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Do you have an op ed essay task but no idea how to go about it? You are not alone because a lot of people get stuck even before starting. Whether the trouble is in picking good op ed essay ideas or do not understand the right format to use, we are here to help.

This post is a comprehensive guide on how to write an op ed essay. Keep reading to find out more about the best op ed essay format and useful writing tips. To cap it all, we have listed the best 60 op ed topics for essay.

Op-Ed Essay Definition

Before looking at how to write a good op ed essay, it is crucial to start by answering the question, “What is it?” Traditionally, it is an opinion piece, mainly used in print media, appearing opposite the editorial page (hence the name “op-ed). These are essays done by authors who are not affiliated with the publisher and are used to provide an opinion to provoke discussion and thought among the readers.

Op-ed essays are slightly longer than the common letter to the editor and have become very common in both print and digital media. Because they offer expert opinions, it is important to start by learning how they are done by reading other top op ed essay examples in specific areas. However, most people still find using op ed examples essay not be enough and opt to seek essay writing help.

How to Write a Good Op Ed Essay

When writing an op ed essay, perhaps the most important thing is getting the right topic because it shapes the opinion that you will work on. Try to dig deeper into the topic and answer the question, “What is the latest trend about it?”

Like a standard essay, it is crucial to start your work by developing a good essay structure. Here is the most preferred op ed essay format, but you can also develop a different one.

  1. A news hook.
  2. Thesis.
  3. Argument.
    • 1st point.
    • 2nd point.
    • 3rd point.
  4. Address counterarguments
  5. Op ed essay conclusion.

Op Ed Essay Example

This Op ed is based on the article “Trump, and Great Business Ideas for America”. This is an economic review posted by Shiller Robert in the New York Times. The article mainly discuss the ideas that the new president elect of the United States of America, Donald Trump has on the nation. In essence, the people are hopeful that he will transform the nation’s economy since is a leader who has been in business and management for various years. Economists consider that this is an experiment that will prove whether the skills and techniques of a manager can be vital in enhancing the economy of a nation. Therefore, because of his success in business the Americans are expected that the economy will substantially improve. For Donald Trump, it is vital to be keen on the steps that he will take since people are expecting too much from him especially regarding economy.

Classical School

School of thoughts plays a vital role in the today’s economy. In essence, there are several ways in which the school of thoughts is applied mainly to enhance and solve economic challenges. Therefore, it is imperative to inform the members of the public the need to apply economic school of thoughts to enhance the economy. One of the major commonly use economic school of thoughts is the classical tool. The classical school of thought is regarded as the first economic school of thought that was developed by a Scottish economist Adam Smith. Hunt asserts that the main argument of the school is that the best way to enhance economy is to leave the markets alone (2). In this case, it means that the government had a minimal role to play. This means that the classical economic thought advocated for a free market that involves minimal or no rules. Thus, regarding explaining the value of the classical school, the determining factors were cost of production and scarcity. Concerning macro economy, there are self-re adjustment terms that allow the economy to automatically return to full employment.

Neoclassical School of Economics

This is a school of thought that emerged mainly as an improvement of the classical theory of economics. The school is also currently referred to as the marginal revolution. However, as an advancement of the classical school the theory left various aspects. Some of the most common aspects that were dropped include the value theory and the distribution of wealth in the society. As a result, neoclassical approach focuses on the strategies that promote effective allocation of scarce resources in the various markets. In that connection, there is a great emphasis on how various participants in the market such as the customers and producers utilize the function of utility and production. To achieve success in such markets, they must consider factors such as budgets and constraints. This is the main reason the neoclassical theory introduced the mechanism of maximizing utility and it challenge of cost minimization.

In addition to the above, the neoclassical school of thought can be defined as the theory that emphasizes the efficacy of the products and how it affects the market in terms of supply and demand. In essence, it is clear that the markets are based on the customers due to their control of the market forces such as price and demand. This is mainly because the goal of the consumer is utility maximization whereas the role of the goal of the business is to enhance profits. In that connection, there is a great emphasis on how various participants in the market such as the customers and producers utilize the function of utility and production.

The Theorist That Supports the Human Behavior School of Thought

Landreth and Colander confirm that Elton Mayo is the theorist who best supports this school of thought. Various principles are emphasized by the school of thought (10). One of the most important policies is employee motivation. By accepting diversity, managers demonstrate his management skill of motivating the employees to enhance their performance. The second principle of behavioral school of thought is leadership. This can be explained by the fact that managers can enable to adapt to internal changes swiftly. As well, the other principle of the theory is employee development. The management styled established by managers should ensure that employee development supports the people-focused strategy.


