113 Pride And Prejudice Essay Topics For Students

Pride And Prejudice Essay Topics

Picking out a good enough ENL essay topic can be daunting, especially if you’re a university student who is unfamiliar with the book. Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice has diverse themes and topics to pick from, each one as interesting as the next.

From controversial relationships to societal restraints and so on, diversity makes it easy to pick the best topic for your paper. If you still have problems picking the right topics for your Pride and Prejudice research papers, there are countless professional US writers online, who can help you write your custom essays at cheap rates.

Suggested Essay Topics for Pride and Prejudice

  1. Explain the importance of first impressions.

  2. Highlight the different social issues represented in the book.

  3. Describe the limitations female characters are faced with in Pride and Prejudice.

  4. Explain how influential Mrs. Bennett was to her children.

  5. Describe the similarities between Elizabeth and the rest of her family.

  6. Describe the differences between Elizabeth and the rest of her family.

  7. Explain how the family was used as a tool for keeping characters in check.

  8. Describe the family as a key part of determining how the characters progress.

  9. Describe how Elizabeth’s choice of love over economic security shaped the outcome of the whole novel.

  10. Write on how Elizabeth came to realize the negative effects of her rigidity and pride.

  11. Explain how family plays a role in passing on the wrong values about marriage.

  12. Explain how family passes on flawed gender roles.

  13. Explain Mr. Bennett’s impact on his children.

  14. Which minor character would have played a better role as the main character. How?

  15. Which main character would have played a better role as a minor character. How?

Persuasive Topics For Pride And Prejudice

  1. The ripple effects of one’s actions on others and the society at large, based on Lydia’s character.

  2. The effects of judging others based solely on their reputation.

  3. Analyse the effects of one’s reputation on how one sees the world.

  4. Mr. Collins’s view on class systems can help structure the economy: discuss.

  5. Describe how accurately Pride and Prejudice depicted life in the 19th century.

  6. Explain how the title “First Impressions” better suits the book.

  7. Explain how the title “Pride and Prejudice” better suits the book.

  8. Analyse the shortcomings of the book in properly depicting life in 19th century Britain.

  9. Explain how Elizabeth’s standards sometimes posed as a hindrance to her.

  10. Using Mrs. Bennett, explain how marriage does not translate to long-lasting social stability.

  11. Describe how Elizabeth’s troubles before marriage still appear today.

  12. Compared to the 19th-century family dynamics, is the present world making progress?

  13. What characters thoroughly embody the title of the book, and how?

  14. Explain Mr. Bennett’s love for his children.

  15. Does the book reflect 19th-century views on marriage?

  16. Describe the ways the Bennett family shows their love.

Marriage In Pride And Prejudice Essay Topics

  1. Describe the marriage of Darcy and Elizabeth as a misogynistic relationship.

  2. Discuss the different challenges Elizabeth and Darcy had to go through before they got married.

  3. Compare and contrast the marriages of Elizabeth and Darcy, and Charlotte Lucas and Mr. Collins.

  4. Discuss the importance of family dynamics in determining how the younger ones view marriage.

  5. Discuss the assigned roles for each gender in marriage.

  6. Explain the importance of reputation in determining the marriageability of selected female characters.

  7. Give your opinion on the thought that being married is the only guarantee to being happy.

  8. Discuss Lydia’s response to reputation being a key factor in being marriageable.

  9. Is the marriage between Darcy and Elizabeth worth emulating by youngsters nowadays? Discuss

  10. What societal norms in the book are being blatantly rejected or combated in modern times?

  11. Describe key events during Darcy’s courtship of Elizabeth, and relate them to modern-day courtship practices.

  12. Explain using Darcy and Elizabeth’s relationship, the kind of love that is not limited by reputations and social restraints.

