190 Top-Notch Philosophy Essay Topics For All

philosophy Topics

Philosophy is a vast academic field that tackles every aspect of human life. Contrary to how most college and university students believe, philosophy essays are not walking in the park. Like writing essays in technical fields, philosophy papers demand a little critical analysis alongside extensive reading and massive research. There is a broad spectrum of philosophy topics you can choose to handle.

Nonetheless, it is hard to come by a case that compliments your interest besides being easy to write about in college. We have compiled exceptional philosophy essay topics that will quickly get you to the top of your class. Check them out below.

Interesting Philosophy Topics

  1. Examine the freedom teenagers should have
  2. Explain why success is so vital to people’s lives
  3. Evaluate whether people can free themselves from all material thoughts
  4. Discuss whether coma patients should be on life support
  5. Examine the importance of preserving cultural heritage
  6. What is the link between genetics and human personalities?
  7. Evaluate whether there will be an end to technological progress
  8. Examine whether democracy is an effective way of government
  9. Explain if it is possible to bridge the gap between the poor and the rich in society
  10. Elaborate how the development of AI will affect the world
  11. What is the association between beauty and morality in today’s world
  12. Determine if thoughts can exist without language
  13. Investigate if it is possible to find all questions about the universe
  14. Explain the role of religion in the modern world

Top Topics In Philosophy

  1. Outline the constituents of a good life
  2. Elaborate the likely ethical questions regarding postmortem autopsies
  3. Point out the difference between unethical and ethical marketing
  4. Discuss the role of ethics in higher education
  5. Examine conscience and its key features
  6. What are the issues and principles of ethics in psychotherapy?
  7. Discuss the difference between hedonism and utilitarianism
  8. What are the possible moral barriers if parent-child relationships
  9. Explain the definition and problems related to informed consent
  10. Examine whether humans and animals should have the same rights
  11. Discuss the significant moral advantages and disadvantages of human enhancements

Great Philosophy Essay Topics

  1. Elaborate the link between moral agency and neutrality in ethics of technology
  2. Explain the link between ethics and aesthetics in axiology
  3. Outline the main issues associated with manifest destiny
  4. What are the central moral issues related to euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide
  5. Investigate the concept of responsibility and freedom as it relates to metaethics
  6. Explain the distinctive critical attributes of morality
  7. Take a look at the specifics of feminist ethics
  8. Discuss the ethics of religious beliefs as it relates to Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity
  9. Elaborate the critical challenges related to deontological ethics
  10. Define virtue ethics and highlight its key concepts
  11. Define utilitarian ethics and explain its fundamental principles

Top-Grade Philosophy Thesis Topics

  1. Explain the role of classical pragmatism in the development of feminist theories
  2. Highlight the main features of empiricism
  3. Point out the influence of Russian cosmism on space exploration
  4. Explain the prominent contributions of Edmund Husserl’s to the field of phenomenology
  5. Define the concept of the Other and elaborate how it is in film, psychology, and philosophy
  6. Discuss the influence of globalization and war on the late 20th-century anarchism
  7. Examine critical figures associated with existentialism in France after WWII
  8. What are the basic concepts of existentialism
  9. Explain how the theory of quantum mechanics and relativity affected the 20th century
  10. Examine the role of Plato and Aristotle in classical German philosophy
  11. Elaborate the Schleiermacher’s influence on knowledge and psychology
  12. Highlight Karl Marx’s concepts of capital, class, and labor
  13. Investigate the contributions of Johanna Charlotte Unzer towards feminism

Easy Philosophy Paper Topics

  1. Explain the critical attributes of Pietism
  2. Point out Christian Thomasius’ thoughts on prejudice and reason
  3. Discuss moral philosophy and ethics in Nietzsche, Kant, and others
  4. Discuss the political, intellectual, and philosophical conditions that led to the reformation
  5. Explain how Martin Luther’s theology impacted Europe
  6. Elaborate the problem of theodicy in medieval philosophy
  7. Discuss what characterized Albert of Saxony’s metaphysics and logic
  8. Explain the concepts of divine providence and sin
  9. Highlight the problem of free will from a theological point of view
  10. Compare the theological approached of Saint Augustine and Thomas of Aquinas
  11. Explain what characterized the problem of universals in medieval philosophy
  12. Investigate medieval theology as a philosophy of religion
  13. What is the link between faith and reason in medieval philosophies

