160 Best Persuasive Essay Topics That Will Thrill Your Readers

persuasive essay topics

Don’t you think that the globe is treading on a dangerous path by legalizing marijuana? While it is true that marijuana has some medicinal value, do the legislations on marijuana legalization factor long-term effects? Why are we fixated on marijuana? Are there other plants that can be used instead of marijuana? When selecting persuasive essay topics, a student needs to look for the most trending subjects.

We can lend a hand to assist you in getting flaming hot persuasive essays topics. But picking persuasive topics is simply the beginning. To craft a moving persuasive essay, you need top-notch writing skills, research skills, and above all, a comprehensive understanding of the subject. Also, you must be able to craft your paper following strict guidelines such as Harvard formatting or APA formatting. Does that sound too much to handle? To avoid writing a standard or below par essay, you should buy custom papers done by expert writers. With writing help from professional writers, you can never go wrong!

What Exactly Is A Persuasive Essay?

Before diving into the hot persuasive essay topics, it is important to start by answering the question: “What is a persuasive essay?” A persuasive essay is a type of academic assignment that explains a specific topic by attempting to persuade the reader that a specific point of view is more logical and valid. It is prudent to use solid evidence by providing facts, examples, statistics, and quoting experts where possible to support your point/s.
Note that although some standard tests might have some components of persuasion, most persuasive essays are done out of class. Your tutor will give such assignments as part of your homework.

Writing a Winning Persuasive Essay: A Short Guide

Now that you know what a persuasive essay is, the next question is: “What is the best way to write it?” Here is a short guide to help you nail it like a pro!

  • Once you have selected the best essay title, start by picking a position. For example, if you are talking about the legalization of marijuana, you might want to write for or against it. Then, state the paper’s purpose to set the stage for the reader.
  • Carefully analyze the target audience to establish its stand. This will give you a clear idea of the tone to use when writing the paper. For example, if the audience is opposed to your stand, you will need to dig more facts, numbers, and experts’ input on the topic.
  • Comprehensively research your topic. Here, the secret is to read widely to capture the latest aspects of the subject. In addition to reading the history reports in the school library, consider talking to some experts on the subject. Book an appointment with a professional, a government agent, your lecturer, or medical practitioner and take a few moments to interview him/her. It will be fun.
  • Craft the essay outline. While the primary structure follows the Introduction, body, conclusion model, you need to make it as interesting as possible. In the introduction, make sure to grab the attention of the reader with facts, metaphors, or mind-boggling statistics on the subject. Then, structure the body of the essay well to capture all the topics while striking an impressive flow. Then, close the essay with an impressive summary of the main points. You could even cite gaps that you found when writing the essay and call for further studies. Do not spare any effort to make the essay sparkle!
  • Make sure to follow your school’s guidelines on writing essays. For example, does your college recommend using APA formatting or Chicago formatting? Make sure to also provide the references at the end of the essay in line with the formatting model.

In the next section, we are going to look at great topics to write a persuasive essay on. “I need good topics to write my essays” you might be thinking. Well here are some. We categorized them based on the academic level, and specific subjects to make it easy for you to identify the ideal topic for a persuasive essay.

Sport Persuasive Speech Topics And Essay Topics

  1. All animal fighting sports are unethical.
  2. College sports are fun: Avoid falling prey to stereotypes.
  3. Students should be paid for playing sports in school.
  4. Hunting should be banned.
  5. All alcohol adverts during sports should be banned.
  6. Extreme sports are dangerous and should be banned.
  7. Not every great sportsperson can become a great coach.
  8. Women coaches should only work with female athletes.
  9. Bodybuilding is bad for women.
  10. Women athletes have higher chances of suffering injuries compared to men.

Persuasive Topics About Music

  1. Most people hate classical music.
  2. Jazz music is extinct.
  3. Hard rock influences people negatively.
  4. Cows give more milk when they listen to classical music.
  5. Pop music is associated with violence.
  6. Playing classical music can make plants grow faster.
  7. Portable music devices make students unable to concentrate.
  8. Music is the best tool for preaching patriotism.
  9. Downloading technology will kill the music industry.
  10. To play great music, the most important thing is a good producer and not necessarily talent.

