List of Top 300-Plus Argumentative Essay Topics

argumentative essay Topics

Argumentative essay topics require the learners to investigate ideas, generate, collect, and evaluate the evidence before establishing their position. The question many students ask when educators assign them this task is, what is an argumentative essay? Well, this is a type of academic writing that requires the learner to present two sides of an issue or argument. Essentially, an excellent argumentative essay informs instead of convincing the reader.

Educators assign learners this paper to train their debating abilities. Therefore, it influences the public speaking skills of the learner later in life. Students should focus on information and fact instead of personal preferences or ideas. While the student should present both arguments equally, they can support one position only. Nevertheless, the thesis should include all primary points and their counterpoints.

Argumentative Essay Outline

Once you’ve known what this essay is, the next thing you probably want to learn is how to write it. While students have many ways to approach this essay, the classical approach is the most common technique. This structure consists of these sections.

  1. Introduction

  2. In this section, the learner introduces basic information or background of the issue and their position. Also, the introduction should have a thesis statement stating the stance that the learner will argue.

  3. Reasons supporting the thesis statement

  4. Argument or reason 1 (first main point)

  5. Supporting evidence

  6. Supporting evidence

  7. Argument or reason 2 (Second main point)

  8. Supporting evidence

  9. Supporting evidence

  10. Argument or reason 3 (Third main point)

  11. Supporting evidence

  12. Supporting evidence

  13. Counter arguments and their responses

  14. Mention the other side’s argument if there is an opposing interpretation

  15. Refute the argument from the opposing side

  16. Conclusion

  17. Present your main points while recommending future studies or solutions.

Good Argumentative Essay Topics

Students have many ideas that can be the basis of their argumentative essays. However, some topics are better than others. Here’s a list of the best topics for argumentative essay.

  1. Is firing a cyberbully a suitable punishment?

  2. Does the world need quotas for accepting minority groups’ individuals?

  3. Do working moms deserve special privileges?

  4. Does cultural shock affect how people perceive others?

  5. The drawbacks of a democracy

  6. Life was easier 100 years ago

  7. Are highly competitive environments suitable for working or studying?

  8. Is purchasing a lottery ticket a wise idea?

  9. Is fashion essential?

  10. Does religion cause war?

  11. Are feminists too harsh on women that don’t support their movement?

  12. Is the death penalty effective?

  13. Can illegalizing tobacco prevent smoking?

  14. Are girls in relationships “mean”?

  15. How good is the competition?

  16. How appropriate is affirmative action?

  17. Is gun control a noble idea?

  18. Are teachers and schools responsible for poor test scores?

  19. Are public players good in schools?

  20. Should learning institutions require physical education or foreign language?

  21. Should the government need wealthy individuals to pay higher taxes?

  22. Should the government legalize marijuana nationally?

  23. Should the government illegalize euthanasia?

  24. Is college admission very competitive?

  25. Are colleges charging too high admission fees?

  26. Is college education too expensive?

  27. Is homework helpful or harmful?

  28. Do humans cause climate change?

  29. How effective is the death penalty?

  30. Is the election process is a democratic country fair?

  31. Should humans accept torture?

  32. Do men deserve paternity leave from their workplaces?

  33. How beneficial are school uniforms?

  34. Is the tax system fair?

  35. Can curfews keep teenagers out of problems?

  36. Is cheating in schools controllable?

  37. Should congress members have a term limit?

  38. Does condom availability prevent teenagers’ pregnancy?

  39. Does the government deserve a say in the citizen’s diets?

  40. Should the government allow companies to advertise to children?

  41. Is kids’ behavior worse or better than it was some years back?

  42. Does the world have a throwaway society?

  43. Do law enforcement cameras invade privacy?

  44. How dangerous are cell phones?

  45. Should the government ban cigarette smoking?

  46. Should humans use animals for research?

  47. Are humans over-reliance on computers?

  48. Are professional athletes and actors earning more than they deserve?

  49. Can violent games lead to behavior problems?

  50. Should public schools teach creationism?

  51. Do beauty pageants exploit participants?

  52. Should the EU make English the official language?

  53. Should the government force the racing industry to use biofuels?

  54. Should the government decrease or increase the alcohol drinking age?

  55. Should the government require everyone to recycle?

  56. Should prisoners have voting right in all states?

  57. Should all countries allow same-sex couples to marry?

  58. Does attending a single-sex school benefit the student?

  59. Can boredom cause problems?

  60. Should learning institutions have a year-round session?

  61. Is providing healthcare a government’s responsibility?

  62. Should the government illegalize abortion?

These are relatively easy argumentative essay topics. However, they require creativity to write winning papers.

