100 Top Opinion Essay Topics For Academic Writing

opinion essay topics

Most students turn to the internet when looking for opinion essay topics to write about. Luckily, the internet has many resources that feature brilliant ideas for opinion writing. Most learners find writing an opinion essay quite fascinating. That’s because they just express their opinions in writing.

Many people learn to handle this kind of task early in school. However, most students are given topics to write about by their teachers. As such, finding the best opinion topics to write about when used to getting them from educators can seem challenging for some learners. if you’re writing a critical essay, you might need more specific topics. Nevertheless, you’ve come to the right place because here, you will find a wide range of opinion paper topics that you can choose from.

Opinion Essay Topics for Young Children

Most people learn how to write an opinion essay from an early age. That’s because opinion writing is among the skills that are taught to youngsters. But, if you or your youngster is struggling to find good topics for their opinion essays, you can consider these ideas. These are some of the opinion essay topics 5th grade pupils won’t struggle to write about.

  1. Cats can reduce stress
  2. Online streaming is beneficial
  3. What is the role of my president?
  4. Why it is important to know your history
  5. How can corruption be eliminated?
  6. Is parental supervision important?
  7. The best present for a boy
  8. How to improve my school
  9. What girls like the most
  10. The best advice for a child that fears the dark
  11. Life would be better without homework
  12. What to do if you’re the last person on earth
  13. What a dream vacation should be like
  14. Dogs are friendlier than cats
  15. How to deal with school bullies
  16. Minecraft is the best video game

These are good opinion topics for young children that can earn them the top grade if they get creative. However, children should always remember to express their opinions when writing about any of these topics.

Good Opinion Essay Topics for High School

Opinion writing topics for high school enable students to express their views to teachers and friends. This task enables students to make their opinions and personalities known. At this time, students are discovering the world. They are also trying to be independent and strong. Here is a list of some of the best opinion writing ideas for high school students.

  1. Children should be allowed to carry and use cell phones in their schools
  2. I think zoos should be established in special centers that have animals living in special but unrestricted conditions
  3. What does success mean to you?
  4. I think modern TV series exaggerates money as an important aspect of success
  5. Why do people like celebrities?
  6. The best way to complete homework
  7. Should the use of foul language by musicians be acceptable?
  8. Should the government be stricter in enforcing laws against smoking in public?
  9. Should school provide additional lessons?
  10. Will e-learning replace textbooks and traditional classrooms?

This list may feature complex topics for writing an opinion essay. However, they are great to research and write about because they enable high school students to explore and discover more about life and the world.

Unpopular Opinion Topics

Some topics are generally unpopular. That’s because not many people would be interested in writing about them. Here are examples of unpopular writing opinion essay topics to consider.

  1. People should be served ketchup when cold
  2. People overrate some musicians
  3. A rare steak is dangerous
  4. Vegetarian is not better than vegan
  5. Why should you pay taxes?
  6. Smartphones are dangerous

IELTS Opinion Essay Topics

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the standard check for proficiency in the English language. It is used to test non-native speakers. Coming up with ideas for opinion essays when English is not your native language can be a challenge. Here are some of the topics that non-native English speaking students can consider for their opinion essays.

  1. Spending funds on problem prevention is better than wasting them on new medications
  2. Social media enhances understanding between people of different cultures
  3. E-learning and the internet take the physical human element of learning away
  4. Do you think taking children to single-gender schools makes them feel disadvantaged?
  5. Artists and musicians are as important as technology experts and scientists
  6. Does the internet need more control and security?
  7. Preventing disease is better than curing it
  8. Co-educational schools are better than single-sex schools
  9. Should more money be invested in the protection of endangered species?
  10. Is job satisfaction better than a good wage?

Most people that are not native English speakers can write on any of these topics for opinion essay. However, they may need to research the topic before they start writing.

Opinion Topics for College Students

College students can also express their opinion in essays. Here are some of the best topics that college students can use to express their opinions.