A-Grade Philosophical Questions

  1. Evaluate how to integrate secular learning and sacred doctrine in medieval philosophy
  2. Discuss metempsychosis as the concept of reincarnation
  3. Explain different forms of the good according to Plato’s Republic
  4. Define the idea of “becoming” in atomism
  5. Explain the concept of moral intention as detailed in philosophy
  6. Examine Homer’s influence on Greek philosophy
  7. Discuss the constantly changing nature of reality in ancient philosophy
  8. Define the concept of “logos” in different philosophies
  9. Discuss the ideas of principal substances in Greek philosophy
  10. What is the relationship between the doctrine of Pythagoreans and Mathematics

Argumentative Philosophy Essay Topics

  1. Elaborate the main attributes of Skepticism
  2. What influence do movies and video games have on our morals
  3. Explain the impact of social media on our moral values
  4. Explain the purpose behind evil and good
  5. Discuss whether it is possible to live without regulations and laws in the world
  6. Define death and explain its purpose
  7. Investigate whether knowledge is a result f experience and learning
  8. Explain whether or not morality should be subjective
  9. Discuss the future of humans and humankind
  10. What are critical moral issues around genetically modified products
  11. What are the reasons and solutions to mass panic and hysteria
  12. Explain why governments should conceal the evidence of extraterrestrial life

College Topic For Philosophy Paper

  1. Examine why modern celebrities should be positive models for modern teenagers
  2. Define the American dream and explain if it exists
  3. Highlight postmodernism ideas in philosophy
  4. Discuss the idea that there is life after death
  5. Investigate the concept of happiness through the eye of modern youths
  6. Explain the basic principles and ideas that a family file should have
  7. Discuss the ethics behind the application of Bitcoin and other digital currencies

Excellent Topics For Philosophy Paper

  1. Evaluate why violent and offensive content should not be on the internet
  2. Define patriotism and explain why it should be a virtue
  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of child-free families
  4. Assess whether it is ethical to have zoos and circuses
  5. Is death the beginning of something new or the final point of human life
  6. Discuss ethical issues surrounding organ transplant
  7. Explain why it is essential to lie sometimes
  8. Evaluate whether governments should legalize abortion
  9. What is the connection between culture and morals
  10. Define communism and explain its pros and cons

General Philosophy Research Paper Topics

  1. What is the essence of religious sects, and should they be legalized?
  2. What impact does the belief in God have on humans
  3. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of committing suicide
  4. Define the concept of Supernatural and highlight any proof of its existence
  5. What are the best methods to solve issues between children and their parents
  6. How are war and peace interrelated to each other?
  7. What impact has the church had on US politics in the past ten years?
  8. Define free will and determinism and point out which one you support
  9. Define a perfect life and explain what keeps people from living it
  10. Discuss why folks need education and how its significance has changed over the years

World-Class Philosophy Topics For Essays

  1. Elaborate five key character traits that determine who you are and state whether you would change any of them
  2. Explain why some individuals may live life without feeling alive
  3. Elaborate the role society plays in the formation of one’s personality
  4. Discuss ethical questions that revolve around Covid-19 and examine the response to the pandemic
  5. Outline the reasons for banning hate speech on social media and the internet
  6. Define ageism and explain how we can tackle it
  7. Explain why white Americans should be held responsible for the disadvantaged position of black Americans
  8. Is feminism opposed to religion?
  9. Examine the goals that feminism as a movement has achieved so far
  10. Investigate if gender parity is attainable

Brilliant Philosophical Topics For Essays

  1. What should come first; economic benefits or morality
  2. What are the ethical issues around using embryos in genetic engineering research
  3. Is it ethical to invest in pet operations when people in developing countries still lack primary health care?
  4. Explain why it is our moral duty to take care of the environment
  5. Discuss whether environmental awareness should be a virtue
  6. Investigate the moral responsibility that developed countries hold in tackling hunger issues in the world
  7. Determine if charity should be a moral obligation
  8. What ethical questions surround the use of drugs enhancing cognition?
  9. Explain why cloning is ethically admissible
  10. Elaborate ethical reasons behind mass surveillance

