Writing a Stunning Frankenstein Essay: How To Get A+

Frankenstein essay

The novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelly is one of the most read books across the globe because of its romantic and engaging plot. And this masterpiece has not just made a name for the plot, but also for its characters. This is why many literature teachers like to give Frankenstein essay prompts to their students. So how do you go about writing winning Frankenstein essays? Here is your complete guide.

Common Frankenstein Essay Topics

When your teacher gives you a Frankenstein assignment, it can focus on different areas, such as the setting or themes. The book was set in the Age of Enlightenment and the Romantic Era. So, Shelley wisely used Frankenstein as a premise to criticize and warn people about the values that were deeply held during the era. If your teacher asked you to identify Frankenstein essay topics, here are some great suggestions:

  1. Exploring the nature of revenge in the book Frankenstein.
  2. A closer look at Victor Frankenstein Creature as a Mirror.
  3. The role of parenting in the novel Frankenstein.
  4. Screams of children and pity in the Novel Frankenstein.
  5. Paradise: Frankenstein’s viewpoint.

How to Write an Essay on Frankenstein

Now that we have looked at the main Frankenstein essays topics, the next question is, “how do you write the essay?” Here is a step-by-step guide on how to write a Frankenstein essay.

  • Read the novel and note the key points. For example, if you are writing a Victor Frankenstein character analysis essay, you need to carefully analyze the characters, including the Monster, Robert Walton, Henry Clerval, and Elizabeth Lavenza.
  • Develop a good Frankenstein essay outline. This is very crucial because it will guide you on how to write every part of the paper. For example, the outline will be able to show you where to place the Frankenstein essay questions, how to write a Frankenstein essay introduction and framing the body. The best essay outline include:
  1. Introduction: Highlight a brief introduction to the novel and finish the paragraph with a thesis statement.
  2. Body: Break the body into several paragraphs. In each paragraph, discuss a different point and support it with evidence – quotes and details from the novel. For example, if you are analyzing the themes, every theme should go into its own paragraph.
  3. Conclusion: In conclusion, start by restating the thesis statement (use different language to avoid looking repetitive). Then, summarize the main points in one paragraph. If the essay was long, two paragraphs should be okay.
  4. Proofread your essay: After writing your essay, make sure to carefully proofread it to identify and correct any mistakes to make the final paper.

A Frankenstein Theme Essay Sample

Now that we have demonstrated the main steps you should follow when writing a Frankenstein analysis essay, can you craft a winning piece? Here is a Frankenstein essay example that you can refer to fine-tune your skills further:

The Mirror Victor Frankenstein and his Creature

Characterized by key similarities between the created and creator, the novel Frankenstein uses Doppelganger’s impact to tell the story of a man, Victor Frankenstein’s, relentless quest for knowledge. But the journey has key issues. From the beginning to the end, Victor passed through many emotions and experiences, almost the same as his creator experiences. When developing the character of Frankenstein, Shelley utilizes the creature, as the Doppelganger to further dramatize what is difficult to put through explicitly. The determination of Victor, the creature’s obsession, and isolation help to bring out every character of Frankenstein.

Starting from his first days to the last, Frankenstein demonstrates passion for sciences. This obsession is as a result of sciences- the thing (call it creature) that creates Frankenstein’s emotion. The emotions first become anger before turning into revenge. Starting from the initial post-animation meeting, the creature starts developing a lot of anger for the person who created it. But this feeling of anger appears mutual. “All men hate the wretched; how then must I be hated, who am miserable all living things! Yet you, my creator, detests and spun me, thy creature, to whom thou art bound by ties only dissoluble by the annihilation of one of us” (95). It appears that the creature is unable to comprehend the rejection, the same way Frankenstein is unable to comprehend the detestable thing right in front of him. The misguided passion makes the creature give many threats to Frankenstein. The creature vows to “revenge (his) injuries; if (he) cannot inspire love, then (he) will causes fear, and chiefly towards (victor does he) swear inextinguishable hatred” since he is the creator (48).

As Frankenstein continues with his anger, from the creature, it seeks revenge for what it is impossible to control. When the creature encounters Felix, it goes out searching for Frankenstein with questions that his “feelings were those of rage and revenge” (137). This confusion escalates the matter, as the creature’s anger ranges, especially after witnessing Frankenstein destroying partner seeking to animate end with a “devilish despair and revenge” as well as murder to another person close to Frankenstein (171).

Frankenstein’s determination to succeed looks similar to that of the creature, although they have different goals. The main request made by the creature to Frankenstein is being happy by getting a mate. When Frankenstein agrees with the creature, he promises to design another one that will also be displeasing, the creature also promises to “depart to your home and commence your labor; I shall watch with progress with unutterable anxiety; and fear not but that when you are ready, I will appear” (151).

The creature and Frankenstein, highlight the worst of each other, but without one, the other would never be human. As the story unfolds, Frankenstein, and creature, merge to represent one individual, as well as their Doppelganger connection, to demonstrate the complexity of Frankenstein’s self. This line blurs between these characters and helps to expound the purpose of Frankenstein’s character. Further, it dramatizes the character that highlights the purpose of fighting with the creature.

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