147 Engaging Satire Topics To Write About

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Society is rife with satire ideas right now. Many wrote on funny satirical topics based on Mark Zuckerberg’s WhatsApp, Facebook, and others’ outage recently. Satire has become a significant part of entertainment and pop culture, and many are familiar with it. It is often humorous, and it pokes at both serious and light issues. Before you create your satire project ideas or find satire topics to write about, you should know what satire is.

What is Satire?

Satire is a form of literature that censures human vices, follies, or shortcomings in a humorous way. It uses ridicule, sarcasm, irony, burlesque, parody, and many others to do this.

The most common means is the use of caricature. You see this in newspapers a lot of times. The intent of all these is to achieve a level of social reform that will redirect society. Satire is a genre in which humans criticize other people, institutions, or public issues intellectually.

How do you Write a Compelling Satire?

Before you find satire topics to write about or interesting satirical writing topics to develop, you need to know how to engage the craft. It would help if you learned how to build your satiric essay to achieve a fantastic effect amongst writers and non-writers. So, how do you write?

  • Know what to write about: You can’t find compelling satire topic ideas out of the moon. It would be best to read from major blogs, newspapers, commentaries, social media, and others. You need to access knowledge on current events. Through this, you’ll find something you care about. It could be gender violence issues; it could be any other form of social or political injustice. Anything that drives you nuts is fine. When you find something satiric, look for inconsistencies in the history. Look for cover-ups or hypocrisies amongst the players involved. It would be best if you also understood the whole story. The recent story about R. Kelly’s jail terms has been making rounds on social media. There is full coverage of it in the New York Times. You can write a satire about how fans find it hard to let go of a celebrity. No, a sexual pervert and a pimp. You can write anything about it, add humor, and pass on your message. But before you do so, you may need to read other people’s satire to know how to write yours.
  • Learn the techniques: The basic technique of writing a satire is using wits, parody, irony, sarcasm, and other basic literary styles. It’s a subtle way of attacking the social ills. When you have satirical social issues to write about, you should consider every satirical device to make it a success. What’s most used is irony, and you can exaggerate too, to drive home your point. You must also make a joke.
  • Avoid slander and libel: While writing, avoid using terms and dictions, which could make the institutions you’re writing against pursuing legal actions. While you’re aware of your right to speech, you must not make yourself a victim of legal challenges. You can also make use of a disclaimer to avoid legal actions. Use fictional names and companies rather than real names and companies.

Now that you know these, here are satirical topics for you as a student or a writer.

Satire Essay Topics

If you want to write a satire essay on any issue, you can consider the topics below. These cut across different social categories, and you can create a great satire with them:

  1. History has been the lesson, not the teacher
  2. The Trump administration blew a trumpet without sound
  3. World War II wasn’t a war; it was a gamble by an old superpower
  4. The Berlin Wall was USSR’s fashion parade
  5. Why do you say Alexander the Great is genuinely great?
  6. What’s wrong with slavery if there’s still capitalism in America?
  7. Nothing was wrong with slavery when slaves worked the farm
  8. White people felt irritated by black people when they replaced them with machine
  9. What happened to black people could happen to all humankind when robots take the streets
  10. You have nothing to be afraid of when you have an American president
  11. You should consider yourself the luckiest person in the world because you have a pen*s
  12. The UK leaves Brexit and ushers its people into what it doesn’t know
  13. Should we consider another Berlin Wall in the Mexican-American borders?
  14. You should not allow Abortion because it washes down your sperm
  15. You should support rape because women do not own their bodies
  16. You should not turn the Bible just because Jesus turned a temple upside down to chase buyers and sellers
  17. The superhero should be the new Hitler, including the suicide part
  18. What is wrong with showing handguns proudly when everyone can pay for them?
  19. The only way to tackle immigration is to take the country’s border to space
  20. The only way to reduce the voting age is to create a “stop growing” vaccine
  21. What Science can’t do doesn’t since it cured malaria
  22. You should not allow euthanasia just because you don’t feel pain
  23. You should continue testing your vaccines on animals because they can’t feel
  24. The country is in a better place when everyone is hungry through your Economic policies
  25. Big brands don’t sell quality products; they sell their names
  26. Love is a token
  27. This is the perfect way to avoid a weird first date
  28. You should talk like a king when you want to avoid that girl on your first date
  29. Fart when you feel like to get away from the love of your life just because you feel like
  30. Why should it not be fair in love and war after all they’re both crises?
  31. Why you should use popular pick-up lines often
  32. Why you should cheat
  33. Why you should not pay rent
  34. Why removing your ring before cheating is the cheating, not the act
  35. You should consider getting a lover before thinking about love
  36. This is why you should marry a nun
  37. You can buy an expensive ring, propose with it, and sell it the next day
  38. Don’t give a damn about love because it is outdated
  39. Marriage is nothing more than sex; No?
  40. This is how the president can ban all cars: increase the pump price

Funny Satire Topics Ideas

If you’ve been asked to create funny satirical essay topics, you can consider the following:

