How To Top in a Stanford Roommate Essay (With Example)

stanford roommate essay

The Stanford letter to roommate is one of three supplemental essays required to apply. It allows you to write a note to your future roommate. We can all attest to how difficult such a task may seem. Imagine writing to someone you have never met – where do you even start?

Unlike other college essays, which require you to discuss contemporary issues, this one presents to you a chance to describe yourself to your future college roommate. Well, I know some can fill booklets when asked to write about themselves while others can only go as far as writing their name and stopping there.

Either case, this Stanford letter to roommate essay writing guide is for you.

Key Points on a Roommate Essay Stanford

Besides excellent academics and performance in extracurricular activities, a letter to roommate brings out the personal qualities that the student is bringing to school. It shows their contribution to student life and how they will fit in.

There are vital considerations that will get your Stanford roommate essay accepted. These include:

  • Tone and language

For Pete’s sake, this is a letter to a roommate, not a university vice-chancellor! Therefore, you should use fun and casual tone in writing this essay. Don’t scare your future roommate away with an official, stern, and unwelcoming tone.

  • Be yourself

When you want to write a note to your future roommate, do not force or make up any character that is not yours. Ensure that you use your voice in your writing and let the result reflect who you are, and write in a natural style.

  • Do not be ‘selfish’ in your letter.

By this, I mean that you should not only write about what kind of roommate you are going to be. Describing everything about you may stir up some sense of egoism. Ensure that your letter shows your contribution to the community or social life in general.

Stanford essays that worked followed the guidelines stated above. You can look up Stanford roommate essay examples available online to familiarize yourself with these three concepts better. If that’s not enough, you can seek professional writing help and get your paper done in a split of a second.

Stanford Letter to Roommate Example

Dear Future Roommate,

I am excited to tell you about myself already. I have a high affinity for friends, and that’s why I can’t wait to see you so that I can also know you in person. My friends here call me ‘skinny,’ not because I am skinny – I am huge! An elephant is my sister for that case. Don’t mind my body size; we can comfortably share a bed for your information. They call me skinny because I love using the word skinny in almost every sentence that I make – you’d have noticed that already. There’s more behind ‘Skinny’ that I am sure you’ll be thrilled to know.

My passion for journalism has aroused a curious person in me. I will inquire almost about everything – even why you are reading this letter in the first place, yet you do not know me. I am kidding. I am an outgoing person with a great love for friends. I feel like greeting everyone I meet along the streets. And just before I forget, my greetings are endless. I can say hi to you as many times as possible. But don’t worry, I am not that noisy as a parrot.

Talk about food, and you’ve touched the nerve-center of my heart. The kitchen is one place I hold so dear to my heart. I am carrying along my kitchen apron and cap. If you want to know about any recipe, ‘Skinny’ has got you covered! I may not know about all the cuisines but trust me, I can juggle my way around them all and present some mouthwatering meal to anyone. My fingers are itching to tell you about my appetite for sushi but let me hold that for now.

I look forward to learning about you, too, roommate!



From the sample above, we can deduce how to structure a Stanford roommate essay and get it accepted.

How To Write Stanford Roommate Essay

  • Paragraph 1

Magdalene begins her letter with a bait that will hook the roommate to her as soon as possible. By introducing herself as ‘Skinny,’ she is already creating a rapport with the roommate. It’s not difficult for one to miss out that she is an amusing person with a deep sense of humor – the elephant is my sister. The last line of the first paragraph excites the person reading it to find out more about this ‘Skinny’ who is the opposite of her nickname.

  • Paragraph 2

Here, Magdalene sneaks into what she loves doing and her character. She merges her academic field (journalism in this case) with her general nature. One can deduce that her passion for journalism and her everyday life are related. Instead of sounding too official, she brings it out in a light and humorous way.

  • Paragraph 3

She now talks about her hobbies in this paragraph. Her roommate will know from this that Magdalene is a foodie and a master chef in the kitchen. From this, the roommate can be able to relate her hobbies to those of Magdalene.

  • Paragraph 4

She closes her letter by showing interest in getting to know her roommate too. You can see that she is calling her ‘roommate’ already.

Looking at the many ‘dear future roommate’ college essay examples gives you a more in-depth insight into what is expected of you. Nonetheless, you can use an essay writing service with the best essay writers and get a top-notch letter ASAP!

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