Argumentative Essay Topics for College

Perhaps, you’re a college student looking for topics for your argumentative essay. In that case, consider these ideas.

  1. Medical marijuana has many positive impacts on different diseases

  2. Schools should teach students to grow their organic foods

  3. Are college degrees worth their price?

  4. Are colleges paying professors more than they deserve?

  5. Not everybody should attend college

  6. Colleges should not allow students to live at home

  7. The college syllabus should add real-life skills

  8. Schools should enable children to design their curriculum

  9. The government should regulate how young adults use the social media

  10. Governments use colleges to make money

  11. Are college assignments helpful?

  12. Should schools introduce sex education?

  13. Why are schools constantly increasing the information students need to learn?

  14. Does homeschooling have challenges?

  15. How do professional orientation testing help learners decide on their professions

  16. Why schools should teach housekeeping

  17. Are female students performing better in school than male learners?

  18. Should learning institutions make every subject optional?

  19. Should colleges make drug tests mandatory for all learners in school?

  20. Should educators continue giving standardized tests to evaluate their learners’ knowledge?

  21. Should students and teachers interact outside the school?

  22. Should good grades be the only thing shaping a college student’s GPA?

  23. Can students stop learning if learning institutions cancel compulsory homework?

  24. Should schools teach different sexual orientation types?

  25. What are the effects of a free college education?

College students can quickly write about these topics. Nevertheless, these ideas require time and creativity to develop winning essays.

Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School

Maybe you’re in middle school, and the educator has assigned you an argumentative essay. In that case, here are exciting ideas to consider for your essay topic.

  1. Is downloading copyrighted music illegally immoral?

  2. Should schools keep common allergens and peanut products?

  3. Does a celebrity have a privacy right?

  4. Should people bring religion into politics or keep it out of it?

  5. Should the government ban photo-shopped magazine covers?

  6. What should lawmakers be concerned about the most?

  7. Should schools require learners to learn a second language?

  8. Should the government outlaw cigarette smoking?

  9. Should everybody have the right to access the internet?

  10. Can violent video games lead to violence in real life?

  11. Is it fair for the minorities to enjoy special consideration or treatment?

  12. Should schools allow students a more significant say in their curriculum?

  13. Are average Americans getting healthy diets?

  14. Do boys face more social pressures than girls?

  15. Is reality television an accurate depiction of real life?

  16. Does nurture or nature play a significant role in determining who a person becomes?

  17. Do CEOs, athletes, and celebrities deserve to earn more money than average persons?

  18. Is arts education as essential as the other curriculums?

  19. How good is common core for students?

  20. What should every household do to conserve energy?

  21. Is everybody responsible for helping others?

  22. What are the challenges facing students today?

  23. What is the value of pop culture?

  24. Should a parent monitor how their children use the internet?

  25. Is national security or individual privacy more important?

  26. How does a growing environment affect who a person becomes?

  27. Should all learners recite the Pledge of Allegiance in schools?

  28. Should official documents and forms include more than two options regarding gender?

  29. What is the value of participation trophies?

  30. Should parents restrict screen time for their children?

  31. Is climate change happening?

  32. What are the responsibilities of governments in taking care of their citizens?

  33. Are males too dominating?

  34. Schools should give students a 1-hour lunch break

  35. How toys can change a kid’s life

These are good topics for middle school students to use as the basis of their argumentative essays. However, learners should take time to gather relevant evidence to support their arguments.

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

Controversy fuels argumentative essays because debating facts is not easy. For instance, you can’t argue that the United States comprises 50 states. Therefore, the best argumentative essay topics are controversial. Here’s a list of such issues that you can debate about in your papers.

