100 Best Technology Research Topics for Students

technology research topics

Are you looking for a list of amazing technology research topics? The good news is that we have exactly what you are looking for. From controversial topics in technology to easy computer technology topics, we have them all. And the best part is that you can use our topics right now for free. Of course, there is a chance some of your classmates already found this blog post. However, you can simply reword these topics on technology to make them original. Even better, you can get in touch with us and our academic writers will help you with some interesting topics right away.

Quality Technology Research Topics Matter

Yes, top quality technology topics really make a difference. When your professor reads your technology paper, he or she expects to see something interesting. If you pick one of the topics other students in your class wrote about, you risk losing some bonus points. Simply by making your essay original and interesting, you can go from a B+ to an A or even an A+. Remember, professors really appreciate originality, especially when it comes to topics about technology.

What Makes Our Technology Essay Topics Special?

You are probably wondering what makes our information technology research topics so special. The truth is that all our topics are original. The list has been compiled by our experienced writers and is still being maintained. In other words, we are periodically changing the topics and coming up with new items for the list. We want to make sure our research topics about technology help as many students as possible. We really do have the best technology related topics on the Internet and we work hard to make sure we remain the best source of essay writing help.

A List of 100 Interesting Technology Topics

If you are looking for interesting, up to date information technology research paper topics, writing about technology security topics could be an excellent idea:

Controversial Technology Topics

There are plenty of controversial technology topics on the Internet, but we have some that are 100% original (at the time of writing):

  1. Are we living in a technological world?
  2. Does social media negatively affect children?
  3. Social media is replacing normal human interaction.
  4. Should robots have the same right we have?
  5. Digital tools don’t make us more productive.
  6. Genetically engineering your child is a bad idea.

Technology Topics for High School

If you need some great research topics on technology and you are a high school student, we have just the topics you are looking for. Take a look at these ideas:

  1. Tech is changing the education system.
  2. The Internet needs more control.
  3. Can a robot be better than a human?
  4. The negative aspects of Internet censorship.
  5. All the people in the world should have equal access to technology.
  6. GMO crops and their negative aspects.

Interesting Technology Topics

The best way to capture the attention of your professor and keep him reading is to find some interesting technology topics. Pick any of these:

  1. The most important technology for solving the hunger problem.
  2. Do we really need to put humans on Mars ASAP?
  3. The technology used by the first Lunar lander.
  4. Robots are changing our healthcare system right now.
  5. Are identity chips implanted under the skin bad?
  6. Video gaming improves many skills.

Technology Debate Topics

You can easily write the text for a debate if you pick the right topic. Just take a look at some of the best technology debate topics:

  1. How ethical is mechanical reproduction?
  2. The best instrument used to ensure a person is really dead.
  3. Is the digital generation getting smarter?
  4. What are the benefits of embryonic stem cells?
  5. The science needed to regenerate human limbs.
  6. Using animal tissue to “repair” people.

Genetic Engineering Technology

Genetic engineering technology is somewhat new, and this is exactly why the following topics will be able to get you a very good grade on your next essay:

  1. Organic food or genetically altered food: which is better?
  2. Should we build genetically-enhanced soldiers?
  3. How are human genes sequenced today?
  4. Do parent need genetic information about their offspring?
  5. Should healthcare companies have access to your genetic testing results?
  6. The advantages of genetic engineering plants.

Technology Research Paper Topics

We know, writing a research paper is not easy. The good news is that our technology research paper topics are not too difficult to write about:

  1. The positive effects of social media on US youth.
  2. The best applications for drones.
  3. Can your social profile affect a hiring decision?
  4. A closer look at the concept of unlimited data storage.
  5. The importance of the Internet for research.
  6. Does technology improve the creativity of humans?

Information Technology Topics

It’s hard to find original information technology topics nowadays. Here are some topics that have been added recently to our list:

  1. The best CPU in the world and the technology behind it.
  2. How does a CPU work?
  3. Can robots really replace human workers?
  4. Top three ways to improve IT security.
  5. How is big data processed behind the scenes?
  6. The rise of AI in the modern world.

