150 Best Statistics Research Paper Topics for You

Statistics Research Topics

Are you taking stats and want to get top grades in assignments? The two most important things are getting good topics and writing the papers professionally. Unfortunately, these two steps are very challenging and make some students score low or failing grades. However, we are here to help. Keep reading to see our list of top 150 leading stats research topics and pick the preferred option.

Stats Research Topics in Sports

  1. Abuse of drugs in college sports clubs: Statistical evaluation of doping in the last ten years.

  2. A review of the evidence of traumatic head injuries in soccer and baseball.

  3. Olympics competitions: Interesting statistical observations since the start of the game.

  4. Analysis of knee injuries in the UK soccer league.

  5. Comparing the statistical data on leg injuries in the Spanish and UK football leagues.

  6. Gender balance in sports clubs management: Comparing the managements of basketball in the US and Europe.

  7. Comparing the statistics of soccer professionals in Europe to those in the US.

  8. Linking staff training to good performance in soccer: A statistical review.

  9. Numbers do not lie: A statistical review of the performance of soccer professionals from Africa to those from Europe.

  10. A statistical review of success factors in indoor sports.

  11. Probability application in sports betting: Comparing top two betting sites.

  12. A review of life success for soccer professionals after retiring.

  13. Does the amount paid to professional athletes determine their rate of success in the field?

  14. Do temperatures impact the performance of soccer players in Europe?

Hop Topics Research Topics for Statistics Students

  1. A comprehensive analysis of non-experimental correlational designs in statistics.

  2. The Pearson correlation and linear regression.

  3. Statistical analysis of traffic peak times in London.

  4. Z-test and independent T-tests: A closer look at the main assumptions and calculations.

  5. A review of the effectiveness of the 2-way ANOVA on SPSS application.

  6. A feasibility study of opening an electric car repair shop in New York.

  7. Interpreting T-Test and Chi-Square Analyses.

  8. Financial distress in the banking sector: What are the main contributors?

  9. Cash deposit patterns in California banks: A statistical review.

  10. Are members of specific races likely to get incarcerated than others?

  11. Statistical analysis of students’ attitudes to sex in American Universities.

  12. Patients with private insurance in the UK: Do they get better healthcare?

  13. Decision making during disasters: A review of the most important information used by managers.

  14. The impacts of Israel-Palestine conflict on the society: A statistical review of the main strategies adopted to address it so far.

  15. Debt reduction strategies adopted by the government: Can they be useful in improving quality of life?

  16. A statistical analysis of the effects of federal elections on the stock market?

  17. Noise pollution: A comprehensive review of how it hurts the human system.

  18. Global warming: What do you think of data provided by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)?

Statistical Research Topics for College Students

  1. Analyzing the amount of time that college students in the UK spend on social media.

  2. A statistical review of students eating habits in France.

  3. What is the percentage of college students who get married within three years of completing their studies?

  4. Plagiarism in college education: Statistical analysis of students who plagiarize their work.

  5. Analyze the impacts of bullying on teenagers: Is it the most severe threat facing young people today?

  6. Evaluate the impacts of overpopulation on small countries.

  7. Energy drinks are harmful: A statistical analysis of the level of awareness among the young people.

  8. Outlier removal in statistical data.

  9. What were the leading causes of the Great Depression of 130?

  10. Least median of squares models.

  11. Suggest an alternative method of estimating regression line.

  12. Time-linear coordinates triangle.

  13. Do students who get involved in sports score poor grades?

  14. Do the types of shoes worn by an athlete determine his/her overall performance?

  15. Are the factors that make people to perform well in tennis the same as soccer? A comparative study.

Good Statistics Research Topics in Psychology

  1. Prevalence of obesity in children and adults: A statistical evaluation.

  2. A comparative analysis of the main causes of high rates of divorce in the US and UK.

  3. Boosting a child’s self-esteem: What role does the parent play?

  4. Factors that fuel suicidal thoughts in people with depression: Presenting statistical evidence.

  5. A statistical review of the impacts of divorce on children.

  6. Is marijuana effective in treating mental disorders? Analysis of emerging data.

  7. A statistical analysis of the effectiveness of social work practice interventions in addressing dementia.

  8. Childhood abuse survivors: A statistical review of how they cope at adulthood?

  9. Dioxin: How does it impact cancer development in children?

  10. Dug addition increase in colleges: A review of the main causes.

Interesting Statistical Research Topics for You

  1. A closer look at the history of statistics and probability.

  2. Analyzing the different schools of thoughts applied in statistics.

  3. A deeper look at the Central Limit Theorem.

  4. Least squares model.

  5. Rumors, opinions and facts.

  6. Levels of measurement and types data.

  7. A regression analysis on the impact of drinking, levels of exercise and weight on medical costs.

  8. Cluster analysis on the impact of dollar increment on the economy of Hong Kong.

  9. A statistical analysis of the US federal administration’s expenditure and revenue.

  10. A statistical study of the impacts of agricultural loans on faming in Sri Lanka.

  11. A statistical review of reasons that makes students to select the courses to pursue in college.

  12. How to effectively tackle age diversity issues at the workplace: A comparative review of strategies used by two companies of your choice in the US.