  13. Analyse the reactions of Elizabeth’s family after she rejected Darcy and Mr. Collins.

  14. Explain how Mr. Collins would have been a better match for Elizabeth.

  15. Describe how gender roles are passed on in marriage.

Pride And Prejudice Discussion Questions

  1. Compared to the book, is the movie adaptation up to par? How so?

  2. Discuss the aspects of the book you consider to be most important.

  3. Discuss how the dialogue between characters played a vital role in how the book turned out.

  4. Discuss how each class is depicted and represented, using key examples.

  5. Discuss how Lydia’s elopement with Wickham can be considered her trying to be free.

  6. Discuss how Mrs. Bennett’s involvement in her children’s lives can be seen in modern times.

  7. Describe each character as a representative of specific old British traditions.

  8. Outline some questions the author left unanswered, and propose suitable answers for them.

  9. Outline some instances where Elizabeth’s integrity worked in her favor.

  10. Discuss how Elizabeth saw herself as slightly better than those around her.

  11. Explain how Darcy’s feelings for Elizabeth could be considered fickle.

  12. Explain how Elizabeth’s letters helped in building her as a character.

  13. Explain how Darcy can be seen as the bad guy.

Pride And Prejudice Literary Analysis Essay Topics

  1. How does the book Pride and Prejudice influence the minds of young readers in modern-day society?

  2. Explain the character development processes of select characters from the book, throughout the book.

  3. Write on how the societal norms of Pride and Prejudice closely resemble those of modern-day society.

  4. Describe the character, Darcy, stating clearly, your overall opinions on him and his role in the book.

  5. Describe the various social structures available in the book Pride and Prejudice, and relate them to modern-day society.

  6. Describe the distinct roles of males and females, as depicted in the book.

  7. Pick a minor character from the book, and discuss how their roles affected the main characters.

  8. How do reputation and social structure impact the relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth?

  9. Analyse marriage from the male point of view, and write an essay on how the gender roles of males determine their choice of partners.

  10. Explain how Elizabeth’s family connections influenced Darcy’s marriage proposals.

  11. Explain how Darcy and Elizabeth’s marriage defied the societal restrictions placed on them.

  12. Explain how Lydia and Wickham’s eloping defied the societal restrictions placed on them.

  13. Describe the characters based on the traditions of privileged people.

Pride And Prejudice Critical Essay Topics

  1. The importance of social structures in maintaining order in any society.

  2. Describe the role older members of a family play in determining the future of the younger ones.

  3. While the happy ending satisfied countless readers, write an alternative ending to the book.

  4. Explain how Elizabeth’s marriage to Darcy can influence the mindset of youngsters towards marriage today.

  5. Explain the differences between how much influence Catherine de Bourgh and Mrs. Bennet had over their children.

  6. Discuss Elizabeth’s pride as seen in the book.

  7. Discuss Darcy’s prejudiced view of Elizabeth.

  8. Describe Darcy’s misogynistic views of Elizabeth and his expectations for her.

  9. Analyse the differences between Elizabeth’s and Darcy’s motives towards marriage.

  10. List how three morals of the story can influence modern society.

  11. Describe the characters that developed the most.

  12. Describe the characters developed the least.

  13. What characters remained unchanged?

  14. Relate some elements that are common in our society today.

Jane Austen Research Paper Topics

  1. Give your opinion on the theory that Jane Austen revealed a piece of herself in the book Pride and Prejudice.

  2. Highlight some instances where Jane Austen harped on irony in the book Pride and Prejudice.

  3. Describe the characters of the book who did not conform to the restrictions placed on them, with clear examples.

  4. Discuss the importance of integrity, as seen in Elizabeth’s life.

  5. Explain how the author projects true love as a force that transcends all else.

  6. Explain the author’s focus on class using characters as examples.

  7. Write an essay on how the author thoroughly showed instances of pride and prejudice throughout the book.

  8. Give examples of how each character embodies qualities that the author does not agree with.

  9. Describe the similarities between Elizabeth’s challenges before marriage and those of the author.

  10. Explain how Elizabeth’s happy ending showed the author how her life could have gone.

  11. Explain the relationship between happiness and wealth.

  12. Is Mr. Bennett a good father?

  13. Is Mrs. Bennett a good mother?

Pride And Prejudice Essay Questions Worth Answering

  1. Considering how the world views reputation now, is the world truly moving forward, backward?

  2. If Darcy had not interfered in Wickham’s choice, would he have married Lydia instead?

  3. How does the book show the rigidity of society’s tenets?

  4. Would it help to apply the lessons learned in today’s society?

  5. To what extent does the book mirror modern-day society?

  6. How can Lydia’s choice to elope not be seen as selfish?

  7. Juxtapose between the motive behind Elizabeth’s and Lydia’s marriages.

  8. Would Darcy have been happier with Lydia?

  9. Would Elizabeth have been happier with Mr. Collins?

  10. What part of the bookmarked a pivotal point for the main characters?

  11. Would Lydia have been happier with Darcy?

  12. How did Elizabeth come to know herself?

  13. Can Mr. Be said to be a wise man?

  14. Why is social class important in this book?

Here you go – a complete list of excellent Pride and Prejudice topics for any taste. Feel free to use them, but you’re trying to compose an essay to no avail, turn to our professional essay writers for help – they will be happy to assist!

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