170+ Best Hamlet Essay Topics to Ace Your Literature Paper

Hamlet Essay Topics

When it comes to literature, William Shakespeare is a name that you cannot help but think about. His timeless classic, Hamlet has been studied by students across generations because of the complexity of language and philosophy that it encompasses. Like every student of literature, you may also find yourself having to write an elaborate research paper on this masterpiece. Here are some of the best hamlet essay topics that will help you churn out an interesting paper that will certainly get you the best grades.

Hamlet Argumentative Essay Topics

The play offers several messages through the plot, giving rise to conversations and arguments. This is why you can find a host of interesting Hamlet argumentative essay topics as mentioned below:

  1. Was it right of Hamlet to plan the death of his father?
  2. What did the Ghost mean by saying that Claudius was the king’s murderer?
  3. Did Claudius deserve to become the heir to the throne?
  4. Was Claudius responsible for the king’s death?
  5. Did Hamlet truly love Ophelia?
  6. Did the attack on Polonius affect the relationship between Ophelia and Hamlet?
  7. Did Polonius have a role to play in the plot of Hamlet?
  8. Is Hamlet a tale of love or revenge?
  9. What were the reasons for Hamlet’s feelings towards Laertes?
  10. Does the relationship between Hamlet and Gertrude set a good example for mothers and sons of the present date?
  11. Did the Ghosts control the plot of the play?
  12. The story of Hamlet is full of hatred. Do you agree?
  13. Hamlet lost his love because of his passion for revenge. What are your thoughts?
  14. Are the ghosts in the play real?
  15. Could the characters of Guildenstern and Rosencrantz have been omitted from the play?
  16. Were Guildenstern and Rosencrantz important to break the intensity of the play?
  17. Is death morally justified by the death of several people?
  18. Did the King truly reveal his guilt in the play?
  19. Why was prayer important in the end?
  20. Was it right of Polonius to paint Hamlet’s admission of love in a negative light?
  21. Is ignorance a good enough justification of Ophelia’s distrust towards Hamlet?
  22. Was Ophelia’s decision of going to the nunnery a good one?
  23. Was Polonius’ judgment correct?
  24. Did Gertrude play a role in murdering the king?
  25. Was Gertrude’s instant decision to remarry a sign of infidelity towards the King?
  26. Was Gertrude a good mother?
  27. Is it correct to call Hamlet a Hero?
  28. Did Hamlet deserve the end that he met?
  29. Are Laertes and Claudius alike or different?
  30. Is ignorance of the cause of his father and sister’s death a good enough reason to seek revenge?

Hamlet Inductive Essay Topics

This list of Hamlet Inductive essays discusses a theme or a subject and requires the writer to present a point of view towards the end. These Hamlet research essay topics must be backed by evidence to make a strong conclusion.

  1. Do you agree with Shakespeare’s portrayal of the female characters in the play?
  2. Does the morality of Hamlet coincide with the one in the current society?
  3. What was the primary message of the play?
  4. Does the setting of Hamlet impact the interpretation?
  5. Was justice finally served in the play, Hamlet?
  6. Did Gertrude fulfill her role as the Queen of Denmark?
  7. Was Polonius the right person to be Claudius’ chief counselor?
  8. Do you think that Hamlet was a decisive character?
  9. Did Ophelia make the right choice by deciding to take her own life?
  10. Why do you think there were so many minor characters in the play?
  11. Is the fight between Laertes and Hamlet over Ophelia’s grave ironic?
  12. Guildenstern and Rosencrantz were trustworthy spies. What are your views on this?
  13. Did Claudius dominate Elsinore Court because of his powerful stature?
  14. Can you prove with examples that Hamlet genuinely loved Ophelia?
  15. How important were the ambassadors in ensuring peaceful negotiations?
  16. Did the death of his brother affect Claudius’ dominance?
  17. Was Fortinbras truly a threat to Claudius?
  18. Is it right to claim that Hamlet was evil?
  19. Can the play Hamlet be considered a tragedy based on Aristotle’s definition?
  20. Did Ophelia have any other option but to commit suicide?
  21. Was Hamlet’s decision to commit suicide a wise one?
  22. Was Gertrude obsessed with female sexuality?
  23. Is Hamlet a villain or a hero?
  24. Do you think Claudius undermined Hamlet or was aware of what he was capable of? Illustrate with examples.
  25. How does the play showcase the power of introspection?
  26. Was Hamlet’s famous monologue an example of his progression as a character?
  27. Did Scene 2 in the 5th Act of the play show the emotional development of Hamlet? Analyze the scene and present your views.
  28. Do you think the ending of the play is fitting? Would you change it?
  29. Did Hamlet’s love for Ophelia reduce after her death?
  30. Why did Hamlet not take his revenge when the opportune moment arrived?

