211 Problem Solution Essay Topics For A Perfect Piece

Problem Solution Essay Topics

There are always problems around us every day which needs solutions. For instance, you are on this webpage because you faced a difficulty somewhere and therefore you need an answer to that problem. That is why we formed this online site to offer affordable writing help to students to score top grades. Read on then to identify 211 of the most professional problem and solution essay topics.

What Are Problem Solutions Topics?

They are academic writing ideas on the problem of a particular situation and possible solutions to the problem at hand. One can compare such a paper to the cause and effect essays. This essay will explain working solutions for a difficulty that people have been experiencing.

When developing problem solution topics, follow the steps below:

  • Create a list of the various groups that you are a member of (school, community, or organization)
  • Identify some of the challenges you have gone through in some of these groups
  • Find possible solutions that can alleviate the problem
  • Begin writing your paper!

The best solutions to any problems should be:

  • Practical in nature
  • Able to solve the problem to a great extend
  • Feasible and cost-effective
  • Easy to implement at all levels

A quality problem and solution essay consist of the following major components:

  • The situation at hand
  • Presentation of the problem
  • The solution
  • An evaluation of the solutions

When structuring your problem and solution essay, you can either use the block or chain format to communicate effectively. However, you should consult your instructor on which one is best for your level or institution before proceeding.

Now let’s explore some of the best problems and solutions examples:

Expert Problem Solution Essay Topics on Health

  1. Ways in which society can help reduce cases of heart diseases
  2. How to care for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy
  3. How to deal with lung diseases in their initial stages
  4. Methods of preventing accidents that occur at work
  5. How to avoid the recurrence of stroke
  6. How can patients living with Alzheimer’s diseases maintain a healthy lifestyle?
  7. The best way to deal with diabetes for school-going children
  8. How to prevent flu and pneumonia during winter seasons
  9. What we can do to keep kidney diseases at bay
  10. How we can prevent suicide among college and university students
  11. Effective ways of containing the spread of the coronavirus disease
  12. How we can alleviate the pain of those suffering from depression
  13. How to assist patients in developing countries who need advanced medical care
  14. How to harness enough oxygen for hospitals
  15. How to prevent the occurrence of skin diseases in adverse climatic conditions
  16. Ways of managing breast cancer among women

Problem And Solution Topics on Relationships

  1. How to eradicate communication barriers in relationships
  2. Practical ways of making long-distance relationships work
  3. What ladies can do to prevent being too emotional in relationships
  4. How one can leave an abusive relationship
  5. How to break up with a partner without hurting them
  6. The impact of short messaging and video calls on relationships
  7. How can we deal with age differences in a relationship?
  8. How to handle people who have been hurt before in other relationships
  9. How to deal with stereotyping in relationships
  10. Working ways of dating and courting effectively
  11. How to deal with improper conduct in a relationship
  12. When to involve family and friends in a relationship crisis
  13. How women can ask men out without feeling ashamed
  14. How to deal with differences in culture in relationships
  15. How to appreciate each other in a relationship

Problem Solution Essay Topics For College Students

  1. How to prepare for an exam without cheating
  2. What’s the best way to deal with bullies in college?
  3. How has the internet affected the performance of college students?
  4. How can professors break the negative attitudes that students have towards them?
  5. How to deal with the problem of racism in colleges
  6. How can we prevent college students from dropping out?
  7. What is the most effective way of gauging the performance of students?
  8. How to make college students desist from getting into relationships
  9. How can college students perform better?
  10. What can we do to increase the number of students going to college?
  11. How to help first years in choosing the right Majors for their college
  12. How can college students from humble backgrounds fit with those from a high social class?
  13. Ways of preventing students from giving someone else to do their research papers
  14. Means of making the best out of online learning during lockdowns
  15. How to prevent college students from engaging in protests and violence