  1. How efficient is the death penalty?

  2. Only individuals with native ability can make great politicians

  3. Should humans use animals in testing or experiments?

  4. Does gun control help in regulating crimes?

  5. How fair is the American electoral process?

  6. Negative and positive effects of feminism

  7. Trump was the best U.S. President

  8. Politics is a dirty game that is everywhere

  9. The current system is too corrupt

  10. Celebrities fail in their political careers

  11. The British government politics

  12. Governments overrate global climate change

  13. Governments should ban gambling because it destroys lives

  14. The government should address cyberbullying

  15. How to fight corruption issues

  16. Why the government should fight illegal immigration

  17. Controversial topics develop teens’ negotiation skills and imagination

  18. The government should set the minimum alcohol drinking age at 18 years

  19. Homelessness shouldn’t have a place in the 21st century

  20. The consequences of journalism censorship

  21. Euthanasia and ethical issues

  22. Schools should make homework optional

  23. Colleges should offer free courses online

  24. The government should force people to learn first aid measures

  25. Women deserve more rights than men

  26. Every job should have flexible working hours

  27. Using animals for research is a crime

  28. Mass consumerism is the primary threat to the environment

  29. Governments should make HIV testing compulsory for all citizens

  30. Parents can’t choose their children’s names

  31. The marriage institution is a historical relic

  32. Students should spend at least one-year volunteering

  33. The government should boost LGBTQ awareness for the older generations

  34. The government should take gun control more seriously

  35. Are men and women equal?

  36. Should schools include religious studies in their syllabuses?

  37. Is mercy killing ethical?

  38. Is calling somebody ugly moral?

  39. Should beauty pageants judge applicants on their appearance?

  40. Should Muslim countries legalize same-sex marriages?

  41. Should elite institutions give transgender people opportunities?

  42. Should the government treat illegal immigrants the same as legal citizens?

  43. Should the government legalize abortion?

  44. Does the Black Lives Matter movement support inclusiveness?

These are some of the most controversial ideas to discuss in argumentative essays. Nevertheless, some of them require some research to write winning papers.

Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

Perhaps, you are interested in writing an essay on an argumentative topic that your readers will find funny and exciting to read. In that case, consider these humorous topics for your argumentative papers.

  1. Does the world have more homeless college learners today?

  2. What can humans do to prepare for the impacts of global warming?

  3. Is alien captivity a threat or a future possibility?

  4. What goes on in a dog’s mind?

  5. Can a dad perform better than a mum when raising a child?

  6. How can a person make a summer weekend more exciting?

  7. What to do when a loved one forgets your birthday

  8. How to make your parent or guardian give you more money

  9. Why do families add dessert to dinner tables

  10. Funny things your mum keeps saying

  11. Would you like to be part of a different family if you had a chance?

  12. Does every teenager need an iPhone or a smartphone?

  13. How good are one-child families?

  14. Should you irritate your parents or siblings for annoying you?

  15. Should school kids use their parent’s credit cards?

  16. Things driving instructors never tell their students

  17. Why your customer must not always be right

  18. Why individuals have mismatched socks

  19. Why your cat acts so entitled

  20. Why does a CEO earn too much?

  21. How to irritate someone on the first date

  22. Why do your social media friends seem better than those in your real-world

  23. Why do nice girls always date morons

  24. Why Charlie Chaplin is an iconic figure

  25. Can a dog smile?- Explaining this expression

  26. Can a person win the war against terror on their bed?

  27. Should a politician spend time watching funny videos and memes?

  28. Is the celebrities’ fame due to negative P.R.?

  29. Animal cuddling as a viable career choice

  30. How funny are cat videos?

  31. How good is smoking?

  32. Why everybody should get braces

  33. Why observing your dressing sense essential while dating

  34. How playing with toys can alter your life

  35. Why you will get better friends on Instagram than on Facebook

These are excellent topics to write about when the educator assigns you an argumentative essay. Nevertheless, try to be creative to develop a winning paper.

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

If you’re a fan of sports, you might want to write about contentious issues in this niche. Here are brilliant sports ideas to consider for your paper.