Technology Argumentative Essay Topics

Are you looking for the best technology argumentative essay topics on the Internet? We have just the thing you need:

  1. Social media can be considered an addiction.
  2. The negative effect of social media on business.
  3. The effects of globalization on the world economy.
  4. Online dating should be banned in the US.
  5. Methods used to prosecute cyber criminals.
  6. Cyber bullying is a big problem nowadays.

Technology Topics for College Students

We are happy to say that college students will really appreciate our technology topics for college students. They are not as difficult to write about as you may think:

  1. Technology advances in the banking industry.
  2. How optic fiber technology changed the world.
  3. Advantages of using digital learning technology in colleges in the US.
  4. The most important engineering technology in the world.
  5. An in-depth look at how a 3D printer works.
  6. The impact of technology on various cultures.

Hot Topics in Technology

Looking for hot topics in technology? It’s clear you want to impress your teacher and get a top grade. Here are some ideas you can use right away (including technology security topics):

  1. Human cloning: good or bad idea?
  2. We need limits on genetic engineering.
  3. How is intelligence defined? Can a robot be intelligent?
  4. Should ancestry DNA testing be mandatory?
  5. Here is how virtual technologies are changing the world.
  6. What is augmented reality?

Science and Technology Topics

Our writers managed to compose some very interesting science and technology topics for you. These topics have been recently added to our list:

  1. The benefits of virtual reality technology.
  2. The best way to treat mental issues through the use of technology.
  3. What is brain-controlling tech?
    How will science and technology change our lives in two decades?
  4. The immense power of supercomputers.
  5. A thorough analysis of the Mars rover Curiosity.

Educational Technology Topics

Your professor will most likely be interested in finding out more about educational technology. Here are some very nice educational technology topics for you to use:

  1. Should technology be used in every classroom in the world?
  2. Using technology during the religion class.
  3. Best collaboration tools available in 2023.
  4. Google search is changing the way we find information.
  5. Should students and professors socialize on social platforms?
  6. We should have virtual reality glasses for every student in every classroom.

Tech and Relationships

When it comes to tech and relationships, there are a lot of very nice topics out there. Here are some original ideas you can choose from:

  1. Using technology to get into a relationship.
  2. The nefarious effect of social networks on relationships.
  3. A closer look at dating apps and their dangers.
  4. Can you have a relationship 100% online?
  5. Texting destroyed our ability to communicate normally.

Technology Presentation Topics

Yes, we have excellent technology presentation topics right here for you. It wasn’t easy to create them, but we are certain you’ll love these topics:

  1. Military tech advancements don’t keep us safer.
  2. Nanobot drones and their deadly capabilities.
  3. Teaching should be changed to make more effective us of tech.
  4. Which are better: blogs or books?
  5. Reading print versus reading digital books.

Technology Speech Topics

Looking for the best technology essays topics on the Internet for a speech? Our technology speech topics are exactly what you need. Here they are:

  1. Discuss genetically modified food.
  2. Describe how nuclear reactions generate energy.
  3. Best cyber security practices.
  4. Explain VoIP and its benefits.
  5. Can we make a cybernetic brain?
  6. Three main benefits of 3D printing tech.

Easy Technology Topics

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time writing the technology essay, you need some simple topics. Pick one of our ideas and start writing now:

  1. Top ten reasons why we should colonize Mars.
  2. Electric cars and their future in the world.
  3. Do cellphones poison us daily?
  4. Here is how chocolate is made.
  5. Earthquake broadcasting technology.
  6. The future of AI and robots.

Health Technology

Health technology is advancing rapidly and breakthroughs are really impressive. Here are some of the best ideas you can write about today:

  1. Can robots provide a high level of health care?
  2. Should we rely on robots to care for elders?
  3. Technologies used to cure diabetes.
  4. Modern surgery procedures and tech.
  5. Creating a 3D virtual image of your body.
  6. The robotic doctors of the future.

We hope you’ve found an suitable idea for your writing. You can also contact our essay writers and get more topics. Good luck!

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