How To Write An Interesting “Why This College” Essay

why this college essay

Maybe this is your first time to encounter such an essay type, and you are there feeling flabbergasted. No need for that anymore.

It is an essay where you get to show your college recruiters whether you know your school or not.

What is a “Why Us” Essay?

In other words, the recruiters are asking you, “Why do you want to attend this school?” You are therefore required to present your essay in a convincing, creative, and sincere manner. It is not usually simple for students to achieve this, and that is why we have put together this article.

Let me break it down for you. Many students know what they are supposed to write, but putting it in a clear, precise, and appealing manner poses a challenge. For instance, they know all about their teachers, classrooms, activities in the school, and so forth.

But, how can you write about all these without making the common mistakes that would cost you a lot?

Herein lies the secret. Get ready.

The Essence Of A “Why This College Essay”

Now, why do colleges and universities want you to write a “why us” essay? The answer is pretty simple, but one that carries much weight. Such an article enables them to get an understanding of how well you know and esteem your school.

Through this essay, they are also able to see how well you can articulate yourself and bring out your goals and ambitions. Of course, no one can join a particular school or college without a specific target vision and mission.

What’s The Catch In This Essay?

The recruiters are after the following information from you:

  1. How informed are you about the school’s uniqueness?
  2. Are you the best choice for admission?
  3. Will the school be able to meet your expectations?

There are many “why us college essay” samples that you can read from and get acquainted with how this is done.

But wait, there is more.

What’s In For You In A “Why Us College” Essay?

As a student, you can benefit significantly from writing such a why do you want to attend this school essay. Some of the benefits are:

  • You can have a sense of belonging to the institution
  • It helps you express why the college is of interest to you as a student
  • Your confidence in college increases
  • It enables you to do more thorough research on the school
  • You can clear any doubts you may have had before

Remember that this is a place you are going to stay for the next four years or more. Thus ensure that you make the best out of your college essay.

And if that’s not enough, here is something you would not like to miss out on for anything.

Why This College Essay” Cues

There are two kinds of questions one might answer in this essay, depending on the instructions from the institution. These are:

  • “Why you.”
  • “Why us”

Now let’s do some severe exposition of these two prompts and what is expected of you.

Essay Writing Prompts

It gives you a chance to express why you think you are the perfect match for the school. One can relate this prompt with the famous interview question, “Why should we employ you?”

You are allowed to express your skills, abilities, and even experiences that can contribute to the school. In other words, it is a “why I want to go to college essay.” major on your strengths and outstanding qualities that will make you unique. Bear in mind that there are thousands of applications seeking the same opportunity.

In this essay, you should also show how a particular college or university will shape your future. For instance, if you are an aspiring engineer, let the recruiters see what interest you have in the engineering field and how it tallies with their course.

Students have the freedom to bring out what they will contribute to the school. One can say that his soccer or volleyball talent will help bring the school’s team on a winning spree.

Some of the “why you college essay” questions include:

  • What do you aim to achieve during your time at XYZ College?
  • Which is your best option from the available courses, and why?
  • How will you contribute to the ABC community?
  • What meaning does the XYZ course has to you?
  • What makes you want to attend this school?

A point to note: do not exaggerate or praise yourself too much in this section. Be as realistic and sincere as possible to your recruiters.

Sample Why Us College Essay

As a child I often found myself lingering a bit longer than my peers as I examined every visible aspect of my environment. While others seemed satisfied knowing the path from one point to the next, I wanted to know what made that path unique. As I began to develop a better awareness of my interests, I found that the uniqueness of an environment is defined by the elements of art. My appreciation for art continued to grow as both a viewer and an artist. As I worked towards incorporating art into my academic and professional goals, architecture became the obvious choice.

After considering these direction of my academic and professional careers, Sci-Arc University was immediately at the top of my list. Not only is your institution ranked among the top ten architecture schools in the United States, but the location provides for an immersive environment that fosters inspiration and encourages innovation. The working relationship between the faculty and students provides access to tenured knowledge without the hierarchical setting of traditional schools that could hinder expressive thoughts and active participation. With a focus in the arts and humanities, I believe that Sci-Arc will provide me with a well-rounded education that will allow me to embrace my love for art while applying this passion towards a career in architecture. The core design studio will drive my artistic skills and interests into marketable skills in a competitive market. I look forward to experiencing the excitement of developing with your team at Sci-Arc!

Here, you can show why the school is a perfect fit for you regarding its facilities, course, or even professors. You should also be able to show your expected outcome from all these underlying factors.

In short, you focus on giving credit to the school and everything therein. You can choose to single out a feature of the school and show why it interests you the most about the school. Maybe the university has a swimming pool which melts your heart at the sight of it. Bring this out in a precise manner in your “why us college essay.”

Here are some “why us college essay” questions:

  • What interests you about this school?
  • Why ABC university?
  • Which features attract you to this university?
  • How do our Programms auger with your interests?

Ensure that you have a well-detailed background of the institution to answer this question as required.

Great Tips for Writing a Number One “Why This College Essay”

These quick but out of the world tips will help you write a topnotch, “why do you choose this college essay.”

  • Start with a thorough background research
  • Ponder on potential topics for your essay
  • Start writing a memorable essay
  • Seek a second opinion from friends and even lecturers
  • Proofread your essay

Treat yourself to a hot cup of coffee (you deserve it after all).

Now It’s Not That Complicated, Right?

You must be able to know what makes the school stand out from the rest and be able to provide substantial evidence. You can visit the school’s website, ask from an alumnus, and even follow the school’s activity on the social media pages. It will give you an idea of the daily activities carried out in the school.

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