  1. Ten ways to flunk your Maths because your dad is too rich
  2. Marriage is expensive because your partner is too pretty
  3. You can remove the ozone layer and forget our environmental crisis
  4. You don’t like fish because they’re too much in the sea
  5. You should stop pollution by driving your cars faster
  6. Comedy isn’t about rich jokes; all you hear is stupid jokes
  7. You shouldn’t laugh because laughter is an illusion
  8. Why social media is the best place to find love when you don’t have a phone
  9. You should open your legs for pregnancy to avoid your menstrual pains
  10. Why going to school rather than having fun is a great idea
  11. I’ll show you why social media is more important than education
  12. Why your parents must’ve waited before calling you names you don’t like
  13. Dropping out because you want to stay with your partner is the best decision in your entire certificate-less life
  14. How to hate your parent without saying it because they deserve it
  15. How to get a college education when you don’t want to study
  16. How pastors should talk about LGTBQ
  17. Why everyone thinks everyone who is not them will go to hell
  18. Why everyone thinks everyone who isn’t pretty isn’t rich
  19. Why conspiracy theories are the theories you didn’t espouse
  20. The best political culture in Europe wants to quit its bromance with other European countries
  21. Why you can never understand what your president does
  22. You didn’t vote your president in; the party did
  23. How pressuring your boyfriend will make you more beautiful and adorable
  24. Why pressuring your father for money will make him like you more
  25. Why wearing your mother’s shoes will not make you like her
  26. Three things to ask your date before sex
  27. Five things you can get nosy in on a first date: start by asking for the pant’s color
  28. You’re paying the bills: why the hell should you not have sex on the first date?
  29. You’re the only competent person; why should you not dominate all conversations?
  30. What your boyfriend does when you’re sick

High School Satire Ideas

Don’t fret if your professor or teacher asks that you create satire topics to write about. These are good satire topics for your level:

  1. With eyes wide open your eyes: robots will enslave us
  2. Why you should dish the electric vehicle for that smoking car
  3. The Facebook five-hour outage didn’t affect any business, only Mark Zuckerberg’s
  4. How to embarrass yourself before your friend with style
  5. Ten reasons why some of the teachers you hate are so rich
  6. Working late is a way to live healthily
  7. To have Elon Musk’s money, you must be like him
  8. When Google showed Trump as a result of the “idiot” search, he was envied because the idiot factored into Trump
  9. It would help if you did not use your nose mask because it’s a way to fact COVID-19
  10. Don’t take the vaccine. You’ll lose your erection like Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend or friend’s cousin
  11. Here are the reasons why you should go late for interviews
  12. You should not speak in front of a mirror before the presentation
  13. If you’re nervous in class, it means you’re the bravest, not just willed to speak
  14. Getting a good network provider is not the same as a Facebook without an outage
  15. Why you should use free VPNs to access your bank app
  16. Why you should learn after a fraud
  17. Why schools don’t teach you about sex
  18. Why do schools think you should not have sex as a teen
  19. Because you have a lot of blood in your body doesn’t mean you should donate
  20. No vaccine: everyone can die, so far they’re not you
  21. Why you should not cross paths with high school reunions
  22. Why old memories are best as old memories even if they can make you happy
  23. Why you should lie to your friend because you want to make him jealous
  24. Why you will not look stupid, I swear, if you say you’re communist
  25. Ten reasons why people feel Trap is the most foolish genre of music
  26. Why you should not have a favorite subject in class
  27. Ten reasons why you should get your teachers another job
  28. Three reasons why you should try not to try any other skill
  29. Ten good reasons why students lie in class
  30. Ten good reasons why lazy students don’t fail; they don’t know what it is
  31. Why you should never argue with a bald person
  32. Five reasons why you should allow marijuana
  33. God made the plants, and everything should be eatable
  34. How to tell your mum you dropped out without flinching
  35. How to forget your homework without feeling bad

Satire Speech Topics

These are other available topics for a speech in a public event:

  1. Celebrities should not go to jail
  2. Why you should become that YouTube personality
  3. Why the trending music is just another song
  4. R Kelly: Why you should not have a favorite artist
  5. How you can excel without doing anything
  6. Me too movement: Why Mecca is not just a Holy City
  7. Why you must run around every day
  8. How a conflict in the Middle East doesn’t affect you
  9. How to speak to the pope without mentioning that his priest raped members
  10. How to tell the sex pervert he’s the best person in the world
  11. How to be a dick pretending you’re not
  12. Why true Christians don’t have cases of divorce
  13. Why true Muslims don’t have stories of divorce
  14. Bill and Melinda Gates: The best couple of all times had a great time
  15. Why some rich men don’t have stable marriages
  16. TJ lost his belt because a woman was somewhere
  17. Why women are nothing but venoms
  18. Why all men are scums
  19. Why you should trust your politicians
  20. Selfish interest: how the Democrat is different from the Republic
  21. The twenty-first-century world is the greatest yet
  22. How you can support plastic surgery without saying a word
  23. Ronaldo is not the best because he’s talented
  24. Football is but a game of chess
  25. You should be king just because you write poetry
  26. Why it’s okay to have an erection every time
  27. Communism and capitalism are the same

Satirical Social Issues

You can also consider these topics on social issues:

  1. Addiction to Twitter
  2. Addiction to Tiktok
  3. Addiction to sex is the best thing for a married person
  4. How to do nothing to gain followers
  5. Why your religion is the only book that preaches love
  6. Why terrorism is on the high
  7. Why you should take online classes only when you want
  8. Why you should have stable internet access
  9. Ten reasons why you should not be in love
  10. Five reasons how technology has preserved humanity
  11. How has modern technology been improved?
  12. Technology has not affected human communication at all
  13. How pornography is the best tech miracles
  14. Reasons why politics is about love and respect
  15. Reasons why you must have a political godfather

Struggling With Your Satire Writing Assignment?

Note that the above topics are written with sarcasm and irony. With such satirical essay topics, you can gain the attention of your target audience. Through them, you can also create one of the best satirical writings.

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