101 Narrative Essay Topics To Impress Your Teacher

narrative essay topics

A narrative essay is all about writing an essay about an experience in your own words, and while that may seem easy enough, it’s the narrative essay topics that pose a problem. The professors are hard enough to please as it is, so coming up with suitable personal narrative essay ideas with good topics can help towards scoring points.

Narrative essay topics for college students will include text that tells a story and that allows you to share your personal experience.

With narrative paper topics you tell a story from your point of view, so choose easy narrative essay topics that enable you to write smoothly and simply.

Good Narrative Essay Topics Can Influences Readers

A good topic for a narrative essay with personal narrative essay ideas will allow you to voice your views and opinions in such a way as to intrigue and inspire the reader. A strong essay hook in the beginning is another thing you need to take care of.

Even though personal narrative essay topics are like a story, you have to remember that it is still an academic paper. It is an experience that actually happened and anything fictional isn’t regarded as a narrative essay.

Narrative essays are usually written in the first person and they’re written informally but with a purpose. There is literally no shortage of narrative essay topics to choose from, as listed below.

Different Kinds Of Narrative Essays

You may be required to conduct an investigation for your narrative essay In this case, the narrative essay of an investigation-type narrative essay serves as an answer to a question. Then again you might have to do a literacy narrative essay where the student writes about the connection they have with writing, language and reading. Some literacy narrative essay topics are.

When you’re looking for a topic for a narrative easy, the student will need to understand that writing a finished story requires jotting down ideas, and then experimenting with plots and characters. Professional writing services may come in handy, if you got stuck.

There is a lot to writing a narrative essay, and choosing a good topic is absolute key. There are many exciting ideas provided for you online and now is your chance to use your creativity to describe a personal experience and come up with a riveting piece of writing that is uniquely yours.

How To Pick Cool Narrative Essay Topics?

Sometimes a student can pick their own topic or they will be given a topic by the tutor. When you’re writing narrative essay topics for college, the essay has to be more detailed and complex than your narrative essay topics for high school students, and drawing up an outline can help you achieve this.

Narrative essay topics for grade 8 will mean you retelling something that happened in a much deeper way than when you were in primary school.

Ideas for a narrative essay are suited for high schoolers, college and university students, and if you type in the words ‘100 general narrative essay topic ideas’, you might get these topics for narrative essay examples and choose the best topic for narrative essay for you to write a custom essay writing.

Narrative Essay Topics For High School And College Students

  1. The most embarrassing time for you in college.
  2. When I started appreciating life more.
  3. Wrong move falling in love with my teacher.
  4. How I personally deal with animal cruelty.
  5. The most embarrassing event in class.
  6. Why my teacher threatens my happiness in school.
  7. How I decided to no longer be known as the school bully.
  8. Why our head-boy is my role model
  9. Your most enthralling Field Trip.
  10. The person who changed your life for good.

Best Narrative Essay Topics

  1. The changes you experienced when your family moved.
  2. Your worst birthday fell on a school day.
  3. The day the tornado hit your school.
  4. Your most exciting moments playing sport.
  5. The time you experienced blatant rejection.
  6. Your first night away from home.
  7. The most embarrassing time of your life.
  8. A frightening experience you’ve had.
  9. Starting a new job after college.
  10. The day I helped out with a natural disaster.
  11. Losing faith in the human population.
  12. A conflict I had with one of my fellow students.

Unique Narrative Ideas For College

  1. The first time I saw the sea.
  2. An experience that changed my mindset.
  3. A time help came from an unexpected source.
  4. Realizing that my parents are my greatest allies.
  5. Suddenly realizing what job I’d pursue in the future.
  6. Being obese stops you from enjoying life.
  7. Discipline teaches children how to behave.
  8. The new year’s resolution that I actually kept.
  9. Discovering sexual chemistry.
  10. Great sporting experiences in high school.
  11. When I realized classmates want to be like me.
  12. My teacher – one of my greatest inspirations.
  13. When I realized my dog was literally my best friend.
  14. The day I was chosen as a school prefect.
  15. If I could just start life over again.
  16. If I could just change things in history.
  17. I’m afraid to lose my mind.
  18. The time I realized my friend was a stranger.
  19. If I could change just one body part.
  20. Would becoming wealthy change my personality?
  21. Nature is more therapeutic than any medicine.
  22. The most pleasant-sounding music for me.

Best Narrative Essay Ideas

  1. The day my parents decided to move.
  2. The day I finally cleaned my room.
  3. The day my friends voted against me as a class prefect
  4. The day I put money down on the horses.
  5. My first experience in a casino.
  6. An experience that left me utterly disillusioned.
  7. The day I realized I hated clowns.
  8. How I met my real mother.
  9. The day I found out I was adopted.
  10. When I said goodbye to my father forever.
  11. How I beat my first job blues.
  12. My first live music concert.
  13. Australia was my first overseas visit.
  14. Flying overseas for the very first time.
  15. My fear of flying.
  16. What possessed me to go down a mine shaft.
  17. An achievement I’m seriously proud of.
  18. A journey that changed my life.
  19. My classmates saw a new side of me that day.
  20. My shame of not helping my friend.
  21. The day I acted like a total coward.
  22. The time I made a complete misjudgement of someone
  23. When I learned a lesson from a younger person.
  24. The worst quarrel I had with my mother.
  25. My first horse-riding lesson ended in disaster.

Narrative Essay Topic Ideas

  1. My decision to donate to an animal charity.
  2. The last time I’ll ever use a bus.
  3. A green Mamba encounter while on holiday.
  4. Stealing as a child taught me a valuable lesson.
  5. Life isn’t worth it without a dare
  6. My very first car
  7. My love affair with the boy next door
  8. The lessons I learned from Aunt Mary.
  9. My dad always said aim for success, not perfection.
  10. The day my parents sold their farm.
  11. Why I’m so successful at work.
  12. The first time I cooked an entire meal.
  13. When I realized I couldn’t pay my bills.
  14. When I got mumps as an adult.
  15. The day I decided to head to the top and never look back.
  16. Why I love being on my own.
  17. My mom is my greatest inspiration.

Interesting Narrative Essay Topics

  1. Side effects of constantly being on my cell phone.
  2. The music that can change my mood.
  3. How I look great without preening myself for hours
  4. Why I chose to drink more water.
  5. The time I decided to grow my own fruit and vegetables.
  6. My skin rash made me investigate going gluten-free.
  7. Why I opted to watch much less TV.
  8. Deciding to study again after 10 years.
  9. Why I decided to use a career coach.
  10. I’ll tell you how I make my money stretch.
  11. Home is where true happiness is for me.
  12. How I juggle mu high-power career with leisure time.
  13. The day I was struck by lightning.
  14. Why I took up surfing as a competitive sport.
  15. The horror of my first hot-air balloon ride.

Need Help Writing Your Custom Essay?

Be careful when choosing a topic for a narrative essay because you could land up choosing a topic that is way too broad and then it’s impossible to write on such an event. Leaving things out will make the story incomprehensible.

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