100 Descriptive Essay Topics: Awesome Writing Tips And Examples Included!

descriptive essay topics

What is a descriptive essay? A descriptive essay focuses on summarizing or describing a topic. It is usually a short paper. This type of essay doesn’t need responses from readers as argumentative papers do. They are mostly one-page papers and do not take a lot of time to create. However, you need to do a lot of work to write an impressive descriptive essay. If you have issues coming up with great ideas, you can get an academic writer to get the paper ready in a few hours.

How To Write A Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essays do not require any proof or even special effort. It just requires a little creativity on the side, and coming up with good descriptive writing topics. High school or college students need to illustrate the descriptive essay using words instead of pictures. Describe all you feel, see, touch, hear or taste about your selected topic. This guide will show you how to write a descriptive essay at the A-level college level and high school level.

When you are writing a descriptive essay about places, you need to provide the impressions of the author from visiting the place. There are different types of descriptive essays, let us consider some of them.

Types Of Descriptive Writing

Descriptive essays are categorized into different types as they describe the following issues:

  • Place essay: this type of essay focuses on a place. You need to describe the place with the most beautiful sights. Let the readers feel the might of the cities in your description. Let them picture it in their mind’s eye.
  • Human essay: writing a descriptive essay about a person is a lot difficult. But this type involves telling your audience about actions, behaviors, appearance, mood, as well as qualities of the individual.
  • Event essay: this type of descriptive essay is for events such as vacations, summer music festivals, loud rock gigs, euro trip or graduation day.
  • Animal essay: this descriptive essay is a lot easier to write since nature offers a lot to work with. You can pick an animal you like best or the one you admire the most to write about.
  • Behavior essay: this type involves writing about another person’s behavior. Some descriptive essay topics here can be about your friend or even your teacher.
  • Occupation essay: this kind of essay involves writing about your dream job. It could also be in the form of admission essays.

While writing any of these types of descriptive essays, you need to make it sound official and artistic. If you cannot produce such an essay, you can always get help from academic experts. To start your descriptive essay, you may need topics to work with.

What Is The Structure Of A Descriptive Essay?

As you learn how to write a descriptive essay, you need to also master the structure for your essay. Most times, the structure is dependent on the topic. You mustn’t follow any strict chronology if you choose to write about and object or person. However, you need to be careful about the order of events when you’re describing a place. Write with your feelings rather than sources. So after you pick the best descriptive writing topics, follow this process:

  1. Work on the senses: A descriptive paper needs 5 titled columns to list the human senses. An excellent descriptive essay needs to appeal to the 5 senses including taste, sight, touch, sound, and smell. This helps ensure that the readers feel the spectrum of emotions that come with such feelings.
  2. Write an outline: Be sure to write an outline that will help you plan your writeup process. Most teachers and professors want 5-paragraph descriptive essays. So work with this in mind. The standard outline is as follows introductory statement, 3-5 body paragraphs, and the conclusion. There is no requirement here for reference pages. You should only add this if the experience you are reflecting is not your own.
  3. Prewriting stage: This stage is for gathering all you need to write the essay. Get a clear image of what you are writing on at this point. If you have some experience in the field, it would give you an upper hand. Focus on the senses of taste, and the other four. Then create a writing plan at this stage.
  4. Write the hook: Start the writing with an eye-catching and powerful hook that grabs the attention of the use. Make use of literary quotes, similes, famous quotes, poetry lines, jokes, and interesting facts.
  5. Drafting: Next, create a draft of the expository essay. Put all your ideas down. Don’t worry, you will have an opportunity to shorten it. don’t just tell, but show the reader the image with the use of words. Creating a mental image is crucial because it defines your ability to create a good essay.
  6. Fine tuning: Add details to the essay with online dictionaries at your side. Don’t forget the play with adverbs and adjectives. Be careful about the language you use in this paper. Make it lyrical to convey your feelings to the reader. Use lots of adjectives.
  7. Edit! Be sure to revise the essay and edit it properly. You can use grammar checking tools online for this purpose. After describing the vivid place, recheck the structure to ensure that you answer the critical questions. Edit to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes.

Descriptive Writing Topics And Ideas

Here are some excellent descriptive essay topics and descriptive writing topics to help you get started. They are creative but you may need to tweak them a little to make them more unique so you can write the best custom college essay. You can also personalize the topics. This will hopefully lead to you coming up with a unique topic for a descriptive essay.

There are so many topics to describe thoroughly but it is better to concentrate on a single event, person, object. Writing about more than one thing can confuse you. Remember that descriptive essays refer to showing rather than telling. Be sure to deliver the idea you are driving at to the readers by drawing a picture of your thoughts.

