120 Extended Essay Topics To Boost Your Grades

Extended Essay Topics

An Extended Essay (EE) is a study of a focused topic that helps students to do independent research. To get an accurate extended essay topic, it is essential to research on the units already done in the course, research using scholarly e-resources, and consult the teacher.

The hardest task may be choosing the right subject to write your work. However, in this article, we will provide a variety of good extended essay topics.

Typically in an extended essay, you need to write 4000 words about your research topic and try as much as possible to narrow your thoughts. The topic should be based on the subject and something you are interested in.

What Are The IB Extended Essay Topics?

In an IB extended essay, you must include a title page, content page, introduction, body, conclusion, and references & bibliography. IB stands for International Baccalaureates. Hence, the IB extended essay is part of the curriculum of the IB Diploma program.

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History Extended Essay Topics

Finding a History Extended essay topic can take a bit of your time, Hence, here are some of the IB extended essay history topics that you can use. As long as you are familiar with your study, it will be easy to do it.

  1. The most ancient human settlements during the prehistoric period.

  2. Women’s suffrage during the twentieth century in the United States.

  3. 19th Century Feminist Movements worldwide.

  4. Evolution of Physics from ancient time to 21st century.

  5. Financial structure analysis in medieval Europe.

  6. The impact of industrialization on global warming.

  7. The history of visual art in Religions – Islam and Christianity.

  8. How to identify historical excavation sites?

  9. The effect of World War One on Russia in the 20th Century.

  10. The impact of economics in uniting Germany in the 17th century – 1834 – 1871.

  11. The defeat of Germany in World War II.

  12. The collapse of the Soviet Union Communism.

  13. An analysis of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini’s rise to power.

  14. How Europe prepared and went to war in 1939.

  15. Atlantic slavery’s impact on economic development in Europe and Britain.

  16. British capitalism and Caribbean slavery.

  17. The rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire and its economic impact.

  18. The development of medicine from prehistoric to the historical period.

  19. Explore and analyze the 1st and 2nd Sino-Japanese War in 1895 – 1945.

  20. How was the treaty of Versailles a cause of World War II?

Biology Extended Essay Topics

If you decide to choose a biology extended essay topic, you need to have a passion for living organism investigation. It entails researching living organisms and different phenomenon.

  1. Theories and evidence of a biological mechanism that increases allergic diseases globally.

  2. Tracking ancient human migration through genetic characterization of the population in different regions.

  3. An analysis of human phytogeography and diversity

  4. The effect of germination on the nutritional composition in brown rice.

  5. The health and nutritional benefits of antioxidants.

  6. Nutrition and newly emerging viral diseases.

  7. The importance of antioxidant and role in pharmaceutical science.

  8. Biological constituents of herbs, vegetables, and spices.

  9. The impact of age on the photoreceptor cells in the human retina.

  10. The influence of human genetics on our lifespan.

  11. Does biology have any potential solutions to eating disorders treatment?

  12. An in-depth look at the human brain and its development.

  13. The advances in modeling living organisms in silicon.

  14. The endosymbiosis theory on bacteria evolution.

  15. The use of viruses as biological weapons.

  16. The use of nanotechnology to fight bacteria-resistant antibiotics.

  17. The evolution of traditional medicine to the current medicine.

  18. Have scientists progressed in research to slow down aging?

  19. The use of 3D printing in treating heart-related issues.

  20. The importance and impact of rewriting human DNA.

Psychology Extended Essay Topics

Psychology is broad and you can never fall short of an extended essay you can write about. This is mainly in the day-to-day living of humans and the issues they encounter.

  1. How to succumb the antisocial personality disorder at a tender age.

  2. Reasons for eating disorders and apathy towards food in different age groups.

  3. The effect of violent video games on the brain development of children.

  4. The effect of a person’s attitude towards the perception.

  5. Prenatal development and how to handle it.

  6. The relationship between stress and physiological illness.

  7. The interventions in helping autistic children towards daily activities.

  8. Analysis of hypnosis as a treatment for pain relief.

  9. How can psychology be used to resolve conflict?

  10. Is cognitive development universal in all cultures in the world?

  11. Does genetics play a role in OCD?

  12. The impact of childhood attachment patterns in later interpersonal relationships.

  13. The methods used to treat borderline personality disorder.

  14. The major causes of apathy among young adults.

  15. Do short-term memory restrictions modify as people age?

  16. The impact of mental games on the development of cognitive skills.

  17. The major self-help therapies that use cognitive behavioral therapy.

  18. How implanting false memories and replying to them can cause instability of memories?

  19. The Impact of the social learning theory on prejudice development in children.

  20. The major factors that contribute to obesity in children.

English Extended Essay Topics

English has evolved over time and there a couple of languages that you can explore to understand their relationship with English.