Hamlet Madness Essay Topics

There is a hint of madness in every character in the play. This is a recurring and interesting theme that makes for some of the most exhaustive and intriguing hamlet writing prompts.

  1. Madness is the underlying theme of Hamlet. Illustrate with examples.
  2. Was Ophelia the cause for Hamlet’s madness?
  3. Was it the pursuit of revenge that led to Hamlet’s madness?
  4. Did the ghost of the King represent the fact that Hamlet had lost touch with reality?
  5. Hamlet’s character showed duplicitousness. Can you explain with examples?
  6. Hamlet is a complex character. Explain with examples.
  7. Compare the madness between Titus Andronicus and Hamlet.
  8. Are there any similarities between Juan from the Censors and Hamlet?
  9. Explain why you think Hamlet was not insane as most people perceive him to be.
  10. What is the nature of Hamlet’s madness?
  11. Was his madness an outlet for the burden that Hamlet carried in his heart?
  12. Did Gertrude’s quick marriage contribute to Hamlet’s madness?
  13. The great and fast changes in his environment drove Hamlet to insanity. Discuss.
  14. Is Hamlet’s mockery of Polonius an example of his madness?
  15. How does the play demonstrate a variety of human emotions through imagery?
  16. Did Hamlet’s inner conflict arise from grief controlling all his emotions?
  17. Do you think Hamlet makes some logical decisions through the play? Explain.
  18. Were Claudius and his henchmen significant in reiterating Hamlet’s madness throughout the play?
  19. How did the plot allow his madness to progress from harmless to hazardous?
  20. Claudius talks about Hamlet being the “owner of the foul disease”. Do you think Hamlet acknowledged his insanity?
  21. The relationship between love and madness in the play.
  22. How important is the theme of madness to the plot of this play?
  23. What was the significance of Ophelia’s madness in this play?
  24. How does Shakespeare represent Hamlet’s madness?
  25. What is the relationship between melancholy and madness in the play?
  26. Was Hamlet mad from a broken heart?
  27. Illustrate how Hamlet’s double-speak showed a method to this madness.
  28. Was Hamlet’s madness feigned?
  29. The madness for love is one true madness. How does the play prove this statement?
  30. What are your thoughts on Ophelia’s state of mind? Did she showcase some madness too?

Best Hamlet Essay Topics High School

These essay topics for Hamlet are perfectly suited for English literature students at the high school level. They explore themes and subjects that are most relevant:

  1. What do you think the play, ‘Hamlet’ is really about?
  2. What is your personal take on the play?
  3. Do you think that Hamlet suffered from depression?
  4. How does Hamlet try to live with his suicidal thoughts and depression?
  5. What were Hamlet’s personal views on humanity?
  6. Is there any particular psychological disorder that Hamlet shows symptoms of? Analyze his actions to explain.
  7. Are there any elements of Marxism in the play?
  8. Can you relate any modern-day leader or character to Hamlet?
  9. Do you think that Hamlet led to his own demise?
  10. What are the five most prominent tragedies in Hamlet’s life?
  11. Is Hamlet a feminist play?
  12. Do you think Hamlet has a negative opinion about women?
  13. Write a detailed character analysis of Polonius. Did he deserve to be killed?
  14. Use thematic elements from Hamlet’s famous speech to prove that it is one’s responsibility to act according to moral and ethical rules.
  15. Do you think that there was a hint of evil in every character in Hamlet?
  16. Would Hamlet be relevant as an individual today?
  17. What are some aspects of the current world that Hamlet would appreciate?
  18. What are some aspects of the current world that would trouble Hamlet?
  19. What are the primary forces that affected Hamlet’s psyche?
  20. What do you think is the one relationship that Hamlet valued the most in his life?
  21. Can Hamlet be considered a romantic hero?
  22. Write about how your opinion of Hamlet changed from the beginning of the play until the end.
  23. Write about the attitudes of modern society towards the play Hamlet.
  24. Do you think that Hamlet faced several contradictions throughout the play? Highlight with examples.
  25. What are the most significant changes you notice in Hamlet’s character from Act 1 and Act 2?
  26. What was the significance of the fencing duel at the end of the play?
  27. Who caused the demise of the kingdom in ‘Hamlet’
  28. What are your opinions about Claudius as King?
  29. How were the words and actions of Hamlet towards Ophelia constantly contradictory?
  30. Talk about the role of imagery in Hamlet.

