111 GED Essay Topics For Fantastic Results

ged essay topics

When writing a GED exam, essay writing will often come up. This is one of the most critical aspects of the exams. It usually gives even the most intelligent students anxiety because they have a limited time to pick a topic and write complete the writing of the essay.

If you are adequately prepared for the essay part of the exam, choosing a preferred topic, writing and completing the essay, and ending up with high scores will not be so difficult.

This article will help you understand what a GED essay is and how to write one. It will also introduce you to some topics you are likely to encounter.

What Is GED, And Why Is It Important?

GED stands for general education development test, and people without a high school diploma can take it as a substitute. A GED candidate will be tested on four significant subjects: Mathematics, English, Social studies, and Sciences.

When you write your GED exams and pass, many opportunities are open for you. Some of them are:

  • You get access to more job opportunities.
  • You could go to college even if you did not complete high school.
  • You can qualify for scholarships.
  • It increases self-confidence.

It takes good studying and preparation for the exams to do well, and learning how to write GED essay topics is one way to get ready.

How To Write An Essay For GED

The essay part of the GED exams is called the extended response question. The format is similar to writing a regular essay when answering this question, but there are some differences. Before going into your custom essay writing, make sure to follow the steps below to structure your essay.

Your essay should have these three essential components:

  • Introduction: Your essay must have a precise topic, and your introduction should show the reader how much you understand the topic you chose. Be creative with it, as the aim is to get the readers’ attention and encourage them to read the rest of your essay.
  • Body: This is where you go all out to project your point. Do not spend too much time telling stories, be clear and concise with the information you are giving out. Please explain the reason for your choices and back it up with proof.
  • Conclusion: Be creative with your conclusion because this is where all your points come together. Here you can tell the reader your opinion in a sentence explaining your choices.

Tips For Writing A Good GED Essay

Here are some tips to help make your GED essay writing process seamless

  • Ensure that your spellings and grammar are correct.
  • Stay on the topic, do not digress.
  • Use the right words. The aim is not to confuse the reader.
  • Let your writing be clear. It makes it easier to read.
  • Do not make your essay too long or too short. A word count between 450 to 900 words is ideal.
  • Explain your points properly.
  • Create an outline before you start writing. It can help you stay on course.

Writing a GED essay can be less challenging if you follow the tricks and tips mentioned above.

Essay Topics For GED

When writing your exams, you should be prepared to encounter essay topics from different subjects and directions. Knowing what essay topics are on the GED will make it easier for you to prepare.

Here are some sample topics for GED essays.

  1. In what ways can students achieve academic excellence?
  2. Is education vital?
  3. What is global warming? Are humans to blame?
  4. What is your opinion on college students having cars?
  5. What makes golfing fun for the elderly?
  6. Why do some people think trousers are for only men?
  7. What is one action you have taken that you regret?
  8. Do cultural traditions, and customs still have value to the younger generation?
  9. Should the education curriculum change?
  10. Who should engage in the Potter and who shouldn’t?
  11. Is including your hobbies in your resume necessary?
  12. What are the most efficient ways to conserve energy?
  13. What influences the way our body reacts to different weather conditions?
  14. How do living things affect the earth and vice versa
  15. How will you define honestly?
  16. Describe the typical man or woman you will marry.
  17. Is jogging in the morning important?
  18. Why do women mature faster than men?
  19. Write about a family member you love.
  20. How has our society changed over time?
  21. Can everybody be called a good parent? What are the qualities of a good parent?
  22. How has your daily routine been affected by technology?
  23. Describe a good boss.
  24.  What period of your life was the best and why?
  25. Write about one thing from your past you would like to change.
  26. What is the most significant or most serious problem in the world?
  27. Should we always be honest?
  28. Should social media be censored?
  29. Is it better to live in a rural or urban city?
  30. How can one successfully deal with stress?
  31. Game-based learning, is it practical?
  32. What do you think is the most important human achievement?
  33. What should parents look out for when raising children?
  34. What is insect-based protein, and do you think vegans should eat it?
  35. What is addiction, and what form does it take?
  36. Can diet and exercise change genetic and physical properties?
  37. Body modification and self-expression: Explain the similarities.
  38. Does donated cash make it to the poor?
  39. How can we reduce the occurrence of drunk driving?
  40. Should everyone vote?
  41. Should students be mandated to complete some hours of community service?
  42. What is love, and why is it so important?
  43. What does it take to be a good teacher?
  44. Should there be a difference between animal and human rights?
  45. Global warming. What is it, and what are the causes?
  46. Is going on a vacation necessary?
  47. What does friendship mean to you?
  48. Degree or experience, which is more critical when looking for a job?

