How To Write The Best Internship Essay? We’ve Got The Answer!

internship essay

You are probably here for two reasons: you are applying for an internship or have just finished one recently. I wouldn’t want to ignore those who are here on curiosity purposes, don’t you worry, and we don’t have any cats here.

Now, an intern essay is inarguably one of the most seriously taken papers by students. The reason is that it determines the career of this particular individual. Who wants to attend an internship for a full year only to fail because of an essay? My grandmother wouldn’t!

Stay with me now as we explore how to write an internship essay that will leave your professor worried about his job!

Let us first start with those who have completed their internship; I am in no way implying that they are ladies, just because they came first.

How to Write an Internship Experience Essay

Salute to you for completing your internship. Despite all the hardships you endured and made it to the end. However, there is one more hurdle left for you to jump.

Your professor now needs you to write a top-notch internship experience essay to award you tip-top grades. Read on to find out some little dirty secrets that your professor won’t tell you.

Top Points for an Internship Report

From various top-rated internship essay examples, the following points stand out:

  • The name of the organization
  • Duties and responsibilities assigned to you
  • Challenges encountered in the course of the internship
  • The general feeling towards the internship period
  • Personal merit of your performance
  • List of your achievements during the internship

Nothing complicated, just as easy and straightforward as when Messi is scoring a goal.

Internship Essay Example

The following brief sample should act as an inspiration to help you get started:

“As a medical student at Harvard University, I engaged in a six-month internship program at New York Hospital.

I was at the Children’s department, and I worked with top paediatricians not only in the hospital but also in the country at large.

At the children’s department, I primarily administered oral vaccines and dealt with mild children illnesses at the hospital. I was also engaged in providing robust and working solutions to various children related problems.

Generally, I would describe my experience as positive. The numerous interactions with the children made me discover new things about a paediatrician’s job.

Working with some hospital equipment was also a challenge considering that most of them were not there during class sessions.

I was able to administer more than 400 oral vaccines successfully to infants.

Furthermore, I managed to achieve all the goals set for me at the start of my internship. Attached are the reports of the various vaccines administered.”

How to Write an Application for Internship Essay

You also deserve a round of applause for having come this far. Follow the expert steps below to writing a superb internship application essay:

What Should you Include?

  • Personal information related to the position
  • Education background
  • Experiences
  • Future goals
  • Unique capabilities that make you the best choice

Further to that, it would help if you considered the following questions in your essay:

  • What do you hope to gain from this internship?
  • Why do I want this internship?
  • How will this internship benefit you?

All these combined will guarantee you a position in whichever organization of your choice.

Internship Essay Sample

I now write to apply for the digital manager internship opportunity at your company, Global DigiMarketers advertised in one of the New York Times newspaper today.

I am a third-year student at Havard University, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Media and Communications. My speciality is digital media.

In my professional path, I create impressive product ads, write compelling website content, and manage social media sites. Merging my existing knowledge with this internship would be a great learning experience for me.

I aim at becoming a professional digital marketer who can provide working solutions to companies in this digital age. The internship would be a step closer to this goal.

I have a dominant online presence of more than 200k followers on Twitter and 205 subscribers on Youtube. I believe that these achievements make me a suitable candidate for this post.

If you feel stuck, don’t worry! Our pool of expert writers is on standby to offer you writing assistance and a free internship experience essay example for you!

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