133 Top-Notch TOEFL Essay Topics For Tip-Top Scores

toefl essay topics

What is a TOEFL assignment? Are you curious to know what a TOEFL topic entails? Well, me too! TOEFL is an abbreviation for Test of English as a Foreign Language. It is an assessment that gauges your ability in English – both speaking and understanding the language. The test involves reading, speaking, listening, and writing in English.

How To Write TOEFL Assignments

Students need these skills to proceed in their chosen course in a particular country where English is the curriculum’s primary language. It is primarily an online-based test though at times it may be paper-based. Expert writers are necessary for students who want to score highly in such papers.

The candidates for a TOEFL test include:

  • Students planning to study overseas
  • Scholarship candidates
  • Workers applying for visas
  • Learners tracking their progress in English

That is why custom essay writing assistance for TOEFL tests is essential. To start you off, we have a list of professional TOEFL titles in store for you.

TOEFL Writing Topics For Discussion

  1. Explain a particular problem facing campus students
  2. Discuss ways of solving conflicts between rival groups amicably
  3. Recommended solutions for exam cheating among high school and university students
  4. What are the qualities of the best teacher that students look at in high school?
  5. Describe one of your favorite holidays during the summer
  6. What places offer the perfect vacations and why?
  7. Describe your ideal career and the unique aspects that appeal to you specifically
  8. What are some of the enjoyable activities you would do with your friends?
  9. Should students attend gym classes to improve their health and fitness?
  10. Is traveling with other people the best option for long trips?
  11. Why would you prefer living in an urban area over a rural area?

The Best TOEFL Writing Prompts

  1. Is it advisable for one to start saving while in high school or college?
  2. Why should one consider the climate of a particular country before applying for a scholarship?
  3. Should students spend more time in science and math classes?
  4. Are humanities and social sciences for lazy students?
  5. Give reasons why you believe that a particular university is better than the others.
  6. Are professor preferences and changing academic schedules suitable for a college?
  7. Should schools hold more classes on Friday?
  8. What is the best maximum time for learning and why?
  9. Do shorter classes make it easier for a student to understand?
  10. Should students in college do part-time jobs?
  11. Should schools focus more on grades than individual abilities?

Quality TOEFL Essay Topic Ideas

  1. Does the use of the internet make students lazy?
  2. Do awards and trips make students perform better in school?
  3. Use specific examples to support the claim that students should not do homework.
  4. Is online learning effective?
  5. Have people in today’s World become more dependent on the internet?
  6. Are video games strongly influencing the behavior of children?
  7. Does communication on social media equal that of physical interaction?
  8. Do students succeed entirely because of hard work?
  9. Does the gender of a professor determine the performance of students?
  10. Does the attitude of students contribute to their failure?
  11. Should teachers punish students found bullying others?

Easy TOEFL Topics

  1. Does living in the countryside guarantee a healthy life?
  2. Will automated cars cause more minor accidents than human-driven cars?
  3. Does being born in a wealthy family guarantee a prosperous life?
  4. Do students spend more time on personal enjoyment than their studies?
  5. Should parents determine the behavior of their children?
  6. Do numerous duties and obligations keep teenagers from involving in crime?
  7. Does using a computer often affect one’s eyes?
  8. Should professors supervise students during exams?
  9. Has coronavirus brought many families together?
  10. Should the World celebrate World Environmental day?
  11. Should people commemorate the dead annually?

Controversial TOEFL Essay Topics

  1. Should schools use corporal punishment to tame gross misconduct?
  2. Do you agree/disagree that male doctors should attend to female patients?
  3. How often should one propose to a lady?
  4. Should girlfriends also propose?
  5. Does regular monitoring prevent children from visiting pornographic sites?
  6. Do you agree/disagree that people should choose when to die?
  7. Should people conduct plastic surgery as they will?
  8. Do you agree that religious institutions have a role in the morals of society?
  9. Should college students use the help of online writing assistants?
  10. What amounts to plagiarism in a particular paper?
  11. Should families use contraceptives as a family planning option?