Best Persuasive Speech Topics About Animals

  1. Global warming is a major threat to the coral reef.
  2. It is unethical to use animals in circuses.
  3. Reasons why training pets through reward and punishment is wrong.
  4. Is it a good idea to euthanize stray animals?
  5. Why it is wrong to keep animals as pets.
  6. Do vegetarians really care about animals?
  7. What is the best way to slaughter an animal?
  8. Reasons why whaling in the open seas should be banned.
  9. IUCN has failed in its mandate to prevent the extinction of animals.
  10. Businesses that use animals in advertising should remit part of their income for conservation.

Persuasive Argument Topics for Elementary Students

  1. All schools should drop the dress codes.
  2. Children should be allowed to carry and use smartphones in school.
  3. Every person should do exercises daily.
  4. School days should be shortened.
  5. My parents should increase my pocket money for me.
  6. I should be allowed to have a pet
  7. Everybody should grow vegetables at home.
  8. We should ban smoking in school.
  9. Sweets are bad for our health.
  10. I should be allowed to stay at home alone at weekends.

Middle School Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Should access to the internet made a human right for all?
  2. Do violent games make people violent?
  3. Reasons why students should have a say of what they learn.
  4. What are the main challenges that students face in school?
  5. Do people have the responsibility of helping others?
  6. What are the two most important things that every homestead should have?
  7. Do girls and boys face the same pressure in society?
  8. Should we do away with arts and focus on sciences?
  9. Nature or Nurture: What plays a bigger role in determining who we are?
  10. Why is it unfair to give special privileges to minorities?

Persuasive Paper Topics For High School

  1. What is the best way to overcome fear?
  2. Should students be allowed to evaluate their trainers?
  3. Reasons why gym classes should be obligatory.
  4. Why we should make the school calendar longer?
  5. Does the size of a class influence students’ performance?
  6. Do reality television shows strengthen bad stereotypes?
  7. Why violent video games should be banned for minors?
  8. Are education apps helpful?
  9. Should college education be mandatory for all?
  10. Should betting be banned?

Good Essay Topics On Education

  1. Why business-related topics should be mandatory for all students.
  2. Teachers should renew teaching licenses every year.
  3. Parents should be more active in children’s education.
  4. Why students need relief with homework.
  5. Homework is bad for students.
  6. Online writing services are good for students.
  7. Students should only learn in the morning and play all afternoon.
  8. Students who enter school early are more successful in academics.
  9. Online tuition is a great way to improve mathematics performance.
  10. Sex education should start at elementary school.

Persuasive Essay Ideas In Science

  1. Clean energy is the best solution to address pollution.
  2. The moon’s gravitational pull can affect people’s behavior.
  3. Cloning should be banned.
  4. The theory of the black hole is wrong.
  5. Genetically modified objects should be banned.
  6. Albert Einstein was one of the best scientists.
  7. Computer games are dangerous.
  8. Hunting can result in the extinction of species.
  9. A new generation will live on Mars.
  10. Engineering is one of the most important subjects today.

Easy Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Imagine a globe with dogs as rulers: How would it be?
  2. Why do some people hate rock music?
  3. Video games can enhance your grades.
  4. Why are people tempted to read spam emails?
  5. Children must have chores at home.
  6. Why summer classes should be banned?
  7. The best destination for a summer holiday.
  8. Sports in school should be made mandatory.
  9. Parents should limit the time their kids stay on television.
  10. Reasons why every home should have a pet.

Persuasive Speech Topics For College

  1. The society does not need to educate women.
  2. The biggest problem in the world today is polygamy.
  3. Lesbian and gay parents bring up deviant children.
  4. All countries should be banned from using biological weapons.
  5. Torture should be banned permanently.
  6. Why should family planning be prohibited?
  7. Should the rich pay higher taxes?
  8. Privacy or security: Which one do you think comes first?
  9. Should the government be allowed to spy on its citizens?
  10. Should the voting age be lowered?

