why don’t kitchens love men?
  8. Why do people break up even before death doe them apart?
  9. Why do pastors wear suits?
  10. Why do cowards live long?
  11. Why do ladies like tall, dark, and handsome men?
  12. Why do students doze during after lunch classes?
  13. Why are most men the worst singers?
  14. Why do students look at the ceiling during exams?
  15. Why does twitter have a bird for an icon?
  16. Why are hairy men always proud?
  17. Why do ladies take selfies of food?
  18. Why does a lastborn like crying?
  19. Why do women gossip?
  20. How to boil water
  21. Why don’t people have tails?
  22. Why do cocks crow?
  23. Why are the sheep foolish?
  24. Why are most pirates mono-eyed?
  25. Why do people love gate-crushing?

Below are additional prompts for you:

25 Top Analytical Essay Topics for College

  1. Causes of peer pressure
  2. Children and TV
  3. Video games and mental health
  4. Pornography and the youth
  5. Cancer and lifestyles
  6. Money and crime
  7. Importance of education
  8. Technology and food security
  9. Growth of school dropouts
  10. Impacts of 5g
  11. Prevention of coronavirus
  12. Strengthening an economy
  13. Essence of love
  14. No news is good news.
  15. Power and wealth
  16. Effects of the slave trade
  17. Modern-day colonialism
  18. Is culture important?
  19. Photographs and memories
  20. Digital learning pros and cons
  21. The majority rule
  22. No human is limited
  23. Education and development
  24. A paperless society?
  25. Importance of integrity

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You can develop your analytical report topic from the fantastic ideas discussed above. Cheers as you embark on writing you’re A-Grade essay from the issues and ideas above.

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