144 Best Causal Analysis Essay Topics To Use In 2023

Causal Analysis Essay Topics

‘What is a causal analysis essay?’ It is the mind-boggling question anyone would grapple with after coming across the term. However, it should not give you cold feet in any way. It is a paper that aims to point to the effects or consequences of a particular cause. In essence, it answers the question ‘why.’ Moreover, it is often likened to the cause-and-effect essay, although there is a slight variation. While the cause-and-effect essay tackles small or straightforward questions, the causal analysis essay handles complex topics. Unlike many college or university students might imagine, this kind of assignment is entirely doable with the correct information.

Now that we have set the record straight on what the causal analysis essay is all about, let us dive deep into the crucial attributes you need to write a desirable piece. Of course, the topic is always the most challenging part. It can be a pain in the neck regardless of how prepared a student is. Luckily, we have taken the initiative to make your work less stressful. We have listed 100+ topics; you need to put down a fascinating causal analysis essay to give you a head start.

Top Causal Paper Topics

  1. Explain the reasons why America chose to drop Atomic bombs in Japan to end the world war
  2. Elaborate why more Americans identify with German ancestry than any other heritage according to the 2000 U.S. census information
  3. Detail why the education system in America is quite different from that used by European countries and the rest of the world
  4. Discuss the reasons that led to the adoption of the parliamentary system in the Great British
  5. Outline the causes of the great Chinese famine during the Great Leap Forward
  6. A case study of why the Chinese are still essentially religious despite living for long under atheist communism
  7. Detail reasons why English is the most dominant language across the world for science and business
  8. Highlight why the English language has so many of its words from the Fresh origin
  9. Investigate the critical causes of colonization in Africa and its impact on black people
  10. Examine the reasons why the English chose to settle in Australia
  11. Explore the reasons behind the development of the American slaver system
  12. Revisit the causes of the french revolution
  13. Explain why Donald Trump chose Twitter as his primary medium of campaign
  14. What was the effect of the Arab Spring in the creation of democratic societies
  15. Examine why terrorists prefer to use vehicles as weapons
  16. Why have police been the target of gunmen in the U.S. recently?
  17. Determine the key reasons why Donald Trump was successful in the 2016 election
  18. Explain the impact of China’s one-child policy and examine whether it will end any time soon
  19. Examine the rise of neo-Nazism in Germany today
  20. Revisit the rise of the neoconservative movement as developed in American politics
  21. Explain why more people chose to move away from rural areas and live in large cities
  22. Examine why terrorists chose to target the U.S. in the 911 attacks
  23. Why are random shootings become so rampant in the U.S.?
  24. Investigate the causes of the unrest in the Middle East and how it impacted Syria’s civil war and the Arab Spring Movement
  25. What is the impact of an entirely organic diet on human health?
  26. Explain the leading cause of environmental pollution and highlight their effects
  27. Discuss why scientists use animals for their experiments
  28. Highlight the positive impact of various environmental protection programs on nature and wildlife
  29. Analyze the result of our daily activities on the environment and nature
  30. Elaborate the positive effect of owning a pet on children
  31. Discuss the factors that cause certain species of birds, plants, or animals to go extinct

Interactive Causal Argument Ideas

  1. Explain how seeing new places and traveling around the world impacts one’s personality in a good way
  2. Discuss why women become involved in abusive relationships
  3. Analyze the cause and impact of dropping out of college
  4. Explain the effect that working and studying has on a student’s health
  5. Do female politicians have to work twice as harder as a result of gender bias?
  6. What is the outcome of foreign U.S. politics in Afghanistan and Iraq?
  7. Explain the reasons behind stricter gun possession laws in the United States
  8. How social media led to the freedom of speech in the U.S.
  9. Discuss how Jim Crow laws affect Black citizens in the U.S.
  10. Explain how baseball became a national pastime in the U.S.
  11. Highlight the factors that resulted in the rise of democratic governments in the 18th century
  12. Analyze why some hurricanes or tornadoes tend to be more destructive than others
  13. Discuss why enslavement replaced indentured servitude in the American colonies
  14. Evaluate the factors that led to the fall of the USSR
  15. Explain the conditions and developments that led to the Declaration of Independence

Hot Causal Argument Essay Topics

  1. Elaborate why hurricanes and typhoons are becoming too frequent
  2. Determine why the transmission of AID is higher in Africa compared to other places in the world
  3. Highlight critical reasons why a huge chunk of Americans in against the Affordable Care Act
  4. What is the impact of Covid-19 on world politics
  5. Explain why insects are the most successful animals on earth
  6. Why is large size an advantage for animals in colder climates?
  7. Explain the reason why insects such as cicadas and insects make such loud noises
  8. Discuss why older adults with pets tend to live happier, healthier, and longer lives.
  9. Examine why young people are better at learning new languages as compared to their older counterparts
  10. Explain why people rise above disadvantaged backgrounds like abusive parents, single-parent households, or poverty
  11. Determine why some people can gamble without being addicted why some become gambling addicts

