How To Write A Counter Argument Properly?

how to write counter argument

How to write a counter argument is a bit tricky question as it is a viewpoint that opposes your main argument. In fact the English Cambridge dictionary gives the counter argument definition as an argument against another argument. The counter argument meaning is to understand your own argument better. This type of essay will allow you to think about the problem as a whole rather than just your idea of it.

Counter argument words go against your thesis, but while it may seem that acknowledging your opponent’s argument would undermine your own argument, these counter-arguments can actually fortify your strength of view if done the right way. How to start counter argument requires you to know your topic well so that you can look at both sides of the issue.

Your topic might be dogs, and an example of this might be you arguing that dogs make better pets than cats. This is because they show their feelings more. You argue that cats make better pets because they’re more able to care for themselves. Your take is a counterargument to the fact that dogs make better pets.

What Is A Counter-Argument?

When you’ve got an argument like the one described above, you can make your argument stronger by showing that you respect the other person’s point of view, and that you have actually thought about their argument before coming to your position. You understand the reasons why someone might disagree with you.

Other typical counter argument examples might be making the case that cell phones allowed at school are disruptive. This is because students are responding to the cell phone’s constant rings and messages.

A counter statement might be that cell phones in classrooms can actually be beneficial because then students have instant access to research. This is particularly true in a school where there may not be enough money to buy computers for the students.

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They will also show you how to start a counter argument sentence, and the counter argument essay examples will tell you everything you need to know. They’ll explain what’s a counter argument, what counter argument sentence starters to use and also how to prepare a counter argument paragraph outline.

The Counter Argument Paragraph

When writing your counterargument paragraph, how to write counter argument will require you responding to your other position and identifying the opposing argument. You’ll be responding to it by giving the reasons the argument is weak and providing examples to show why the opposing argument is unsound. You can then state your own argument and why it is stronger than the counterargument.

Your counter statement can appear anywhere in your essay, but a counter-argument essay example will show you that it commonly appears as part of your introduction — before proposing your thesis.

A counter-argument is essentially an argument that is opposed to your thesis, expressing the view of a person who disagrees with your position. A counter argument synonym might be a rebuttal, counter-attack, disclaimer or counter statement.

There are plenty of counter argument transitions in these essays too – counter argument transition words or phrases that link ideas. These words can be used to show two things are similar to each other, so when you’re adding information you might want to use the following transition words among others:

  • not to mention
  • also
  • likewise
  • by the same token
  • not only
  • then again

How To Start A Counter Argument

How you start a counter argument will depend on your subject, but in your first sentence you could state the topic you are discussing. For instance, pit bulls are a controversial topic and your argument could be that pit bulls are safe dogs to keep when brought up properly.

The counter argument will be based on stats that prove that they’re aggressive dogs, and your rebuttal would then be that such aggressive behavior from these dogs comes from aggressive dog owners who raise their dogs the wrong way.

Your counter argument will alert the reader that the paper will express a view different from the thesis. The purpose of the paper, together with the counter-argument, is to support the thesis.

How to introduce a counter argument? This should be done in a way that your reader knows that the view you want to convey isn’t one that you’re 100% in agreement with. Simple ways are to start a sentence with are ‘however’ or ‘but’.

You can use the following counter argument starters in your essay to incorporate rebuttals in your writing:

  • Even though
  • In spite of the fact that..
  • A possible concern is ..
  • That is a concern, however…

With an argumentative paper, including a counterargument paragraph shows that you understand that other positions exist. With a persuasive essay you provide a view on your topic and the idea is to persuade your reader to your way of thinking.

By providing counter arguments, you show the professor that you have also considered the flaws in your pro-arguments. With a counter argument example you will see that the first few lines describe your purpose of your persuasive essay – your thesis statement. Once the general idea of the introduction is written down, you move to the body and related counter arguments. With persuasive writing you have to know how to write a counter argument.

A student may well believe that a counterargument would weaken their argument as they’re giving the other side some ammunition, but a counterargument does the opposite and strengthens your argument, showing you’ve done research and have grasped both sides of the argument.

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