How To Write A Descriptive Essay: People Topics

  1. Why should the famous Martin Luther King be remembered?
  2. Write a detailed description of one of your relatives
  3. Create a vivid description of any of your role models. A role model, in this case, could be a favorite singer, actor, fashion model, scholar, political figure, parents or even your best friend.
  4. Pick your favorite villain and write about his personality
  5. Describe a character from one recent TV show you like. You can pick one from Game of Thrones.
  6. Who is a better heroine, Xena warrior prince or Wonder woman?
  7. Describe some traits you love to see in your peers
  8. Describe the qualities of your favorite teachers
  9. List features you want in a future partner
  10. Was John Kennedy a good political figure? What are some examples of his political strides?
  11. Why do you think a particular person behaves in a certain way?
  12. Why is your favorite artiste better than others?
  13. Describe a person you dislike
  14. Which psychological factors impacted your behavior the most?
  15. Share a description of your last restaurant meal
  16. Describe your least favorite movie
  17. Describe your reaction if you meet a popular celebrity on the streets
  18. Which horror movie character still scares you to date?
  19. What traits do you look out for in your best friend?
  20. Describe why you think men and women can make good friends
  21. How do you fish out potential enemies?
  22. Write about your favorite business manager
  23. List specific features that make your mom the best mother in the world
  24. Write about how perfect fashion models should appear
  25. Why does Abraham Lincoln deserve a spot in the U.S. history books?
  26. Why is your father the kindest person in the world?

Descriptive Essay Topics List: Location/Place Essay Examples

  1. Where would you love to visit next summer?
  2. What is your idea of the perfect summer location?
  3. Write about the house you live in now. What would you change and why?
  4. What is your ideal winter location for vacation?
  5. Describe your top favorite place at home
  6. Describe your college dorm and share ideas to help make it better
  7. Where is an ideal spot for a wedding ceremony?
  8. What are some features of a perfect spot for a loud rock gig?
  9. Write about the outdoor spot where you can see the stars lined up in the skies
  10. List the names of all countries you hope to visit
  11. Why is Melbourne the most popular city in Australia despite not being the capital city
  12. My hometown is an amazing place
  13. Where is the loudest place you have visited?
  14. Write about a place you think has the most beautiful landscape
  15. Describe the places you visited with your parents
  16. Write about your school
  17. Describe the most beautiful park or garden you have ever seen
  18. Write about the seven wonders of the world
  19. Name the best spot for a summer festival
  20. Which architectural feat should be the 8th wonder of the world?
  21. Write about how you feel when you visit your childhood home
  22. Explain how you can reach a certain destination
  23. Why do you prefer your town over anywhere else in the world?
  24. Describe the perfect location for a student party
  25. Write about a place you like which only exists in fiction

Mind And Memory Description Essay Ideas

  1. What was the best thing about your trip to the sea?
  2. Describe the best day of your life
  3. Do you remember your best friend’s first birthday?
  4. Describe your first day in high school/college/elementary school
  5. Create a map that allows people to take a trip in your mind to see your experiences firsthand
  6. What is the most embarrassing moment in your life?
  7. Describe memories that are associated with a special person who has passed on
  8. Describe events in your academic life that make you proud to be a student
  9. List the things you love doing with your grandparents
  10. What does it feel like to fall in love?
  11. Describe what you think kids should memorize
  12. Describe a special day in your life that changed your perception of things
  13. Show your readers what hiking on a mountain feels like
  14. Describe your trip abroad
  15. Do you like riding bicycles?
  16. Describe your worst feelings
  17. Which life event scarred you?
  18. Write about your visit to London
  19. How did you feel when you wrote your physics paper?
  20. Describe an event that made you laugh uncontrollably
  21. Why is keeping a diary important?
  22. Describe a quiet place in the woods you love to visit.
  23. Write about your first winter
  24. Write about the events that took place on your 10th birthday
  25. What transpires at a funeral?

Describing An Object Essays Topics

  1. Describe objects you believe can save lives.
  2. Write about the Silk road
  3. Write about your important family relics
  4. Describe something you have always wanted to buy
  5. Write about the most expensive painting in the world
  6. Write about a recent technological innovation that has made your life a lot easier
  7. Write about the concept of distance and time in physics
  8. Write about the ancient worlds such as Rome, Greece, or Egypt
  9. What is the historical value of the Taj Mahal?
  10. What should a writer keep in mind while writing about himself?
  11. Describe top icons from your hometown
  12. The magnificent empire state building
  13. Solar system and its planets
  14. the bible’s role in our lives
  15. why we love soft toys more
  16. A comfortable bed makes sleep worthwhile
  17. Things to take on a sea trip
  18. Items to buy for a ski trip
  19. What can money do for you?
  20. What is the real value of veggies in the market?
  21. Write about your favorite video game
  22. Why does your old Tamagotchi matter to you?
  23. Describe your living room vividly
  24. What are the attributes of your special doll?

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