Writing A Great Observation Essay: Tips And Topics

Observation Essay

Now, knowledge is the acquisition of skills and information either through learning or experience. For you to be able to achieve this, you need to listen and observe, of course, in the right manner.

That brings us to our subject of discussion.

What is Observation Essay Writing?

It is a way of directly digging into issues in the form of writing by observing and microscopically evaluating the state of the person, concept, or event. I hope that did not sound like a detective class.

We see, therefore, that an observation paper is not the everyday homework essay that you take 30 minutes to finish. No! It is one that sifts between the writing alpha geeks and those who write for the sake of it.

For you to achieve this, you need to make good use of all your five senses. I m reminded that there is also a sixth sense, but for now, let’s tell ourselves of the five. They are the sense of sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch. All these five blended meticulously will enable you to jot down an award-winning observation report.

Here is the jackpot now.

20 Catchy Observation Essay Topics

As we discussed hitherto, the topic plays a critical role in your observation essay. The vocabulary and structure of the problem areas are as essential as the content.

So let’s get down to them right away:

  1. The best books to read in 2023.
  2. How do you choose friends in college?
  3. Here are the benefits of an everyday morning jog.
  4. Has social media brought people together or separated them?
  5. What defines true beauty?
  6. The latest shopping mall downtown.
  7. Here is a way of earning an extra coin.
  8. What are the effects of partying on academic progress?
  9. What is the essence of holidays to students?
  10. Does freelancing pay?
  11. What has the world done to the ozone layer?
  12. Does environmental conservation still matter?
  13. I am conserving rare species of flora and fauna.
  14. I am planning for the best birthday party.
  15. What is true love?
  16. Animation movies best for kids.
  17. What factors undermine peace in society?
  18. I am defining the two personalities, introverts, and extroverts.
  19. Is working smart the same as working hard? Differences explained.
  20. How has religion contributed to morals in society?

Stay with me as we unveil the next important part of this topic.

Essential Guidelines for Writing an Observation Essay

It is always prudent to have a yardstick when writing to ensure that you don’t stretch out to your neighbor’s field. Well, you don’t want to have a case at the attorney’s office for not following the rules, do you?

Here is what you should do:

1. Carefully Select a Topic

You do not just play some pinky ponky game and land on a topic. Not at all. Use your personal experiences to land on a subject that you can precisely and authoritatively narrate to the world.

It gives you the confidence to pen down your experiences without any iota of doubt since you have the first witness account of the incident.

And not forgetting.

2. Having an Outline

Let’s pose for a while and deal with some basic biology. The flesh on the human body rests on a structure referred to as the skeleton. It is to mean that we ought to have a structure for the meat of our essay to also have a definite shape as we do.

We should, therefore, dive into this structure and see the nitty-gritty of this observation paper.

Off we go.

Observation Essay Outline

Observational writing follows a strict outline with critical nuts and bolts that are inevitable. In this part, we are going to see how to structure your observation paper.


It is the part where you give appetite to your readers for them to start salivating for the course meal. The observation essay thesis falls here to act as a basis of what you are going to discuss in the rest of the paper.

The introduction should be catchy enough to keep the reader’s eyes glued to your article to the end.

The Body

It follows the structure of any other typical essay. However, you should have a body with three paragraphs having the supporting evidence. Arrange your details in a manner that will culminate in the intended picture you desired to create at first.


Ensure that you conclude in the simplest terms possible without adding any new information to that which s stated already. You can emphasize a point by restating the thesis statement and finally concluding with a call to action. It may be in the form of a famous quote related to your essay or a rhetorical question.

The Bibliography

Most people forget this section despite its significance in this type of essay. The bibliography is where you give all the references and sources where you cited your work.

Let the reader picture himself or herself in the state through your words. Ensure that you also remain objective to prevent biases.

Why don’t you pick one topic and write a thrilling essay on the same? Trust me; you will want to write on all the 20 issues.

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