Sample College TOEFL Essay Prompts

  1. Do you agree or disagree that teachers are the best parents?
  2. Our personal experiences better than the lessons taught in class?
  3. Should students use more online sources in the thesis papers?
  4. Do you agree that research papers and dissertations only stress students?
  5. Give your take on the election of Vice President Kamala Harris
  6. Should websites automatically take your personal information?
  7. Should parents determine the desirable characteristics of their children?
  8. Does learning in a prestigious college guarantee a lucrative job?
  9. Do you agree that quiet people are the best?
  10. What are the best qualities that neighbors should portray?
  11. Does scoring highly in a test mean that you understood the concept?

Sample TOEFL Independent Writing Topics

  1. Is seeking advice from a friend the best option when you mess up?
  2. Does the internet offer the best solutions to any problem?
  3. Does meditation and Yoga help to relieve one of stress and depression?
  4. Should students memorize concepts?
  5. Why counselors should meet with their clients, face to face
  6. Is the 5G technology a good thing?
  7. Do students only attend college or university for career preparation?
  8. Does taking a vacation help one to relax?
  9. Is watching a movie the best thing to do on the weekend?
  10. What do you think satisfies people the most?
  11. Should everyone have a smartphone in the 21st century?

Example TOEFL IBT Writing Topics

  1. Is Shakespeare the most excellent writer of all time?
  2. Does Leonardo Da Vinci bring reality into his paintings?
  3. Does a particular poem appeal to emotion and feelings?
  4. How does Middle Age art differ from that of the renaissance period?
  5. What is your opinion on mixed-gender learning in high school?
  6. Explain the process of analyzing the structure and plot of a poem
  7. Explain the styles used by Greek philosophers in their writings
  8. Does cramming help in understanding concepts better in college?
  9. Express your opinion on the ongoing coronavirus prevention measures
  10. State and explain reasons why you think online tests are not effective
  11. Why do you like morning classes over evening ones?

Interesting TOEFL Writing Questions

  1. Should students ask questions during a lecture?
  2. Does social media help people acquire new knowledge faster than broadcast media?
  3. Does the use of learning aids such as simulations affect the understanding of a concept?
  4. Has technology made society less or more productive?
  5. How long should college and university vacations take?
  6. Should scholarships be for all regardless of their academic performance?
  7. How long should a student stay in school?
  8. Should schools provide free Wi-Fi access to students?
  9. Who should regulate school fees in private institutions?
  10. Should one spoil himself once in a while?
  11. Do you agree that air transport is safer than the road?

Top TOEFL Essay Questions For Practice

  1. What are the best characteristics of a good university?
  2. Why should students not carry their pets to school?
  3. What makes an ideal career for students in developing nations?
  4. What activities should schools do in the morning?
  5. How often should one check his mailbox?
  6. Does interest matter when applying for a scholarship?
  7. How many scholarship applications should one send?
  8. What is the best part-time job for a college student?
  9. Does the kind of browser matter during an online test?
  10. What is your favorite Major?
  11. Does race matter during scholarship applications?

Writing Topics For TOEFL Assignments

  1. Does experience matter during promotions?
  2. Does one need to change eating habits?
  3. Good personality traits for workmates
  4. Does everyone has the ability to make others laugh?
  5. Most essential values of a student
  6. Are frequent class discussions recommended?
  7. Do you prefer classes with many lectures?
  8. Should the government fund scholarship programs more?
  9. Should colleges invest in artistic programs?
  10. How should you spend your first income?
  11. Should you live in a small or big town?
  12. Should students do homework alone?

Excellent TOEFL Essay Writing Topics

  1. Do students learn more in group discussions?
  2. Should universities change funding priorities?
  3. Is athletics necessary in college?
  4. Do shopping areas matter?
  5. Do most students graduate?
  6. Does a Pass score matter today?
  7. Is learning from peers recommended?
  8. Should one consult before making an important decision?
  9. Usefulness of laptops
  10. Causes of forest fires
  11. Effectiveness of online encyclopedia

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