Topnotch Casual Essay Topics

  1. Discuss the negative impact of increasing water pollution levels on human lives
  2. Analyze the causes of global warming and explain its effects on our environment
  3. Explain why parents should be involved more in their children’s school lives
  4. Discuss why children retain new information better and perceive it faster than adults
  5. Explain the impact of a school uniform on a student’s performance
  6. Examine factors that make long-distance learning a bad thing about socialization
  7. Explain the link between the chosen style of language and success in the political sphere
  8. Detail the impact of social media on politics today
  9. Explain the effect of the growing misinformation of the internet on people’s lives
  10. Discuss the influence of increased internet access on teen and children behavior
  11. What effect does technology have on the modern classroom?
  12. Analyze the impact of technology on the perception of information and attention spans
  13. Examine the positive effect of technology on the healthcare industry
  14. Investigate the impact of the growth of the I.T. industry on immigration
  15. Elaborate how technology makes our daily lives more complicated
  16. Highlight the effects of active internet users on the personalities of young adults

Causal Argument Topics For College Students

  1. Discuss how the popularization of e-learning affects the traditional; education system
  2. Explain why democratic governments are the best tool intending to the people’s needs
  3. Highlight the root causes of anarchy in a diverse society
  4. Evaluate how the caste system and the class system can become a significant issue in association with time
  5. Discuss why women are secure in the marriage institution
  6. Explain why there is a need to set up the marriage institution and society
  7. What causes gender disparity between women and men in developed and developing countries?
  8. Explain the origin of the word women empowerment and highlight why it is necessary to empower women from their opposite gender
  9. Elaborate the influence of society in developing negative emotions like hatred and jealousy in human beings
  10. Examine how the increase or decrease in the level of carbon dioxide is harmful to human life
  11. Investigate why people who live in upper hills have a higher range of red blood cells compared to those in lower areas
  12. Explain how the composition of the air impacts the health of the population in the region

Causal Analysis Sports Essay Topics

  1. Analyze the link between sports and mental health
  2. Examine the impact of e-sports on the American culture
  3. Look into why cycling is beneficial to the environment
  4. What influence does a captain have on a sports team?
  5. What is the impact of globalization on modern sports?
  6. Define extreme sports and explain why people love them
  7. Evaluate the impact of regular exercise on child development
  8. Point out the health hazards related to extensive workouts
  9. What factors made soccer a global phenomenon?
  10. Discuss the impact of the Olympics on sporting events
  11. What is the link between exercise and one’s stress levels?
  12. Do sports have any positive impact on your mental health
  13. Why should children join sports teams, and what is effect would it have on their communication skills?
  14. Evaluate why doping is terrible for the human body

Good Causal Analysis Essay Topics

  1. Examine the efficacy of e-learning during the pandemic
  2. Explain how the education system is affecting children’s emotional development
  3. Investigate the cause of the high number of bullying cases in schools
  4. Highlight how the gradual border reopening strategy is crucial for E.U. countries
  5. Discuss why Elon Musk could consider using Bitcoin again?
  6. Explain why cryptocurrencies have the potential of replacing traditional money
  7. Discuss why Donald Trump became the first U.S. president to be impeached twice
  8. Define the origin of the Israel-Palestine Crisis and explain its negative impacts
  9. Detail the origin of the pandemic and explain how it was handled in the U.S.
  10. Investigate the impact of the Black Live Matter Movement on the society
  11. How effective has the Black Lives Matter Movement been in mitigating racial profiling and police brutality
  12. Analyze why the pandemic had such a negative effect on the global economy
  13. Examine the cause and effect of globalization and the labor market
  14. What is the role of the civil rights movement in U.S. politics?
  15. Discuss why successful political leaders tend to resign at the peak of their careers

Top-Class Causal Argument Topics

  1. Examine why plants that thrive in tropical regions do not germinate in temperate regions
  2. What effect does the topography of an area have on the vegetation of the given region?
  3. Discuss why people avoid using urea-based fertilizers to grow vegetables and crops
  4. Explain the reasons behind the global spike in cardiovascular diseases
  5. Examine why there has been a rise in respiratory problems over the past couple of decades
  6. Explain how artificial intelligence has contributed to the increase in terrorism
  7. Highlight reasons why the state of cybersecurity in developing nations is poor
  8. Detail the causes of the financial crisis in developing countries
  9. What are the effects of global warming on hill and plain areas
  10. Evaluate the causes of increased temperature on earth
  11. Explain the importance of banning social media for children below the age of maturity
  12. Look into the disadvantages of sharing personal data on social networking sites

World-Class Causal Analysis Essay Topics

  1. Examine why gender bias still exists in American politics
  2. Explain why some people experience irrational fears
  3. Investigate why elders are so forgetful
  4. Examine why the medieval black plague came to an end
  5. Explain why Indians live in castes
  6. Discuss whether Great Britain colonized Australia
  7. Detail the factors that led to the 2008 economic crisis
  8. What is the significance of microorganisms to human life?
  9. Highlight the curative effects of nature on human life
  10. Examine why small-sized dogs tend to live longer than large-sized dogs
  11. Elaborate why we have bad dreams and their importance
  12. Analyze why some people develop dyslexia
  13. Explain why methamphetamine causes dependency
  14. Discuss why some people have a sugar craving
  15. Explain why first-born children tend to share a general tendency of achieving success in life
  16. Detail how snoring occurs and explain its importance
  17. Examine the reason why we blush during certain situations
  18. Investigate teenage rebellion and explain why it is vital in one’s life
  19. Look into why people commit suicide

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