Interesting GED Essay Topics 2023

A lot of exciting activities have taken place in the past year. Some GED essay topics have to reflect recent happenings. Here are some interesting and current essay topics from GED tests.

  1. What is 5G? Will it make any difference?
  2. Should a college degree be necessary for getting a good job?
  3. What role has the internet played in changing our daily routine?
  4. Is the Coronavirus a hoax?
  5. What role does genetics play in the behavior of a child?
  6. Will people still be required to wear masks after the Coronavirus is over?
  7. Is homeschooling better than traditional schooling methods?
  8. Should working from home be continued in all industries?
  9. Remote jobs. What are they, and why do people love them?
  10. Has the ability to do everything from home affected human relationships negatively?
  11. In 2022, are the youths performing better than their mates in the past?
  12. What are student loans? Should they be forgiven?
  13. Should pit bulls be banned as pets?

GED Social Study Essay Topics

Social studies and learning about other people’s cultures are essential. Here are some GED Social studies essay topics to practice with:

  1. Should diplomatic immunity be given to select persons?
  2. Should citizens make governing decisions?
  3. Is the same-sex marriage act right?
  4. Why do we need neighbors?
  5. Who is a friend, and when can someone be considered a true friend?
  6. What is the difference between an extended and nuclear family?
  7. Why do some people prefer large families?
  8. Is it okay to permit people of different cultures and races into your circle?
  9. What is the law surrounding marriage between families?
  10. Write about your favorite uncle.
  11. Diversity in the workplace, how important is it?
  12. Why do we have to get along with people from other races and cultures?
  13. How can people from different backgrounds get along easily?

GED Language Arts Essay Topics

People interested in writing GED exams can use the following topics to prepare for the test.

  1. Should college students be allowed to have multiple jobs?
  2. Should articles and movies downloaded online be paid for?
  3. What is teamwork? Does it make people lazy?
  4. Are examinations the best way to measure intelligence?
  5. What is your biggest goal?
  6. What does success mean to you?
  7. Talk about your favorite teacher.
  8. Should more extracurricular activities be added to the curriculum for high schools?
  9. How do assignments help the students do better?
  10. Pick your favorite artist, and tell us why you love them.
  11. Write about your favorite teacher.

Essay Topics On Nursing For GED Test

These are some essay topics on nursing that GED candidates can expect.

  1. What are some social determinants of our health?
  2. What are some workplace hazards nurses face? Are hospitals doing enough to cater to them?
  3. How do extended work hours affect the health of nurses?
  4. There are arguments that male nurses should not attend to female patients. What is your opinion?
  5. How should nurses react to ethical issues experienced at work?
  6. Why is the medical profession described as one of the most demanding jobs?
  7. Are nurses being protected against COVID-19?
  8. Are nurses the most stressed people in the medical profession?
  9. Can anybody become a nurse?
  10. Why do people prefer female nurses to males?

GED Essay Prompts

You can use the essay prompts below to prepare for your GED exams.

  1. What does being successful indeed mean?
  2. Do fast-food restaurants aid obesity?
  3. Should students be allowed to attend military schools?
  4. Is honesty always the best policy?
  5. What are some of the benefits of hobbies and extracurricular activities?
  6. If you win a lottery, how will you spend the money?
  7. How do we stop people from texting and driving?
  8. What are your long-term goals?
  9. Why is it important to vote?
  10. How do you want to be remembered when you die?
  11. Describe a time when you made a difficult but good decision.
  12. What makes a good friend?
  13. Write about the happiest day of your life.
  14. People say it is different to make the necessary changes in your life. Do you agree or disagree?
  15. Is recycling important?
  16. Who should recycle?

Get Help With GED Prep

Writing your essay in GED exams should not be challenging if you have practiced and studied sample essays. The essay questions are recurrent, so the chances are that the a GED essay topic listed above will be repeated. If you have already written sample essays on some of these topics, writing them for the exam will be easy.

During the exam, you will be given a scrap paper where you can pre-write your essay before transferring it to the main work. But if you do not know how to write essays, all the resources given will be useless to you. It is best to learn how to write a GED essay or practice with GED essay samples before the exams.

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