What You Need To Know About A Romeo And Juliet Essay

romeo and juliet essay

I remember growing up in admiration of these two love birds-even though I had never read their story. At one time, when I got my first girlfriend, I nicknamed myself Romeo, and she was my Juliet. And the story is the same for almost every relationship. I am sure you have your Romeo or Juliet somewhere. But I digress.

The beautifully choreographed story by Shakespeare is one with a rich gold mine of themes. Almost every line is an essay of its own with the plot making it even more precious. It is indeed a narrative of love and fate.

How To Write A Romeo And Juliet Essay

Essays about Romeo and Juliet are common in high school and college assignments. Most students groan at the thought of the 100+ pages of the book and resort to never reading it. However, that shouldn’t be the case. You must read the book so that you can familiarize yourself with the characters, plot, and the underlying themes found in the book.

An essay on such would, therefore, center on the themes in the story. A Romeo and Juliet theme essay would follow the same structure as any other essay. 

Let’s look at a quote from the novel and see how one can write a sample essay on it. Here we go.

O Romeo, Romeo, 
 Why are you, Romeo?
 Deny your father and refuse his name, 
 Or if you will not, be but sworn my love, 
 Then I’ll no longer be a Capulet.

These are the famous words of Juliet in the form of a monologue, unaware of Romeo’s presence in the Orchard. She wants Romeo to reject his family on account of their love. Even if Romeo doesn’t do so, then she is ready to deny her own family for their enjoyment.

It is an illustration of how deep this love is such that she is willing to abandon her family to protect it. 

What’s The Hook In Romeo And Juliet Essay? 

The hook for a Romeo and Juliet essay comes in the introduction. As a pro writer, you are (now that you are reading from a pro blog), you should be able to know some of the catchy phrases to use in your intro

Beginning with such a quote as the one above in your essay on Romeo and Juliet’s essay would go a long way in creating interest in the reader. They will want to read the body to find out the context and implication of the said words. So, what’s the catch?

It is in how you bring out the themes in the body paragraphs. To help you out with topics, let us list some of them:

  • Love and destiny
  • The meaning of gender
  • Value and duality

They are the main emphasized by Shakespeare in this famous love story. A precise illustration of these themes following the guidelines below would make Shakespeare’s bones turn in excitement wherever they are. 

Guidelines to Follow

Carefully study and understand the relationship between the following aspects of the story:

  • Themes
  • Protagonists
  • Symbols
  • Setting
  • Style tone 
  • Antagonists

Knowledge of this would guarantee you a smooth ride in writing your Romeo and Juliet essay. Now, this is important.

Romeo and Juliet Essay Topics

The secret to finding a topic for such an essay is hidden in the grasp of the revolving themes. Here are some of them for your inspiration:

  1. What amuses you about Romeo and Juliet?
  2. Was Romeo and Juliet’s death a thing to be averted?
  3. Why has the novel won the hearts of many?
  4. Is the story a reflection of a typical love?
  5. What is the significance of the names Romeo and Juliet?
  6. What lessons can be derived from the story?
  7. Which is your most favorite quote, and why?
  8. How is destiny a significant part of this play?
  9. Could the story have been Shakespeare’s personal life experience?
  10. Queen Mab’s speech and its implication
  11. Is this story an explanation of “actions have consequences?”
  12. How has the writer brought out the theme of love in the story?
  13. What stylistic devices have been used, and why?
  14. Is this true about pure love or lust?
  15. Which characters led to Romeo and Juliet’s death, and why?
  16. Is this novel satirical?
  17. Is it true that the tragic ending of the play is seen from the onset?
  18. Who is your favorite character, and why?
  19. Explain the use of irony as brought out in Romeo and Juliet
  20. Is love at first sight real?

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