Easy Problem Solution Speech Topics on Sports

  1. How to deal with inadequate training and competition formats
  2. Ways of making football in developing countries thrive on the international arena
  3. How to make the World Cup fair and equal for all
  4. How to deal with long term health effects of certain sports
  5. How to prevent lack of proper fitness among athletes
  6. Ways of coping with poor skill development among sportsmen
  7. How to deal with problems arising from over-competition focused on winning
  8. How to avoid under-training for football players
  9. How to deal with fluctuating national performances in sports
  10. How to integrate physical education programs in the schools and elite competitive programs
  11. How to balance between speed, stamina, and strength in training programs
  12. How to manage athletes with physical disabilities
  13. Ways of dealing with complaints of poor pay among sportsmen
  14. How to prevent sports personalities from being unethical in their conduct
  15. Methods of developing sports talents at a young age

Problem Solution Essay Topics List on Technology

  1. What should we do to prevent social media addiction among teenagers?
  2. How can robots co-work with humans without rendering them jobless?
  3. What is the most effective way of patenting an innovation?
  4. How can we make technology the solution instead of the problem?
  5. How can long exposure to UV rays affect your health?
  6. How should the government develop non-punitive technology-related laws?
  7. How can we prevent teenagers from misusing the internet?
  8. Is the current 5G technology a threat to a man?
  9. What can we do to improve human-computer interfaces?
  10. How to develop user-friendly systems that do not have bugs
  11. How to deal with cases of espionage
  12. What is the best way to increase accessibility to the internet in developing countries?
  13. How to improve technological systems used in smart cities
  14. What changes can we make to desktops to make them more user-friendly?
  15. How to deal with phishing and spying on the internet

High School Topics For Problem Solution Essays

  1. How can students use online essays for their inspiration instead of copying them?
  2. What is the best way to do your homework?
  3. How should students handle complex subjects in school?
  4. How do you deal with low grades in math papers?
  5. Working solutions to the problem of using phones in class
  6. How to choose a topic for your high school essay
  7. How high school students can overcome insecurities with the opposite sex
  8. How can teachers help students with low self-esteem?
  9. How to prevent procrastination amongst high school students
  10. How can a student safely use online resources to find academic information?
  11. Ways of preventing the adverse effects of corporal punishment
  12. How can a student using online writing services benefit from them?
  13. How can you ensure that your essay is non-plagiarized?
  14. How to deal with peer pressure in high school
  15. How to enhance good morals among students in high school

Good Problem Solution Essay Topics

  1. How to create jobs for people living in the countryside
  2. Ways of developing better family relationships for young parents
  3. How to improve access to education in developing countries
  4. Methods of enhancing healthcare systems during the coronavirus pandemic
  5. The best way to deal with an addiction of any kind
  6. Why friends are essential in living a productive life
  7. How to manage radicalization in religions
  8. How to make online communication tools more effective
  9. The role of teaching proper ethical practices among employees
  10. The effectiveness of a student-based curriculum
  11. How to deal with alcohol addiction among teens
  12. Ways of enhancing relationships between parents and their children
  13. How to make people with physical impairments feel like part of the society
  14. Why one needs to go to church
  15. How to deal with domestic violence in the case of school-going children

Ethical Problem Solution Ideas

  1. How to deal with discrimination and harassment at work
  2. Ways of managing privacy while on social media platforms
  3. How to prevent ‘cooking the books in the practice of accounting
  4. Ways of curbing harassment and bullying on social media
  5. How citizens can help manage unethical political leaders
  6. How to deal with a toxic workplace
  7. Ways of using technology without invading confidential information
  8. How to enhance ethical hacking among computer scientists
  9. Dealing with the anonymity of sources in TV news expose
  10. How to prevent abortion at all costs
  11. The role of the courts in dealing with improper conduct among members of a society
  12. How to ensure the safety of children online
  13. How to deal with fake and scamming messages on social media
  14. The role of TV shows in enhancing ethical behaviour in a society
  15. Ways of preventing the suffering of animals during experiments

Easy Problem Solution Essay Topics

  1. How to deal with the problem of abortion in the society
  2. Ways of preventing suicide and assisted suicide in hospitals
  3. How to make censorship more friendly rather than punitive
  4. How to curb illegal immigration without undermining human rights
  5. How to deal with public nudity on television and the streets
  6. Legal ways of dealing with female genital mutilation
  7. How to make blasphemy laws more effective
  8. How to override challenges facing laws and policies on gun ownership
  9. Alternative ways of administering capital punishment other than death
  10. Methods of developing practical laws to prevent drug abuse
  11. How to avoid smoking in public places
  12. Methods of formulating applicable gambling laws
  13. Enacting prostitution laws that maintain the morality of the society
  14. practical ways of dealing with issues arising from the appropriate age of consent
  15. What is the right age to leave school and why?