In conclusion, it is elemental to note that the economic school of thoughts may vary in one way or another. However, all these schools of thoughts such as the classical thought and the behavioral schools should be employed to enhance economic growth and development. There are various assumptions that are made in the neoclassical school of thought. One of the major assumption is that the decisions that are made are usually rational due to the availability of completed information about the product and service. The second assumption is that customers compare the available products and services in the market with the primary objective of making effective deceived based on utility. The third and most crucial assumption of the neoclassical economic school is that the primary objective of business is to maximize on profit making. On the contrary, customer’s main objective is to have improved satisfaction while using the service or product. Therefore, as the new president elect of the United States of America takes office he must ensure that the right polices are implemented to enhance economy. Otherwise, improving US economy might be a great challenge to overcome.

Writing an Op Ed Essay: A Step-by-Step Guide

After developing the preferred structure for your essay, it is time to write a high-quality piece to impress readers. It might be a great idea to closely check another top op-ed essay example to learn how different components are put through.

  1. Develop a News Hook
  2. Because an op ed essay is designed for the media, it is crucial to target a trending topic in the local, national, or global headlines. The first few sentences should also grab the reader’s attention, making him/her want to read more. During the just-concluded presidential elections, some topics revolving around the violence on the capitol, the American voting system, and the policy shift between outgoing President Trump and incoming President Joe Biden, would have been excellent.

  3. Tune Your Op Ed Essay to Match the Targeted Audience
  4. If you read a high-rated op ed essay sample, one of the most notable things is the focus on a specific audience. For example, local print media might be targeted at providing insights on how wearing face masks affect the spread of COVID-19. So, it will be a great idea to try and understand the audience.

  5. Understand the Targeted Publication
  6. As we have mentioned, op ed essays are written pieces of opinion, but they must follow the rules and guidelines of the targeted media. This means that although you might have a lengthy piece, it has to be cut to size to fit the recommended number of words for the respective media. Other attributes include a sense of style, level, image size and font.

  7. Back-Up Your Arguments with Facts
  8. While it is true that you are writing a personal opinion, it is paramount to ensure it is based on facts. Once you bring out key arguments, try to incorporate data and statistics to reinforce them. Go ahead and use historical facts to bolster the case. Counterarguments can also help you to sound more professional and avoid bias.

  9. Use the Op Ed Essay Conclusion to Call Readers to Action
  10. After articulating all the points in your essay, you should not leave readers hanging. Well, if you were discussing a very serious issue, be it the COVID-19 vaccine or the danger of the latest video games, the conclusion should be used to call readers to action. For example, you can ask people to go and get the vaccine, select non-violent games, speak against school bullying, or other actions.

Top Op Ed Essay Writing Tips

The following op ed essay writing tips will come in handy to help you to stay focused, sharpen your skills, and craft top-notch work.

  • Try to make the op-ed essay as clear as possible. Even if you are working on a complex topic, it might be a good idea to ditch the complex words or explain them well when they appear in your essay.
  • Take your time practicing how to write a good op ed essay. Particularly, it can be a good idea to check another op ed essay sample done by a professional and try crafting a better piece.
  • Make sure to follow the guidelines for the essay you are writing strictly. These include the essay structure, number of words, style, font, and other formatting particulars.
  • Proofread your work well. Once you are through working on your essay, make sure to proofread it well and clear all sorts of errors. You might also want to seek the assistance of expert writers when proofreading the work.

Top 30 Op Ed Topics for Essay

Now that we have looked at what is an op ed essay and tips for making it outstanding, what are some of the best topics to consider? Check out our top 60 op ed essay topics and pick the preferred option. You can use op ed essay ideas as they are or tweak a little to suit your preference.

Interesting Op Ed Essay Ideas

There is nothing as enjoyable as writing a good op ed essay about a topic that you like. Here are some interesting op ed essay ideas to consider:

  1. Are professional athletes and actors paid too much for their work?
  2. Should we have a specific dress code for teachers in school?
  3. Nuclear weapons: Are they killing devices or global peacemakers?
  4. The bulk of high-level jobs are done by men. Should the government set a specific percentage of these jobs for women?
  5. What are the impacts of inaccurate sleep patterns?
  6. What factors contribute to the development of a good movie?
  7. Death penalty: Should it be abolished globally?
  8. What age should be considered appropriate for dating?
  9. Voting age: Should it be lowered to 11 years?