Easy Hamlet Essay Topics

Here are some easy Hamlet essay ideas that are commonly used in academic papers:

  1. How did Hamlet perceive love?
  2. Were the themes of revenge and tragedy the only ones that stood out in the play?
  3. Analyze Hamlet’s speech to show how he decided to move from active to passive?
  4. Did Hamlet’s speech showcase nihilism?
  5. List the various foils of Hamlet and the role they played in the plot.
  6. How does Hamlet’s idea of salvation and sin develop through the play?
  7. What were the reasons for Hamlet’s indecisiveness?
  8. Is it possible to justify Hamlet’s need to seek revenge?
  9. Did family play a role in Hamlet’s understanding of justice?
  10. Explain how Hamlet undergoes inner and outer conflict.
  11. Provide a detailed character analysis of Hamlet.
  12. Analyze the character of Gertrude as a mother and a queen
  13. Explore how suicide played an important role in the plot of the play?
  14. Was Polonius a good courtier?
  15. Was Hamlet unwilling to face reality? Explain with examples.
  16. Did Hamlet manage to control his actions in any part of the play?
  17. Analyze any film based on ‘Hamlet’.
  18. Explore Hamlet’s idea of sex and sexuality.
  19. Describe what impact Gertrude had on Hamlet’s character.
  20. How did the conflict between Ophelia and Hamlet influence the outcome of the play?
  21. What was Hamlet’s perception of death? Support this with his quotes.
  22. Is Hamlet similar to King Lear?
  23. Would a person with Hamlet’s character be perceived as a threat to society in today’s world?
  24. Analyze the mood swings of Hamlet throughout the play.
  25. What were the factors that affected Hamlet’s mood directly?
  26. Describe the qualities of a hero and a villain that Hamlet possessed.
  27. Explain the development of any theme in the play.
  28. Was Hamlet betrayed?
  29. Provide examples of honor and corruption in the play.
  30. Write a detailed character analysis of Claudius.
  31. Which male character in the play would be relevant in today’s society?
  32. Explain the role of deception in the play.
  33. Compare and contrast Hamlet and Ophelia with Romeo and Juliet.
  34. Are there similarities between ‘Alice in Wonderland and ‘Hamlet’?
  35. The role of madness in Laertes and Hamlet’s relationship

Top Hamlet Research Paper Topics

Here are top Hamlet essay prompts for research papers:

  1. Compare Hamlet and Claudius
  2. Are there similarities between Hamlet and Laertes?
  3. Compare Hamlet and ‘The Lion King’.
  4. Write about the relationship between Hamlet and Gertrude.
  5. What life lessons does Hamlet teach?
  6. What life lessons does Polonius teach?
  7. Analyze Hamlet’s character based on his actions.
  8. How are the views on revenge different for each character in the play?
  9. Who is the most moral character according to you?
  10. Who is the evilest character according to you?
  11. Can you compare Hamlet with ‘The Great Gatsby’?
  12. How does love develop through the play?
  13. Can we call Hamlet Morally upright?
  14. What was the purpose of Polonius in the play?
  15. Describe the relationship between Hamlet and Fortinbras.
  16. Explain the theme of comedy in the play.
  17. Write in detail about Hamlet’s plot to avenge his father’s death.
  18. Were Claudius and his father similar in their qualities?
  19. Do you think Hamlet is the best work of Shakespeare?
  20. How did immoral decisions come back to haunt the characters?

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