How To Title An Essay And Grab Reader’s Attention

how to title an essay

Should an essay have a title? Of course! An essay title of your paper speaks volumes about its content. How you create an essay title is an important factor in determining the marks you will get. This is because the essay title must impress the reader, in this case, your teacher. If the title is catchy and interesting, the reader will be persuaded to read your entire paper. This is the reason why you must be careful with the words selected for the title. And, it is not just in the title; the words you use in the entire essay should be carefully thought about to get more marks.

Selecting a title helps to create curiosity in your work. As readers dig into the rest of your paper, it becomes a perfect opportunity to showcase personal writing skills and penchant for details. This is how to rake more marks and stand out from others. In freelance writing, the title you pick is also very important because it determines the click-through rates for your posts. So here are some ways to determine what a good title for essay can be.

Demystifying The Qualities Of Great Essay Titles

How to come up with an essay title? Before we demonstrate how to title a paper, it is important to understand how they should look like. You shouldn’t just come up with any essay title but think about how to think of a good essay title. What are the qualities of a great essay title?

  • Catchy. When you craft an essay title, always ask the question, “Is it catchy?” Many people will want to read articles with an attractive headline. If it is boring, most of them will not bother to read even the first sentence.
  • Easy to read. One thing you must appreciate is that people like pretty straightforward things. Even your teacher will not be impressed if you select complex titles. Therefore, make sure to avoid complex jargon and uncommon fonts in the title.
  • Stick to Active Voice: If you include verbs in the title, try to avoid passive voice as much as possible. Instead, ensure to strike an active voice. For example, instead of “Is Poor Performance of Students Caused by Video Gaming?” you should consider using “How Does Video Gaming Affect Students’ Performance?”
  • Make the title of the essay believable. While the title needs to be catchy, you should not present lies. In freelance writing, this will result in high bounce rates. In academic papers, you can lose a lot of marks when the teacher realizes that you presented falsehoods.
  • Make the title short and concise. If the title of your essay is long, it can get really confusing and make readers doubt your writing skills. Besides, you should be as accurate as possible. Simply tell readers what they are going to encounter in the essay.

Important Components To Include In Essay Titles

Just like you need a good formula for crafting a great essay, writing a good essay title also has a formula. To make a great title, you should include the following components:

  • The main keywords of your topic. These keywords help to explore the key components of your essay.
  • An impressive hook. This is meant to make the title attractive.
  • Focused keywords. These work with the topic keywords to help provide more details about the paper without making it unnecessarily long.

How To Write A Title For An Essay

How to properly title an essay? If you are finding crafting a good title for essay complex, there is no need to feel bad because you are not alone. Most students and even pro writers have the same experience when trying to craft headlines for their papers. The most important thing is to understand the following process and to follow it meticulously to come up with a good title for your essay.

  • Consider writing the essay first, and working on the title last
    When writing an essay, most people are tempted to start with the title. After all, it appears the most logical thing to do. But you will find using the opposite approach better, starting with the essay and finishing with the title. By working on the paper first, you will have a great idea of the words to use in the title to grasp the readers’ attention.
  • Use your thesis to inform the title
    The title of your essay is supposed to demonstrate to readers why they should continue reading your work. So, one of the best places to draw this notion is the thesis of your essay. Consider including a section of the thesis on your title or using it to craft the title.
  • Consider popular phrases that can be reworked on
    To make your title catchy and interesting, you could also consider using popular phrases. Besides, you can adopt clichés and tweak them to adapt to your topic. When working on how to make a title for an essay with a popular phrase, you should be creative. Make sure also to check other top research titles in the same subject.
  • Make sure to strike the right tone
    The tone of your essay title is crucial to strike the emotions of the reader. If you are working on a paper such as a personal statement, consider going for anecdotes and witty tone. However, you should avoid this when working on a serious topic.
  • Sum up your essay in just three-five words
    This is one of the common methods of crafting a good essay title. It ensures that you tell the reader about the content of the essay with precision.

35 Impressive Essay Title Examples

If you are still finding how to come up with a title for an essay difficult, we are going to provide you with some great examples that you can adopt for your completely non plagiarized essays. Finding a essay title example that is satisfactory might be difficult, but here are some great one. Go ahead and adopt the one you want or tweak it to reflect what you want to present.

Argumentative Essay Title Examples

  1. Should the death penalty be abolished?
  2. Humans are the main cause of climate change.
  3. Is the current generation too dependent on computers?
  4. Should we ban cigarette smoking?
  5. Are computer games dangerous to students?
  6. Is the current tax system fair to the people?
  7. Should we have a law requiring everyone to recycle waste?
  8. Should prisoners be allowed to vote?
  9. The government has a responsibility to fight diabetes.
  10. The easiest language to learn is Spanish.
  11. Does alcohol destroy the liver?
  12. Demonstrating why steroids are bad to the human body.

Great Essay Titles For Persuasive Essays

  1. What are the negative implications of fast foods?
  2. The government should control the sale and use of alcohol.
  3. Every country should activate the death penalty.
  4. What are the pros and cons of globalization?
  5. The beautiful boreal forests of Canada.
  6. IUCN has failed in its effort to protect the extinction of species.
  7. The US is faced with major threats from climate change.
  8. What are the pros and cons of the Monarchy system?
  9. Technology makes people feel alone.
  10. Social media platform owners should filter and block offending content.
  11. Evaluating the pros and cons of alternative medicine.
  12. Why abortion should be made illegal.
  13. Is homework beneficial or harmful?
  14. Demonstrating why euthanasia should be illegal.

Catchy Titles For Essay

  1. Is technology limiting people’s creativity today?
  2. Does music pay?
  3. Is modern music too explicit for young people?
  4. Is it okay for older women to date younger men?
  5. Is online dating safe?
  6. Is the society becoming overregulated?
  7. Same-sex marriage should be banned.
  8. The US has a responsibility to prevent a Third World War.
  9. Why should we ban energy drinks?

Struggling To Come Up With Essay Title?

To craft a great essay, you need to go beyond providing impressive arguments; a good title is also crucial. Although most students find it an uphill task, you can still craft good titles for essays using the guide we have provided here. Use it to save time and avoid frustrations when working on your assignments, or apply for a professional writing help.

Hopefully you now know how to create a good title for an essay. If not, and the thought “what should I title my essay?” is only the top of a heap of tasks and writing you still have to do, then don’t be hesitant to get in touch with our essay service. You can now buy college essays in an instant. Get in touch right now to get help from professional writers that will submit the perfect essay.

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