Exemplification Essay Writing Guide With Topic Ideas

exemplification essay

So, your educator has asked you to write an exemplification essay but you don’t even know what that is. Well, most people feel frightened or insecure when they hear something they don’t know. What’s more, the term exemplification scares most students when they hear it for the first time. Nevertheless, this assignment shouldn’t be difficult to complete.

Exemplification essay assignment may seem difficult for a beginner. However, writing this essay becomes easy when you know what it is and how to write it. This article explains this assignment in detail, why it is important, and how to complete it.

Why Write an Exemplification Essay?

Just like the name suggests, the purpose of writing this essay is to support or elaborate on a claim. When the educator asks you to write this essay, they want you to express a generalization and support it with examples.

Exemplification in writing means elaborating or supporting a claim with ideas that are relevant to the topic or subject. When writing this essay, therefore, you use examples to elaborate, support, explain, or prove your argument.

Exemplification essays are comprehensive, brief, or even both. But, learners need enough details and specific examples to draft brilliant essays.

What is an Exemplification Essay?

This academic write-up can be defined as an argumentative essay in which a writer provides specific examples to prove a point. Good exemplification essay examples go beyond describing the topic. The writer uses reasons to support their main argument. They also provide relevant examples that define, elaborate, explain, and prove their point.

This write-up may seem like an argumentative essay. However, a student is required to prove their topic with detailed examples. Such examples can include facts, statistics, and other materials from authentic sources.

Essentially, a student can’t write this essay without facts for supporting the argument. What’s more, a learner should know how to present examples or evidence for supporting their stance.

How to Write an Exemplification Essay

Now that you know what this essay is all about, it’s crucial to learn how to write it. Many students seek exemplification custom essay help because they don’t how to start. But, completing this assignment is becomes easier when you know the steps to follow. Here are the main steps of the process of writing this essay.

    1. Choose a topic

There are many exemplification essay topics for college students from which you can choose what to write about. Choosing the right topic for your essay will significantly influence your success and score in this assignment. An ideal topic for this essay should be current, unique, specific, and useful. On reading the topic of your essay, readers should immediately think your write-up provides up-to-date or unusual information. Good exemplification essay topics are also not too narrow or too broad. A narrow topic doesn’t allow you to get adequate examples. A broad topic is too general and therefore not interesting to write or read about.

    1. Research Your Topic

Once you’ve chosen your topic, conduct some research to gather the information and examples to present in your essay. Make sure that your information and examples are from relevant, authentic sources. For instance, you can use sources like scientific journals, educational sites, and reputable newspapers.

    1. Choose Examples 

Only interesting and applicable examples should be included in your essay. For instance, if your essay is about the qualities of a great leader, use a globally recognized leader. A little-known local leader might not be a good example for this essay.

    1. Create an Outline 

An exemplification essay outline is like a skeleton to be filled with flesh. It highlights the main sections of the paper and the information to include in different parts. For instance, the outline should feature an introduction where you will present your exemplification essay thesis statement. It should also have a body and the main points to include there. Finally, your outline should have a conclusion that will wrap-up your essay.

    1. Write the Introduction

Once you’ve done your research, chosen your examples, and outlined your essay, you can now start writing. Start with an introduction section where you present your exemplification essay thesis statement. Your thesis statement should tell readers about your stance and the direction your argument will take. Essentially, the introduction should attract, prepare, and interest your readers.

    1. Write the Body

Compose the body of your essay by highlighting and expounding on the main point. Use your examples to support your main point or argument. Each paragraph of this section should have a topic sentence, a transition, and an example.

    1. Write the Conclusion 

The conclusion should be brief. It should remind readers what the essay was about and briefly restate every section. It should also have a concluding sentence, which should be like your parting shot.

Exemplification Essay Topics

One of the most common questions that students ask is, what is a good topic for an exemplification essay? That’s because picking the right topic for this essay can make all the difference when it comes to the score that a learner gets from this assignment. What’s more, the chosen topic is what captures the attention of the reader. And, the chosen topic determines the information and examples that a learner uses to write the essay.

Even if a student knows how to write an exemplification essay and they pick the wrong topic, they will have a hard time completing the assignment. What’s more, their essay won’t impress the readers. That’s why choosing the right topic for this essay is very important. If you’re having a hard time choosing what to write about, here are brilliant exemplification essay ideas to consider.

  1. Pros and cons of gun control
  2. Major causes of the First World War
  3. Should healthcare be accessible to everyone?
  4. Marijuana should be decriminalized
  5. Online or traditional schooling?
  6. Benefits of social media for business
  7. Effects of religion on culture
  8. Psychological benefits of positive thinking
  9. Importance of a feminist approach
  10. The increasing obesity rate is due to fast-food chains- explain
  11. How modern capitalism affects the wages of the working class
  12. Does the United States need more leaders?
  13. Giving animals antidepressants is inhumane
  14. Effects of payday loans on the local economy
  15. Voting should be entirely online
  16. Is a college degree necessary?
  17. Working from home boosts productivity
  18. How symbolism enhance poetry
  19. Technology can make manual labor jobs distinct
  20. Capital punishment is better than life imprisonment

This exemplification essay topics list has some of the best ideas to explore. But just like the exemplification essay definition describes this task, you must be ready to research and find examples to support your argument. Always remember that this task gets its name from the need to use examples.

If you opt to write an exemplification essay on discrimination, focus your research on finding instances where some people have been discriminated against. Similarly, an exemplification essay about friendship should provide good examples of friends. All examples should be presented in a way that aligns them with your thesis statement.

There are many topics for exemplification essay that a student can write about. However, every argument of this essay should be supported by relevant examples and sources. If still unsure about how to complete this assignment, look for a free exemplification essay online and read it first. That way, you will know what you’re expected to do when writing this essay.

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