Problem Solving Essay Ideas on Transport

  1. How to manage traffic congestion in urban cities effectively
  2. Ways of dealing with difficulties arising from parking spaces
  3. How to deal with longer commuting between residential places and workplaces
  4. Alternative means of dealing with public transport inadequacy
  5. How to alleviate the various challenges for non-motorized transport
  6. How to prevent traffic flows from affecting public space
  7. Cost-effective ways of maintaining and upgrading transport infrastructure
  8. How to avoid adverse environmental impacts generated by transport utilities
  9. Ways of managing energy consumption by urban transportation
  10. How to deal with high energy prices in developing countries
  11. How to reduce the increasing number of accidents and fatalities
  12. How to make the streets safe for public transport at night
  13. How to bring down the significant footprint of transportation
  14. How to balance between globalization and the materialization of the economy
  15. How to achieve speed and convenience in the transport industry

Problem Solution Essay Topics For Middle School

  1. How to develop comics that help students learn complex concepts
  2. How to prevent cyberbullying for high school students
  3. How students from single-parent families can lead an everyday life
  4. How to reduce noise pollution from industries
  5. The role of students in preventing environmental pollution
  6. How music is both a unifying and empowerment factor
  7. How to make students stay active during afternoon classes
  8. Ways of helping students perform better in their homework
  9. How to make students love school and studies in general
  10. Innovative methods of teaching afternoon classes
  11. Why wasting food is bad for our planet
  12. How to manage air pollution in major world cities
  13. How to reduce the impact of greenhouse gases from transport
  14. What we can do to reduce the rising acidic levels in oceans
  15. How to take care of your pet without infringing on its rights

Practical Ideas For Problem Solution Essays

  1. What every country can do to solve the problem of climate change
  2. How to develop clean waterways
  3. How to use solar energy to reduce energy consumption
  4. How to manage the earth’s population to prevent stretching of the available resources
  5. What is the solution to the effects of genetically modified crops?
  6. How to make parents take their children for vaccination
  7. How to develop a new exercise routine and remain consistent
  8. How parents can help prevent childhood obesity
  9. Healthy diets that help against health problems like heart diseases
  10. How to make access to healthcare affordable to everyone
  11. How to deal with the stigma surrounding mental health
  12. How to reduce the risk of contracting asthma through air pollution
  13. How schools and governments can help prevent the use of tobacco
  14. How to avoid accidental deaths related to guns
  15. How teachers can help students suffering from difficulties at home

Environmental Problem Solution Essay Topics

  1. How to deal with the surging climate change
  2. How to develops better sources of renewable energy in industries
  3. How to conserve water catchment areas
  4. How to reduce the impact of biodiversity and improper land use
  5. Ways of preventing environmental pollution through heavy metals and chemicals
  6. How to deal with industrial air pollution
  7. Home-based methods of managing waste
  8. How to prevent the ozone layer from depleting
  9. How to maintain the survival of aquatic life
  10. Legal ways of working deforestation
  11. How to prevent poor governance from leading to a climate crisis
  12. How to avoid plastic pollution
  13. How to reduce human-caused greenhouse gas emissions
  14. How to prevent global temperature rise
  15. How to reduce the melting of ice caps

Local Problem Solution Essay Topics

  1. How to prevent sexual assaults on campuses
  2. How to deal with mass shootings
  3. How to curb police brutality
  4. How to manage student loan debts
  5. Ways of coping with consumer debt
  6. How to eradicate cases of long term unemployment
  7. How to prevent child labour
  8. Worker exploitation
  9. Home foreclosures
  10. Corruption in politics
  11. Government surveillance
  12. Problems caused by the partisanship
  13. Violation of voter rights
  14. Legalization of marijuana
  15. Endangered wildlife species

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