  1. How dangerous are violent video games?

  2. Is there a sport for the wealthiest people only?

  3. Is cheerleading suitable for every game?

  4. Do steroids have a legal alternative?

  5. Can you train every muscle group by swimming?

  6. Which sport is the most dangerous?

  7. Are sports cheating techniques out of control?

  8. Does participating in sporting activities help teens avoid trouble?

  9. Does competing help a person prove their competence?

  10. Can engaging in sports lead to positive behavioral change in children?

  11. Can sports help you in maintaining a healthy weight?

  12. Should schools provide physical education?

  13. Racial and ethnic discrimination in sports

  14. Are sportswomen receiving the same appreciation as sportsmen?

  15. Should the government allow unhealthy brands to sponsor sports programs?

  16. Should society encourage females to participate in sporting activities?

  17. Should athletes take steroids to improve their performance?

  18. Is playing computer games a form of sport?

These are good topics to explore in the sports niche. However, learners should spend a good time gathering and evaluating evidence to support their arguments.

American History Argumentative Essay Topics

If interested in American history, you can write argumentative essays about topics in this category. Here are some of the best ideas for these essays.

  1. What caused the American revolution?

  2. What makes the Second Amendment the most controversial aspect of the U.S. constitution?

  3. How the Federal Reserve affected the Great Depression

  4. How slavery affected the American economy

  5. Could the Southern States have left the Union without a war?

  6. How the Mormons affect the American outlook

  7. What Barack Obama was the best President America has ever had

  8. What ended slavery in America

  9. The American civil rights movement

  10. The American foreign policy in the 21st century

  11. Why Donald Trump is the most hated U.S. president

  12. How the Great Depression affected the American people

  13. The discovery of the North American continent

  14. Will the U.S. initiate the third world war?

  15. American history is biased because the winners write it.

These are exciting argumentative topics about American history. But writing good essays about them requires extensive research and analysis.

Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics

When pursuing a psychology course in college or university, you might want to write an essay about an argumentative topic. In that case, consider exploring these ideas for your papers.

  1. Psychologists shouldn’t share their patients’ details

  2. How therapy helps a person in the long run

  3. Playing outdoors can help in building the immunity system of a kid

  4. Why bedtime storytelling is no longer fashionable

  5. How good sleep helps your health

  6. How fad diets help with weight loss

  7. Keeping a pet makes a person physically and mentally fit

  8. A good diet improves your health

  9. Hygiene is vital for health

  10. Does society need better health policies?

  11. Boy-girl friendship can’t work

  12. Are parents encouraging gender stereotypes?

  13. Why depression is the primary illness in modern society

  14. Why the government should legalize surrogacy

  15. Men need protection from feminist attacks

Consider these ideas for your paper if interested in psychology. Nevertheless, take your time to analyze them before writing.

Argumentative Essay Topics about Animals

If you’re a fan of animals, you might want to write a paper about a contentious issue in this category. Here are the best ideas to consider.

  1. Why bunnies are beautiful creatures

  2. Every country should have laws for protecting animals

  3. Humans should not keep aggressive animals as pets

  4. Hunting restrictions should depend on environmental areas

  5. Why is a dog so loyal to its owner

  6. The government should ban companies from using animals to test beauty products

  7. Can a dog understand what you say?

  8. How watching funny cat videos impact your brain

  9. The world doesn’t need animal drugs experimentation

  10. How emotional support from animals help you release stress

  11. How to prevent cyber-bullying

  12. How to heal kids with post-trauma syndrome

  13. Childhood situations that can have severe effects in adulthood

  14. A mental disorder that can hinder you from living an everyday life comfortably

  15. Factors that lead to a happy partnership

  16. What being morally responsible means in modern society

Any of these notions can be a good topic for your psychology argumentative paper. Nevertheless, some of these titles require extensive research to write brilliant essays.

Technology Argumentative Essay Topics

Maybe you’re interested in technology and its impacts on human life. In that case, this list has some of the best ideas to consider.