Funny Ideas for Persuasive Essays

  1. If you drink wine every day, you will be wiser.
  2. Video games are the best way to improve a person’s IQ.
  3. Without bad experiences, life would be boring.
  4. The legal drinking age should be lowered.
  5. It is alright to interrupt others when you have something interesting to tell them.
  6. Being an adult is very tough.
  7. What is the best way to blame someone for your mistake?
  8. Camping is dangerous.
  9. Every adult is still partly a child.
  10. Do you know what your pet is thinking about?

Persuasive Essay Topics For Kids

  1. Why children should be allowed to go to school with pets.
  2. School play hours be extended?
  3. Parents should decide the pocket money to give to kids.
  4. What age should children be allowed to start dating?
  5. Why all students should have a chance to lead others in the class.
  6. All homework should be changed to group work.
  7. Why you should invite your class teacher to visit your home.
  8. Should parents open bank accounts for their children?
  9. Mom or dad: Who should cook supper every day?
  10. Why every kid should visit a zoo?

Persuasive Writing Topics Middle School

  1. Should cheerleading be considered as a type of sport?
  2. Pros and cons of free Wi-Fi in cities.
  3. Should stout people be charged more in public transport?
  4. Should teachers be allowed to have and use smartphones in class?
  5. Should sports advertising be allowed in schools?
  6. Should government tax foreign goods more than the local products?
  7. Why the minimal working age should be lowered to 15 years.
  8. Should fast foods be banned?
  9. What are the merits and demerits of using school uniforms?
  10. Why we should ban tobacco growing and sale.

5 Paragraph Persuasive Essay Ideas

  1. Should dads get paternal leave just like mothers?
  2. Why we should allow the army to promote their programs in schools.
  3. Demonstrating why we should lower the drinking age.
  4. Is the fee charged in college too high?
  5. Is our election system fair?
  6. Should schools add fast food to their menus?
  7. Is it ethical to test sportspeople for drugs?
  8. Should rape victims be allowed to abort?
  9. Reasons why the penalty for drunk driving should be intensified.
  10. Should driving without a seat be considered a crime?

Persuasive Essays on Environment

  1. Why the US withdrawal from the Paris Environmental protocol is a bad idea.
  2. Reasons why conservation should be taught at all levels of education.
  3. What is the best way to fight pollution?
  4. What is the main cause of thawing polar ice?
  5. At the current rate of global warming, how will the population of the big five species in the next 200 years be?
  6. Only crocodiles can survive global warming.
  7. Will global warming trigger mass extinction similar to the ice age?
  8. What is the best way to fight littering?
  9. Why nuclear power should be outlawed?
  10. Why we will never overcome climate change?

Persuasive Writing Topics on Immigration

  1. The increase in illegal immigration is caused by poverty.
  2. Illegal immigration is associated with slavery.
  3. Illegal immigrant kids should be given citizenship.
  4. Illegal immigration can be stopped by installing more strict laws.
  5. Refugees escaping from war-torn countries should be given citizenship.
  6. Immigrants should be forced to learn the local language and laws.
  7. The best way to prevent illegal immigration is by building a tall border.
  8. The government should install a system to support illegal immigrants and then send them back home.
  9. Separating illegal immigrant kids from their mothers is cruel.
  10. Civil wars result in increasing the number of illegal immigrants.

With the above impressive persuasive essay ideas, you are ready to go! You will never have to worry about getting stuck with no ideas to write on. Remember that after picking a topic for a persuasive essay and writing it, you need to polish it. You should focus on removing clichés and grammar mistakes. To ensure that your essay is of the highest possible quality, you should also contact a professional writing team and order custom term paper. The experts can also suggest more complex or simple persuasive speech topics and persuasive speech topics.

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