Philosophy Term Paper Topics

  1. Discuss if a convict should have the freedom to accept the death penalty or serve a life sentence
  2. Explain why abortion is wrong on moral grounds
  3. Evaluate moral rules that enslave people
  4. Assess if people can violate moral rules to achieve a common good
  5. Examine whether science is compatible or incompatible with religion
  6. Discuss the impact of colonialism on the behavior of modern-day colonists
  7. Explain the key differences between Freudism and Marxism
  8. Highlight how modernism reflects societal changes
  9. What are the effect of quantum mechanics and relativity on idealism

Fun Philosophy Paper Topics

  1. Examine whether getting information out of the outer world is real
  2. Investigate the synthetic propositions of the Kantian modes of thinking
  3. Define probability and explain why it might be a construct of the mind
  4. Assess if magic draws inspiration from science
  5. Discuss the effects of divination and alchemy on modern society
  6. Outline how the biological and spiritual aspects of life coexist

Good Philosophy Paper Topics

  1. Explain the potential limitations of the concept of Utopia
  2. Analyze the impacts of influences and legacy
  3. Discuss the free will in man from a theological point of view
  4. Evaluate how doctrines shape a group’s belief system
  5. Define atomism and outline its principal characteristics
  6. What is the impact of Augustine’s ethics in the context of Christianity?
  7. Compare and contrast between Epicureanism and Stoicism
  8. Explain if Platonic realism affects modern realism

Philosophy Topics To Write A Paper On

  1. Discuss how the feminine gender was in ancient Greece
  2. Investigate how natural philosophy impacts science
  3. Detail the contrast between mythology and philosophy in explaining natural phenomena
  4. Show whether there exists a unity of opposites within the universal flux?
  5. Elaborate if philosophy is the ultimate answer to all questions in life
  6. Explain what attracts short ladies to tall boyfriends and vice versa
  7. Discuss what matters between the lives of citizens and the economy in the event of a pandemic
  8. Explain why anxiety may be an indication that you are not well prepared
  9. A case study of the psychology behind cheap products and their quality
  10. Examine if someone can mentally offend another without necessarily inflicting any physical damage

Amazing Philosophical Essay Topics

  1. What is the truth of the statement that critics are mean people who only want their ideas to prevail?
  2. Is it possible to provide help to a stranger without doubting their intentions?
  3. Explain whether achieving self-development has anything to do with self-esteem
  4. Discuss the attributes that define beautiful and excellent among women and men
  5. Explain whether endorsement has anything to do with acceptance of a particular cause
  6. A case study of how community-guided practices impact the lives of its inhabitants
  7. Elaborate the role of interests and abilities in shaping a person’s decisions in life
  8. Investigate why conceptual rigor and argumentative rigor are necessary when handling life issues

World-Class Philosophy Essay Questions

  1. Explain the link between the natural world and the spirit
  2. Discuss who should determine the ethics and morals of a community
  3. Explain whether it is worth preserving memories of past events even though we cannot relive them
  4. Investigate why our superstitions and cultural myths about life and death are important
  5. What are the philosophical effects of staying up too late at night?
  6. Explain the essence of matter, space, and time in the study of philosophy
  7. Discuss whether everyone has a choice or obligation towards a particular responsibility
  8. Which is more important, to be loved by someone or to love someone?

Additional Philosophy Paper Ideas

  1. Explain if there are any situations in particular where it is better to lie than tell the truth
  2. Discuss whether capital punishment is morally justified in today’s world
  3. Explain the effect of the philosophical wave of the 20th century
  4. What is the most crucial attribute to gain human knowledge?
  5. Investigate whether our morals are influenced by or connected to culture
  6. Would you please explain the difference between economic justice and legal justice and show which of them is most important
  7. Examine if Machiavellian ideals are still applicable in today’s government
  8. Elaborate whether teenagers should have the responsibility to make their own choices
  9. Examine if humans have the same perception about what is wrong and what is right
  10. A case study of the main character traits that an ideal leader possesses
  11. Define the term mentally conscious and how it applies to human life
  12. Examine how to get ready for life after death

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