  1. More ecological education is required
  2. Distance learning has problems
  3. Students should not be punished in school
  4. Students should be given longer breaks from school
  5. More religion is required in education
  6. Students should learn only what they like
  7. College professors are biased
  8. College professors exhibit favoritism
  9. College debt makes learning a financial challenge
  10. College debt makes education less favorable to some students
  11. There are inadequate tools for addressing campus safety
  12. College students are the major fast-food victims
  13. Most college students do not have healthy eating habits
  14. Social and volunteering work in college boosts the image of students
  15. College professors are overly strict on plagiarism
  16. Private tutoring is increasing because modern learners are lazy
  17. A college education is a waste of money
  18. A college education is a waste of time

When writing an opinion essay on any of these topics, college students should include the opposite views. That way, their objectivity won’t be questioned by the readers.

Public Opinion Topics

Public opinion may involve the shared desires, beliefs, and reasoning of most people. This category features some of the most common ideas for opinion articles. Here are some of the topics about public opinion.

  1. The government should make health insurance affordable to more people
  2. Most people do not trust news channels
  3. Cannabis legalization does more harm than good
  4. Domestic violence is ruining America
  5. Firearm possession makes people feel safer
  6. Abortion should remain legal
  7. High education costs prevent many people from achieving their dreams
  8. Social media causes divisions among people
  9. Family value is compromised in the current world
  10. National park safety can’t be compromised
  11. Most people are tired of fake news
  12. Massive depression should be treated as a public health matter
  13. Schools should assist in the control of teenagers’ screen time
  14. Can the U.S voting system be trusted?
  15. Were you satisfied by the government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic?
  16. Is a military reform policy necessary in the U.S?
  17. DNA testing results should not be used by the government
  18. Not every policeman is corrupt
  19. The government should address the increasing homelessness
  20. Are you satisfied with your president?

You can find opinion essay examples on topics that are related to these online. However, you should choose a unique opinion essay topic. Also, don’t copy an opinion essay sample and present it as your work. Instead, research further to gather more information and take a unique perspective in your writing.

Personal Opinion Ideas for Essays

Writing an essay on a personal opinion is about expressing your concerns or convictions. You take a position on your chosen issue or topic and develop it. Here are sample topics in this category.

  1. Discipline is key to a person’s success
  2. Social media causes depression among the youth
  3. Self-pity can cause self-damage
  4. Schools should provide healthy meals
  5. Close friendships should be guided by ethics
  6. Traveling widens your view of the world
  7. E-books should be allowed in modern classrooms
  8. My school is not a safe place
  9. Bullying indicates insecurity
  10. Homework should not occupy the free time of a student
  11. Rest is important for the academic success of students
  12. Journaling can boost the emotional state of a person
  13. A person can experience culture shock in their country
  14. Angry parents are dysfunctional
  15. Energy drinks are not healthy
  16. Should you invest in a yearbook?
  17. Sports should be mandatory in schools
  18. Clothes affect the performance and mood of a person
  19. Time management is important in daily life
  20. Military training affects the character of a person positively

Although there are many topics and opinion essay examples free resources, students should research further before they start writing.

Tips on How to Write Opinion Essay

You can have a topic but still not know how to start an opinion essay. That’s why you should probably read more opinion essay samples to familiarize yourself with this write-up.

What’s more, you should come up with an opinion essay outline. This should guide you when it comes to structuring your essay. A good outline will help you determine where and how to present information in your essay.

Many students wonder, how do you start off an opinion essay? Well, the first thing is to read a great sample from a trusted custom essay writing service. Once you’ve done that, research your topic and then draft an outline. Once you’ve done that, start writing without minding about grammar. The opening statement in opinion essay is very important. Make sure that it captures the attention of the readers and motivate them to keep reading.

Follow these to write an essay with an introduction, body, and conclusion, and then edit your work before you submit it for marking.

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