What Is Friendship Essay? Definition + Writing Guide

Friendship Essay

Now, who doesn’t have a friend? Even an introvert has one or two friends that he confides in once in a while. No man is truly an island, and therefore we need each other. That is why even animals befriend humans because there is a mutual relationship existing between the two.

But what is a friendship essay? Put, it is the expression of the similar feelings and interests shared between two people or more. For a friendship to exist, there must be that sense of immense love and care towards each other.

What is the Importance of Friendship?

There are many reasons why having someone to call a friend is essential. Here are some of them for your inspiration.

  • Friends contribute to our mental and physical stability: When we are emotionally down, we can let it all out to our friends and feel relieved. Engaging in activities such as hanging out with friends, increase our physical stability.
  • They come in handy during lonely moments: There are times when we feel alone and neglected, maybe after the loss of a loved one or a job. When friends come in, we think that we are not alone and can rise from a lonely situation.
  • Friendship leads to a change in value systems: We get to adopt some values from our friends whom we interact with daily.

An essay on friendship will, therefore, expound on such matters more explicitly. We will move on to something more crucial in this essay, the structure, but first, let’s take a look at this great “Of Mice And Men” friendship essay:

The theme of friendship is one of the most powerful entities that has been used in the development of John Steibeck’s Of Mice of Men. The theme of friendship is heavily manifested in the relationship between Lennie and George. In their relationship, friendship is presented as some of sort of exchange in which the involved part is must ply a reciprocating role in order to sustain the relationship. This indicates that a mutual engagements is one of the most powerful tolls towards inspiring a strong relationship in friendship (Kirk, 2007).

The relationship between George and Lennie is also characterized by high levels of tolerance. Despite the annoyance and impatience that George develops towards Lennie. At some point, George contends that his life would be much better without taking care of Lennie and having their friendship and this is an indication that their relationship was a bit flawed because of the perceived lack of sufficient contribution from Lennie towards the sustenance of their friendship. Therefore, George’s view of friendship indicates that it is an extremely emotional undertaking that requires massive sacrifices like killing in the nourishment of the relationship. The predatory nature of friendship is also one of an elemental theme that has been manifested in their relationships.

George and Lennie have an advantage over the characters because the whole plot is centered on the use of their relationship to develop major themes. Their idolized friendship and the symbolic dreams of a different life in an owned piece of land full of agricultural productivity form the basis on which of mice of men is embedded (Susan, 2006). Therefore, they are the center on which the plot revolves and thus the sustenance of their relationship disregarding the extreme emotional experiences is instrumental towards enhancing its flow. Therefore, their relationship is the clear manifestation of the predatory nature of major relationships that are perceived to exhibit the nature of mice.

Structure of a Friendship Essay

The fabric is almost the same as of every other argumentative essay. Special attention is, however, placed on the content of the article.

First and foremost, we will discuss the title of this kind of essay. Friendship titles for this essay should have a loving, caring, and emotional appeal. Use the following title examples for your essay:

Excellent Topics for a Friendship Essay

  1. Value of friendship
  2. True friendship essay
  3. Are friends so important to people?
  4. How many friends should one have?
  5. Should parents dictate the friends of their children?
  6. How school influences on friendship
  7. Friendship and religion
  8. Barriers to effective friendship
  9. Love, the core of friendship
  10. Impact of Facebook on friendship

Those will be enough to start you off and open your mind to more ideas. You can be able to come up with a short essay on association with the topics using personal experiences to spice it all up.

The body should be made up of arguments that support the thesis statement in the introduction. For such an essay, recollecting memories of real-life events is recommended. Pick out the most exciting souvenirs and use them to compliment your article.

In a friendship essay conclusion, ensure that you challenge, or inspire the reader towards embracing friendship. In some instances, toxic friendships are discouraged, and therefore the end should pose as a warning towards such.

Have a look at friendship essay examples to understand how the title, intro, body, and conclusion are articulated. Stay with me now as I bring you the next exciting part of this post.

Top 10 Tips for a Superb Friendship Essay

Every country is heaven until plagues start settling in bit by bit. Such is the case with a friendship essay, easy to write, but one that can be messy if caution is not taken.

The solution?

These five great tips that we are going to highlight below:

  1. Do not grumble.
  2. A friendship essay is not the platform to complain about something messy that happened in your previous friendship.

  3. Desist from honeyed words
  4. Too much exaltation of people or how you feel about them makes the essay dull. Include ideas that are of more relevance instead.

  5. Stay away from bad publicity
  6. Portraying your friend as the devil while you as the angel won’t add any good. People would prefer reading an objective piece than one that has a lot of subjectivity.

  7. Include personal experiences
  8. They add life to the essay on friendship. One reading can even put himself in your shoes and have a feel of what you are saying.

  9. Avoid exaggeration
  10. Many over-exciting stories attract less or almost no audience. Stick to the facts and present real-life events that people can associate with directly.

Friendship Essay Writing Can Be Easy

You are now good to go without any difficulties in your friendship essay. Keenly follow the guide, and you’ll be surprised at what you can do.

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