  1. Should humans focus on something else past technological developments?

  2. Are computer games harmful or beneficial?

  3. Is A.I. a general threat?

  4. How technology can render education redundant

  5. How to protect financial accounts from any form of hacking

  6. Is more miniaturization and technology better for the planet?

  7. Should humans focus on learning about future technologies and their potential instead of what they already have?

  8. Should the government and parents prohibit video games below a specific age?

  9. Should A.I. or robots replace some people at their workplaces?

  10. Should humans depend on the current technology wholly?

  11. Can artificial intelligence lead to human extinction?

  12. Can a person be addicted to the internet?

  13. How technology affects humans innovation power

  14. How over-reliance on technology devices made humans idle

  15. Should humans use eBooks more than paper books?

Explore these ideas if you’re interested in technology. Nevertheless, prepare to spend an adequate amount of time researching evidence to support your argument.

Argumentative Essay Topics on Immigration

Do you want to explore immigration issues in your research and writing tasks? If yes, consider these topics for your papers.

  1. Illegal immigration will reduce if employers check documents of their employees thoroughly

  2. The government should consider refugees as legal immigrants

  3. Illegal immigrants’ children should access the public system

  4. Illegal immigration provokes terrorism

  5. Immigration helps the national economy

  6. How assimilation and multiculturalism can deal with immigration

  7. Deportation can’t solve the illegal immigration problem

  8. The economic arguments that support and oppose the current immigration law’s reformation in the U.S.

  9. How immigration affects individuals’ lives

  10. Persuade the audience whether the immigration rates escalate drug use in America

These are exciting ideas to explore when interested in studying immigration. However, prepare to research different information sources to gather sufficient evidence to support your argument.

Medical Argumentative Essay Topics

Medical topics revolve around people’s health. If interested in this field, here is a list of brilliant ideas to consider for your papers.

  1. The government should ban junk food for children below 18 years

  2. The government should legalize euthanasia for vegetative states’ patients

  3. The government should authorize doctors to end the life of a terminally ill person

  4. Why mainstream drugs are not better than herbal medicine

  5. Issues that medical experts associated with obesity

  6. Plastic and its link to cancer

  7. Problems that arise from the black market’s organ donation

  8. How diet affects people with type 2 diabetes

  9. Type 2 diabetes and its connection to foot ulcers

  10. Should a person refuse treatment on the grounds of religious beliefs?

These are exciting topics to explore if interested in the medical field. However, identify relevant sources of information or evidence to support your arguments.

Persuasive Argumentative Essay Topics

Maybe you want to write your papers on argumentative and persuasive topics. In that case, this category has some of the most exciting ideas to consider for your essays.

  1. Parents and guardians should not give college children smartphones

  2. Governments should allow all doctors to prescribe medical marijuana to their patients

  3. Is everybody getting the justice they deserve in current society?

  4. Parents should let their kids sleep up to 10 hours per day

  5. Should the government ban energy drinks?

  6. Why are CEO wages so high?- Is there a justification?

  7. The government should prohibit companies from marketing to children

  8. The government should ban smoking

  9. Child’s behavior development in the last decade

  10. Why current society is immortal

These are persuasive, argumentative ideas to consider for your paper. However, research your topic extensively to gather sufficient evidence to support your argument.

Research Argumentative Essay Topics

Perhaps, you want to write a research paper about an argumentative topic. In that case, this list has some of the best ideas to consider for your research paper.

  1. Is music the same as real art?

  2. How to lower childcare expenses in the United States

  3. How effective is rehab for sex offenders?

  4. Is a literate person a better parent?

  5. Should schools ban on-campus vending machines?

Consider such ideas for your argumentative research papers. Nevertheless, prepare to spend time researching your topic to develop a winning essay.

Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

Perhaps, you’re looking for exciting ideas for your academic papers. If so, consider the topics in this category.

  1. Can people live without cell phones and the internet?

  2. Drinking milk every day can strengthen your bones

  3. Hunger and obesity are malnutrition problems

  4. Why a freezing computer is so frustrating

  5. Technology is making humans zombies

  6. Sports gambling and related issues

  7. Schools should educate children about smoking dangers

These are interesting ideas to explore when the educator assigns you an argumentative paper. Nevertheless, prepare to spend your time researching before writing the essay.

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