  1. The influence of India on the English Language.

  2. Which are the English words adopted by other cultures during British colonialism?

  3. Explore and analyze neologism in modern English.

  4. Explore the semantic categories which borrowed Spanish words.

  5. Analyze Linguistic borrowing around the world.

  6. Explore the current trends in sociolinguistic Research.

  7. Spanish language maintenance and switch in the United States of America.

  8. Analyze bilingualism and language change

  9. Sociolinguistic variation and change.

  10. How did the French language become dominant in England?

  11. Evolution of Old English to Standard English.

  12. The difference between American English and British English.

  13. The impact globalization has on the development of the English language.

  14. The effects of Euphemism on the English language.

  15. Can post-war literature be considered modernism literature?

  16. How can American dreams be proven as complete failures as seen in novels and other literary texts?

  17. Compare and contrast Jane Austen Books.

  18. How are French women portrayed in Shakespear?

  19. Analyze the criticism of mental illness treatment in American literature.

  20. The importance of learning English Literature in the current world.

Math Extended Essay Topics

If you choose a mathematical extended essay topic, be ready to do some calculations, investigate some formulas, and use statistics.

  1. Explore the alternatives to Euclidean geometry and its importance in today’s world.

  2. How can complex number problem-solving help in real-life dilemmas

  3. Is there a correlation between the uses of electronic payment services to user’s professions?

  4. What is the effectiveness of literacy programs towards reading skills (in a certain grade)?

  5. Explore the binomial theorem and its contribution to humanity.

  6. Explore the relationship between the Fibonacci sequence and Pascal’s Triangle.

  7. What mathematical model can accurately determine cell population over time?

  8. Statistical analysis of factors causing major road accidents during holiday and festive season

  9. What is the validity of Archimedes’ calculations of circular and parabolic areas in today’s methods of integration?

  10. Examine Mathematics in RSA encryption today.

  11. Determine fractional number bases.

  12. Investigate how close the Taylor series approximation is to the original function.

  13. The impact of advertising on childhood obesity in terms of probability and statistics.

  14. The probability of another pandemic similar to the 1918 worldwide influenza outbreak.

  15. What is the importance of mathematics and geometry to sailors in the sea when they relied on the stars?

  16. Does reaching equilibrium in a construction site affect the movement of workers?

  17. How are matrices in maths used in day to day life of humans?

  18. Investigate Sophie Germain’s Theorem in mathematics

  19. Analyze Calculus as discovered by Leibniz and Newton independently.

  20. A statistical investigation on the impact of background music on short-term memory of students.

Physics Extended Essay Topics

It is amazing how physics has evolved with all the amazing structures that use the phenomenon to work.

  1. Investigate the factors that affect the stability of a wheel in different weather conditions.

  2. Illustrate how sugar concentration affects how refractive the index of water can be?

  3. What is the effect of the change in gliding speed in a change in glide ratio?

  4. Evaluate the glide performance and aerodynamics of non-equilibrium glides in flying squirrels.

  5. Analyze the three-dimensional launch kinematics in leaping, parachuting, and gliding flying squirrels.

  6. Determine the empirical estimates of a body drag of a large waterfowl and raptor.

  7. Estimate the velocities and accelerations of animal locomotion using numerical differentiation algorithms.

  8. Evaluate the morphological performance attributes of gliding mammals.

  9. Explore and analyze the Oberth effects in astronautic studies.

  10. Evaluate the rocket propulsion, classical relativity, and Oberth’s effect on space.

  11. Examine mechanical energy change in inertial reference frames

  12. Perform valid calculations of the age of the universe using Hubble’s law.

  13. Determine how to tell time and the age of the universe using Hubble law.

  14. What is the optimum position of street lighting in a linear model?

  15. Determine the science of cycling in terms of great performance.

  16. Investigate the cycle kinematics and brake system in the real world.

  17. How does the silicon structure make an effective solar cell?

  18. A 3D kinematic analysis of gliding in a flying snake.

  19. Discuss the Galilean relativity and work kinetic energy theorem in real-life applications.

  20. What are the best temperature-dependent batter models for AA batteries?

Get Help With Your IB Extended Essay

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Choose an IB advisor that is familiar with the subject’s topic. In addition, make the extended essay flow well with a clear structure.

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