100 Best Informative Essay Topics In 2023

informative essay topics

When asked to write about informative essay topics, many students don’t know what their educators want. Well, a topic for informative essay is about teaching the audience something. Essentially, this topic explains something that a reader doesn’t know. Informative writing topics are not about persuading the audience or expressing your opinion. They are about stating and expounding on facts.

Great informative essay topic ideas are about something new. They focus on something significant and new. What’s more, they aim to add value to the essay or paper in a more captivating way. All that you need when writing about good informative essay topics is to back your work with credible evidence.

Types of Informative Essay Topics

Informative paper topics can be categorized based on what they aim to accomplish. As such, students should understand what their educators want them to accomplish when writing. Here are some of the major categories of informative research paper topics:

  • Compare and contrast topics. These require students to discuss the differences and similarities between two or more things.
  • Some topics require learners to relate data on a subject. These can describe or discuss prominent features of something
  • Cause and effect topics. These describe the cause of something and the effects.
  • Opposing viewpoint. This can require the student to explain different perspectives on a topic.

Some informative topics to write about are also great for speech presentation. That’s because most speech presentations are about informing the audience. As such, you can find great topics for informative essay or speeches on this list.

Informative Essay Topics for High School

Perhaps, you’re in high school and your teacher has asked you to write an informative essay. In that case, you can choose from a wide range of informative speech topics for teens. These include the following:

  1. How to win an argument even when wrong
  2. The best English grammar tips
  3. How to decide the classes to take
  4. How to implement Artificial Intelligence in a classroom
  5. How to score good grades in difficult subjects
  6. How to write a great resume
  7. How to make informed career choices
  8. How to pass your driving test
  9. How to tackle child abuse in society
  10. Is a university or college education necessary for success?
  11. Is high school bullying damaging self-esteem?
  12. Discuss the branches of the U. S government
  13. What are the major effects of civil war?
  14. What are the effects of global warming>
  15. Explain how electricity works
  16. What are the differences between the new and old testament?
  17. How important is a college degree?
  18. How has the Indian culture changed over the years?
  19. Which is the poorest city in the U.S and why?
  20. What are the effects of a civil war?

By the time you’re in high school, you have already learned a lot about the world. Thus, you may no longer be interested in informative speech animal topics like middle school learners.

Informative Paper Topics for Middle School

In this category, you will find simple topics that aim to inform the readers. They include informative speech topics about animals and life. Here are examples of informative definition essay topics in this category.

  1. Can wild animals be kept as pets?
  2. Can wearing school uniforms unite children?
  3. How important is a national park?
  4. What are the important vitamins for human health?
  5. Is television violence a bad influence?
  6. How can students score the top grades in class>
  7. What is the meaning of dreams?
  8. What makes the best vacation?
  9. Is knitting an important life skill?
  10. My favorite subject at school
  11. How to study a map
  12. How to use a compass
  13. How to train a pet
  14. Why television shows should be carefully monitored for kids
  15. Health foods for children
  16. How tanning can damage the skin
  17. The best vitamins for children
  18. Advantages of becoming an exchange student
  19. Discuss Captain America evolution
  20. How music can enhance intelligence

Middle school students can also write about informative speech topics about music. That’s because most of them are starting to listen to music at this age.

Informative Essay Topics for College

Perhaps, you’re looking for informative speech topics about technology, business, or sports so that you can use them to write your college papers or essays. In that case, consider the following topics.

  1. Why global warming is something to worry about
  2. Explain the vegan lifestyle evolution
  3. Presidents and leaders who have made a significant difference
  4. Cybercrime explained
  5. Acid rain effects
  6. Why carbon footprint reduction is important
  7. Why online university learning could be the future of education
  8. How to secure your dream job
  9. Impact of the ban on animal testing
  10. How socialism can work
  11. How the UK parliament is structured
  12. How useful is the House of Lords?
  13. What is a solar eclipse?
  14. What is white-collar crime?
  15. How can recycling save the planet?
  16. Do top-ranked universities offer better education?
  17. What are the effects of obesity on the life of a person?
  18. What are the consequences of free speech restrictions?
  19. How to choose informative process analysis essay topics
  20. How to apply for a scholarship

Some of these were great informative speech topics 2017. But before you write on any of these topics, research extensively to find relevant and sufficient information.

Fun Interesting Informative Speech Topics

Students can also write about funny informative speech topics. Researching and writing on such topics reveal information that some people have never paid attention to. Here are examples of such topics.

  1. The real college textbooks cost
  2. Importance of a clear thesis statement
  3. How civilian life is directly affected by war
  4. Circumstances that can lead to teen substance abuse
  5. Significant factors that led to the 60s civil rights movement
  6. How does meditation affect the human brain?
  7. Discuss the tourism history
  8. The history of the U.S cinematography industry
  9. How to interpret classical art using the bible
  10. Why it’s important to support the cultural development of your hometown
  11. How to distinguish extremists from casual followers of a religion
  12. How major corporations generate profit from internet traffic
  13. How to pass the exam
  14. How to land a good deal in business
  15. How humans differ from monkeys
  16. How can smoking marijuana help in your studies
  17. Ridiculous and funny types of spot
  18. How to create a viral video
  19. Is the music subject relevant?
  20. Best excuses that students give for missing classes

Some of the best sports informative speech topics can fall into this category. Nevertheless, students should research them extensively before they start writing.

Health Informative Speech Topics

Perhaps, you’re pursuing a medical program and you need topics for your essay. Well, you can choose what to write about from this list of medical informative speech topics:

  1. What are the effects of plastic surgery?
  2. What are the advantages of normal childbirth?
  3. Which foods are rich in vitamin E?
  4. Which foods create strong bones?
  5. What are the major strains of cancer?
  6. How to treat cancer effectively
  7. What are the health benefits of minerals and vitamins?
  8. Why is breastfeeding important for young infants?
  9. Travel tips for pregnant women
  10. What advancements have been made so far in finding an HIV/AIDS cure?
  11. The use of nanobots to treat diseases
  12. Adverse effects of plastic surgery
  13. Importance of vitamin C
  14. How the brain can be altered by an improper eyesight
  15. Explain how viral infection occurs
  16. The history of illnesses
  17. The evolution of nanotechnology in medicine
  18. Compare and contrast bulimia and anorexia
  19. Why are minerals so important to organisms?
  20. Which are the best morning exercises for people that want to keep fit?

In addition to these topics, students can also write about management and business informative speech topics. But, whether learners choose the informative speech topics sports fanatics will love, research is very important. Therefore, take your time to research the topic that you choose before you start writing. Make sure that you can find all the information you need to write a solid piece on your chosen topic. And most importantly, choose a topic you’re interested in and comfortable writing about. If you don’t like it but you cannot change it, just contact our essay writers and your essay will be written by experts.

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