How To Write A Magnetic Witcher Essay (With Bonus Topics!)

the witcher essay

Now, before we even go further, who else has watched The Witcher series? Hands up, please. I see only a handful. Most people say that this series is similar to the Game of Thrones (GoT). They attribute this to the existence of kings and horses in both of them.

So, what is a witcher essay?

It denotes a brief piece of writing showing the writer’s perspective on The Witcher series or video game.

A quick one for those who are newbies to this series: It is a thrilling masterpiece story about a witcher named Geralt, who is a mutated monster hunter. He is starring in this series, and he comes to blows with different people in the society to have a piece of the cake. The people face acts of wickedness and brutality.

Let’s see how one can pen down such an essay that will leave the scriptwriter and director of the series dumbfounded.

How to Write The Witcher Essay

It has the same structure as all other types of essays. However, for this one, you have to acquaint yourself with the series’ first before getting down to it. If not, the director might sue you for propagating rumors about his show.

Later on in this article, I will give you some well-researched topic ideas for such an essay and explanations on what is expected of you.

For now, however, let’s dive into the outline.

toss a coin to your witcher

Outline of The Witcher Essay

We’ll start at the top.

  • The Introduction

It is the place where you should win over your reader by casting some magic spells on them through your words. I bet writers are witches too, right?

When you are introducing such an essay, be sure to let them read what specific aspect of the series you are going to touch on. For heaven’s sake, a round takes hours, and you can’t narrate to the reader the whole storyline in your essay.

Pick out a theme and delve into it, leaving no stone unturned. The thesis statement should give the reader what you are going to talk about, and everything else in the story should revolve around it.

  • The Body

After introducing your readers to the theme you would like to focus on, this is the part where you get to give the nuts and bolts entirely.

Since this is a series with characters, use them as evidence in your body. The roles played by each actor are essential in expounding on the specific theme you have chosen. If it is politics, show how each of the characters contributes to the manifestation of this theme.

How do you conclude such an essay then?

  • Conclusion

How to conclude The Witcher essay will depend on what you chose to talk about in the body. Nevertheless, the writer should only but restate the thesis statement and give a summary of the body. Introducing new ideas here nullifies it from being a conclusion.

A promise is a debt, and so I intend to keep mine. Here are some fascinating topics you can borrow in writing your Witcher essay.

Beware; they contain magic spells.

Top 5 Captivating Witcher Essay Topics

The collection is extensive, but here are the ones with the most potent spells that will leave your reader addicted to your essay.

  1. The Wild Hunt
  2. Show your readers how Geralt the Witcher is in such of Ciri and Yennifer outline all the difficulties he has to go through to get them.

  3. What is The Role of Monsters in the Witcher’s World?
  4. You should be able to bring out the essence of the monsters in the story. Do they aid in bringing out a clear message of the storyline?

  5. Magic and World Today
  6. Is the magic still relevant in today’s society, according to the story? What are some of the repercussions of charm in any organization?

  7. War and Politics
  8. Clearly show the relationship between politics and war as brought out in the story.

  9. Racism and its Adversity
  10. Connect how the racism practiced in the novel relates to what we see in society today. Is it adding any good or bad to people’s lives?

Before we come to the closure, here are some interesting facts about the Witcher that should motivate you in your essay:

  • The Witcher’s mother is a sorcerer.

  • He is almost 100 years old

  • Geralt is the last of his kind

  • The scar on his eye is not present in the books.

And there you have it! Are you feeling like a witch now? I sure hope not. Why don’t you pick one of the topics and write one bewitching witcher essay too today?

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