Top Op Ed essay ideas on Environment and Conservation

If you love the environment and conservation, here are some awesome op ed essay ideas.

  1. Use of animals in scientific research: Up to what extent is it acceptable?
  2. Zoos are often considered necessary, but they cannot be alternatives to natural environments.
  3. Are we doing enough to protect endangered animals?
  4. Is it impossible to address global warming?
  5. Facing the facts: Is it possible for the globe to entirely rely on green energy?
  6. Why do most governments hide their information on global warming?
  7. Are the benefits of electric cars worth the huge investments being directed into the industry?
  8. Explore the main arguments for or against keeping animals in zoos.
  9. What are the effects of whaling in the sea?
  10. Should we develop technology to bring back extinct animals, such as dinosaurs?

Education-Related Op-Ed Essay Topics

Education is one of the broad areas, meaning that identifying some good topics for your essay can be challenging. To help you out, here are some excellent topics suggestions.

  1. Should girls and boys be taught in separate classes?
  2. Imagine your geography teacher wants to take your class for a different subject and she is taking suggestions from students. What subjects should she pick? Write an essay supporting your decision.
  3. Has the modern generation become too dependent on computers?
  4. Should we replace all the textbooks with tablet computers?
  5. Should wealthy countries be compelled to share their wealth with poorer nations?
  6. Space exploration: Is it a worthy undertaking?
  7. Should we abolish all forms of punishment in schools?
  8. Using Homework in schools: Should it be abolished?
  9. College violence: Is it related to video games.
  10. Should students who are talented in sports go to school?
  11. Distance learning in modern education: Comparing the pros and cons.
  12. Students grading their teachers: Should it be allowed in schools?
  13. Should smartphones be allowed in elementary schools?
  14. If you had a chance to bring one person to a place that is so special, who would that be?

Culture Opinion Essay Opinion Essay Ideas

Here are some great cultural opinion essay topics to consider for your work.

  1. The bulk of 21st-century fashion can result in serious eating disorders.
  2. Music and generation gap.
  3. Should a tax be placed on all junk to address the problem of obesity?
  4. If we wake up and found that the world has no rules and government, what would it be like?
  5. Online video and music streaming: What are the associated pros and cons?
  6. Anti-war culture in the 21st century.
  7. Is fashion important?
  8. Should all companies screen their employees for mental disorders?
  9. Is the internet helping or destroying companies today?
  10. Online communications: A demonstration of how it affects physical relationships.

History Op Ed Essay Topics

Check out the leading op ed essay topics in history.

  1. Monarchy system in modern society: Does it have any benefits?
  2. The benefits of learning history
  3. Comparing Buddhism and Islam.
  4. Gender bias in the Roman Empire?
  5. Holocaust: How were the lessons learned used to shape modern-day Israel?
  6. Vietnam War: A closer look at the bias in media coverage.
  7. Slave Trade: Imagining a new world if the slave trade never took place.
  8. The distortion of Martin Luther King’s message today.
  9. Should the history of World War I and II be abolished to espouse a new globe?

Nursing and Psychology Op Ed Topics for Essay

If you are in nursing, medicine or psychology-related areas, here are some great easy ideas to consider:

  1. Why nurses and physicians should have very close cooperation.
  2. How effective is WHO in addressing global pandemics?
  3. Herbal practitioners and traditional medicine: Are they the same?
  4. Causes of racial bias in healthcare.
  5. Physical education and its role in reducing anxiety.
  6. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD): What are the best solutions?
  7. Nursing theorists: Are they relevant in nursing studies today?
  8. Legalization of cannabis use: Is it a good idea?

Time to Seek Writing Assistance

Now that we have provided a step-by-step guide to writing quality op ed essays, can you craft one? If it is still challenging, you need to keep trying, but how do you craft the op ed essay at hand? You should consider seeking essay writing help from experts.

Good custom essay firms work with professional writers in different areas and can craft some of the best pieces. Indeed, they are likely to have handled similar tasks before, and you can count on them for excellent essays. You will also love the fact that essay writing help is cheap, and your task can be completed very fast. With professionals, no writing task is too tough!

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