  13. What is the most preferred meal by students when away from college?

  14. A statistical analysis of data on the effects of taking a back or front seats on learners’ grades.

Experimental Statistical Research Papers Ideas

  1. A comparative assessment of changes in wealth distribution among African Americans and Hispanics.

  2. Infant mortality rates: What are the main causes of high rates in developing countries?

  3. Life expectancy of adult female alcoholics vs adult male alcoholics: A comparative study.

  4. Why do long-term smokers find it very tough to quit smoking?

  5. Stochastic multi-agent model in financial markets: A statistical review.

  6. A statistical review of investors’ behavior in the bearish market?

  7. Causes of business failure within the first five years: A comparative review of startups in the UK and US markets.

  8. Statistical reviews of the factors that make foreigners choose Hong Kong and Singapore as the leading offshore investment hub.

  9. Analyzing the effectiveness of the World Bank’s ease of doing business index calculation.

  10. Which gender is more helpful in economy building? A comparative review.

  11. The application of time series in business.

  12. Analyzing the relationship between holding positions in business and success in personal life.

  13. A statistical review of the rates of crime in the Caribbean.

  14. What is the level of visitor satisfaction when traveling to Italy?

Statistics Research Topics in Business

  1. Do more female employees experience higher levels of harassment compared to male colleagues?

  2. Comparing accessibility to bank loans in the US and a developing country of choice.

  3. Are Swedish people more direct when it comes to doing business away from home? Build your ideas from famous Swedish businesspeople.

  4. Does social media influence impact the staff turnover in international companies? A statistical review.

  5. Alcohol consumption data review: Is it higher among employees with lower or high pay scales?

  6. Comparing debt management strategies used by Singaporeans to those of Americans: A statistical analysis.

  7. A review of data on the main threats facing businesses in the UK today.

  8. The latest e-commerce trends on the Globe: What do they say about the future of the retail industry?

  9. Analyzing the main factors that cause low productivity among industrial employees.

  10. A statistical evaluation of the impact of workplace appraisals in the banking industry.

  11. Analyzing the relationship between production system of an organization and profitability: A case study of the soft drink industry in the US.

  12. Cost-volume-profit analysis: Is it a useful tool when working on improving decision making in organizations.

  13. Adoption of modern communication equipment: What impact does it have on employee performance?

  14. The six sigma quality.

Unique Statistics Research Paper Topics

  1. The statistical reasons for the high popularity of Christianity in the 20th century.

  2. Real markets and fast growth of online trade: A statistical review of causes and effects.

  3. Analyzing how the mindsets of past generations have influenced the modern teaching methods.

  4. Statistic is resistant: What does the phrase mean?

  5. Chebyshev’s inequality: Does it apply to all distributions apart from shapes?

  6. Observational versus designed experiment: What are the differences?

  7. What is the impact of petroleum prices on agricultural food prices?

  8. Discriminant and classification.

  9. What is the relationship between poverty and crime rates?

  10. A statistical evaluation of types of crime recorded in your city.

  11. A statistical analysis of the causes of road accidents in your state.

  12. Is there a relationship between income per capita and medical expenses?

  13. Analysis of the main sources of revenue and expenditure patterns in the US.

  14. Moderation and mediation.

  15. Is the word really getting warm? A statistical review?

  16. Information theory.

  17. Multiple comparison tests.

  18. Statistical data analysis in criminal justice.

Awesome Statistics Research Questions

  1. What is the BlackScholes model?

  2. Sampling distribution: What are the main applications?

  3. Intelligent numerical computation: How does it work?

  4. What are the merits and demerits of stem-and-leaf plots versus histogram?

  5. What are the advantages of using 2-scores in the comparison of observations of two preferred data sets?

  6. Calculation of the sample standard deviation: What do the degrees of freedom mean?

  7. Tests for normality.

  8. Analyzing the trends of domestic investment in France (2011-2020).

  9. Entropy measure.

  10. Nuclear disasters: What has the world learnt from them?

  11. Does caffeine use impact the student’s performance in college?

  12. What are the main types of data and data measurements?

  13. Bias reduction strategies: How do they work?

  14. NBA professional sportspersons: Why do they earn so much?

  15. Does the race of actors determine the success of TV shows in the US?

  16. Birth disorders and success in academics: Are they related?

Medicine Statistical Research Topic

  1. Evaluating the impact of methamphetamine on substance abusers: A statistical approach.

  2. A statistical analysis of the effectiveness of chemotherapy in treating breast cancer for women over 40 years.

  3. Comparing the impact of breastfeeding to the use of formula milk on a child’s cognitive development.

  4. Orthodox therapies versus alternative therapies application in the treatment of cancer: A comparative assessment.

  5. What factors can help reduce the risk of teenage pregnancies: A statistical analysis.

  6. Genetic engineering and cloning: What is the probability of the two becoming the norm in the future?

  7. Ethics in medicine: Can results from unethical experiments be applied to save other people?

  8. Statistical analysis of mental disorders in the UK.

  9. A comparative study of typical healthy problems at puberty.

Research Topic for Statistics Project

  1. Why we should break stereotypes in the society: Identify one stereotype and break it in your final project.

  2. Probiotics: A statistical review of their impacts on gastrointestinal system of people in Latin America.

  3. The safest and most dangerous neighborhoods in your state.

  4. Should art be given the same importance to sciences? A comparative study.

  5. Child marriage should be stopped: A statistical review of the benefits of delayed marriage in girls.

  6. Does academic success guarantee a successful life?

  7. Noise pollution vs physical pollution: A comparative study to determine which is more harmful?

  8. What type of music is more popular among college students?

When to Seek Writing Help

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