80 Outstanding Illustration Essay Topics To Choose From

Illustration Essay Topics

Topics for illustration essay can be a pain in the back for most students. However, our professional writers have put together a comprehensive list to springboard your grades to the next level. Could you have a look at them?

Sample Sports Topics For Illustration Essay

  1. Discuss the role of a coach and the technical bench
  2. Illustrate the most important things to do before choosing a football team
  3. Present ten key benefits of water for sportsmen
  4. Explain with examples why most people prefer the English Premier League
  5. Illustrate how sporting activities have helped reduce crime
  6. Show how the World Cup has brought people together
  7. Demonstrate how sports are important for college students
  8. With relevant illustrations, show how coronavirus has affected sports

Illustration Example Essay Topics in Education

  1. Describe how virtual learning is impacting students
  2. Illustrate how teachers can motivate students
  3. Demonstrate meaningful ways of helping slow learners
  4. How does canning help to prevent unruly behaviour in schools?
  5. Why it is possible to maintain COVID-19 protocols in schools
  6. How to deal with students who bully others in college
  7. Show ways in which academic research can be improved
  8. Explain how to make learning institutions safer

Illustration Essay Topics List in Technology

  1. Write an illustrative essay on the impacts of 5G technology
  2. Describe how people are using technology to harm others
  3. Ways in which we can improve technological innovations in schools
  4. Demonstrate how to come up with an effective innovation hub
  5. Outline the key benefits of technological advances in society
  6. Explain the key features of smartphones
  7. Illustrate ways in which technology has made the world safe
  8. Using technology to transform developing countries

Good Illustration Essay Topics in Transport

  1. Demonstrate how electric vehicles are the game changer
  2. Using examples, demonstrate how to make water transport safer
  3. Demonstrate your knowledge of the safety of air travel
  4. How have improved transport systems affected the economy?
  5. Explain the connection between transport and urban development
  6. Ways of decongesting traffic in busy economic hubs
  7. Illustrate how the effectiveness of taxis and cabs
  8. Demonstrate how SpaceX has revolutionized space exploration

Examples of Illustration Essay Topics in Business

  1. Demonstrate your knowledge of the principles of marketing
  2. Illustrate ways in which to make a start-up thrive
  3. How are giant companies like Microsoft outsmarting their competitors?
  4. Explain how recessions can lead to a total economic collapse
  5. How do banks help in the economy of a country?
  6. Illustrate how online banking is restructuring the market
  7. How does the New York Stock Market exchange work?
  8. Explain the role of effective upward and horizontal communication

List of Illustration Essay Topics About Health

  1. With examples, demonstrating how the coronavirus affects the human cells
  2. Explain how scientists determine the effectiveness of a vaccine
  3. Giving relevant examples show how one can reduce obesity
  4. Describe how cancer therapies help in alleviating the pain
  5. Illustrate the effectiveness of tablets versus injections
  6. How hospitals keep track of a patient’s health record
  7. Explain why the nursing profession is male-dominated
  8. Show ways in which patient to patient infections occur

Illustration Paragraph Topics in Social Media

  1. Describe how social media is causing depression among teenagers
  2. Ways through which social media is a source of crowd-funding
  3. Illustrate the use of hashtags on Twitter and Facebook
  4. Demonstrate the effectiveness of sharing messages on Instagram
  5. Illustrate how the ‘trending’ feature works on Twitter
  6. With examples, explain why most teenagers use Tik-Tok
  7. Show how online scams work on social media
  8. Explain the relevance of avatars on social media sites

Illustrative Essay Ideas on Politics and Administration

  1. Explain why politicians can pull large masses
  2. Illustrate how presidential candidates use social media as a campaign tool
  3. Describe ways in which citizens participate in decision making
  4. Show how politics is a game of numbers and words
  5. In what ways are politicians deceiving unsuspecting voters?
  6. Are third world countries exercising democracy?
  7. Demonstrate how dictatorial leadership is slowly rising in Africa
  8. Explain the role of political analysts before and after elections

Illustration Essay Topic Ideas For College

  1. Illustrate how college students cheat in exams
  2. Identify and describe the role of athletics in college
  3. Ways of preventing crime in college
  4. How can professors track the progress of their students in college?
  5. Demonstrate how one can choose a college major
  6. Are online classes effective for technical college subjects?
  7. The importance of group presentations in college
  8. Why colleges are producing half-baked graduates

Professional Ideas For Illustration Essays

  1. Ways in which exercise is important to man
  2. How are developed countries contributing to global warming?
  3. Demonstrate how scientists can help mitigate a pandemic
  4. Explain ways in which students can develop critical thinking skills
  5. With examples, demonstrate how to protect yourself against COVID-19
  6. Illustrate how students are making use of online sources in research
  7. Demonstrate the role of wireless technologies in a technological era
  8. Ways in which society can help the physically disabled

From the expert list above, you can pick one topic as an example and use it to write a compelling illustration essay.

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