162 Free Synthesis Essay Topics So You Get Best Results

synthesis essay topics

Stop wasting your time searching for original synthesis essay topics all over the Web! We have 162 awesome topics for synthesis essay papers right here on this page. You can use them for free without even giving us any credit. The list of topics is updated periodically so that it can be used by as many students as possible. In addition, we have included a step by step guide to writing a synthesis paper quickly and correctly. Check it out below:

What Is Synthesis Paper?

So, what is this synthesis paper, we’ve talked about?

A synthesis paper is an academic assignment that requires you to combine information from multiple sources in order to develop a new perspective or idea for a topic.

The purpose of a synthesis paper is to show your ability to understand and critically analyze a variety of sources, and to develop an original argument or idea based on your analysis. Overall, a synthesis paper requires careful reading, critical thinking, and clear writing. Here is a step by step guide to help you write your essay faster without missing anything important:

  • Choose a topic that is suitable for a synthesis paper. The topic should be broad enough to have multiple sources, but not too broad.
  • Once you have a topic, start researching and reading various sources related to the topic, such as academic articles, books, reports, etc.
  • After reading the sources, evaluate them to determine their credibility, relevance, and significance and to see which ones can be discarded.
  • Analyze the sources to identify common themes, patterns, and arguments. Find subtle connections between various sources.
  • Once you have evaluated and analyzed the sources, develop a thesis statement that summarizes your argument or perspective on the topic.
  • Organize your paper in a way that makes sense (chronologically, thematically or by source) and reflects your thesis statement.
  • Write the introduction. Remember to include a hook, background information on the topic and your thesis statement.
  • Write the body paragraphs: Each body paragraph should discuss a particular theme or idea related to your topic.
  • Address any potential counterarguments to your thesis and use evidence from your sources to refute them.
  • Write the conclusion. Summarize the main ideas and don’t forget to restate the thesis.
  • Revise and edit the draft for clarity, coherence and grammatical errors.

Synthesis Essay Prompt Ideas For 2023

We’ll start our list with some of the best synthesis essay prompt ideas for 2023. These topics have never been posted anywhere else, so they are 100% original:

  1. The impact of virtual reality on storytelling in 2023
  2. Discuss the role of robotics in transforming manufacturing
  3. The impact of renewable energy on the global energy landscape
  4. Gene editing and the implications for the future of humanity
  5. The impact of automation job creation in 2023
  6. The cultural significance of video games
  7. Urban design and its impact environmental sustainability
  8. Effects of climate change on biodiversity and ecosystems
  9. Autonomous weapons and the future of warfare
  10. The role of mindfulness and meditation in modern healthcare
  11. The future of transportation: hyperloops
  12. Hip-hop music and its influence on modern music
  13. Using AI in decision-making and governance
  14. Using virtual and augmented reality in education in 2023

Easy Synthesis Topics

Now, it’s time to show you some topics that should help you write a synthesis paper in no more than 3 hours. Here is a great list of easy synthesis topics:

  1. Talk about the benefits of online learning
  2. The effects of climate change on global weather patterns
  3. Examine the cultural significance of 3 popular music genres
  4. The impact of social media influencers on consumer behavior
  5. Analyze the effects of sleep deprivation on cognitive performance
  6. Talk about the drawbacks of a vegetarian diet
  7. Examine the impact of smartphones on modern social interactions
  8. Examine the role of art in promoting cultural understanding
  9. The effects of social media on modern dating practices
  10. Talk about the impact of e-commerce on traditional retail
  11. Discuss the role of education in promoting civic engagement
  12. Talk about the effects of air pollution on human health
  13. The role of community service in promoting social cohesion

Interesting Synthesis Essay Prompts

Looking for some of the most interesting synthesis essay prompts on the Internet? You’ve arrived at the right place. Check out these interesting synthesis essay prompts for 2023:

  1. The role of diversity in promoting creativity
  2. The effects of meditation on physical health
  3. The impact of virtual reality on job training
  4. The role of urban green spaces in promoting mental well-being
  5. The effects of sleep on athletic recovery
  6. The impact of technology on the future of fashion
  7. The role of humor in promoting mental resilience
  8. The effects of social media on modern political polarization
  9. The impact of AI on modern customer service
  10. The role of personal branding in modern career development
  11. The effects of mindfulness on self-control
  12. The impact of virtual reality on modern therapy
  13. The role of pets in a good mental health

Synthesis Paper Topics For College Or University

You will be thrilled to learn that we also have some very intriguing synthesis paper topics for college or university. Take a look at our ideas and choose one:

  1. Investigate the effects of artificial sweeteners on metabolic health
  2. The impact of renewable energy on production
  3. Discuss the impact of AI on advertising
  4. Discuss the role of cultural competence in promoting inclusion
  5. Investigate the effects of social media on beauty standards
  6. Talk about the impact of renewable energy on modern architecture
  7. Discuss the role of storytelling in promoting social change
  8. The role of personal values in promoting ethical decision-making
  9. Investigate the impact of renewable energy on travel
  10. The role of AI in modern scientific research and discovery
  11. Discuss the effects of social media on consumer behavior
  12. Investigate the impact of renewable energy on resource extraction
  13. The role of emotional intelligence in promoting leadership

Controversial Synthesis Paper Topics

Show your teachers that you are knowledgeable. Pick one of these controversial synthesis paper topics and write the best paper they’ve seen so far:

  1. Should governments heavily tax the sale of sugary drinks?
  2. Is online privacy an overrated concept in the digital age?
  3. Should sex education be mandatory in all schools?
  4. Is animal unethical and inhumane?
  5. Should we make college education free for everyone?
  6. Is the death penalty a necessary punishment for heinous crimes?
  7. Is genetically modified food safe for human consumption?
  8. Should athletes be allowed to kneel during the national anthem?
  9. Is gun control necessary to prevent mass shootings?
  10. Does the legalization of marijuana lead to increased drug abuse?
  11. Is nuclear energy a safe and reliable source of power?
  12. Should mandatory vaccinations be enforced?
  13. Should hate speech be protected under the First Amendment?

Good Synthesis Essay Topics

Want to impress your professor? Get top marks on your next essay simply by giving one of these good synthesis essay topics a try:

  1. Talk about the COVID-19 and global health
  2. Talk about the Ethics of data privacy
  3. Discuss renewable energy and climate change
  4. Talk about the Education and social inequality
  5. An in-depth look at social media and political polarization
  6. Talk about E-sports vs. traditional sports
  7. An in-depth look at the future of space exploration
  8. Discuss the future of healthcare and technology
  9. Talk about the Ethics of genetic engineering
  10. Analyze the cultural impact of Black Lives Matter
  11. The future of transportation: self-driving cars
  12. An in-depth look at the ethics of AI and machine learning
  13. Examine technology and the future of education
  14. The future of food: agriculture and biotech
  15. Discuss climate change and political stability

Current Synthesis Essay Ideas

Looking for some ideas for current topics to discuss? Here are some of the best current synthesis essay ideas that any student can write about. But if you don’t have enough of these topics, you can buy essay online:

  1. Analyze the impact of COVID-19 on the job market
  2. Discuss the effects of remote work on work-life balance
  3. Talk about the role of social media in promoting social change
  4. Discuss the impact of climate change on global food security
  5. The role of AI in predicting pandemics
  6. Talk about the effects of cryptocurrency on the future of banking
  7. Analyze the impact of artificial intelligence on modern transportation
  8. The role of community-based policing
  9. Talk about the impact of big data on modern-day privacy
  10. Analyze the effects of the global refugee crisis on national security
  11. The impact of renewable energy on modern agriculture
  12. Discuss the effects of artificial intelligence on modern journalism
  13. Analyze the benefits and drawbacks of electric cars

The Best Synthesis Topic Ideas

Below, you can find a list of what we consider to be the best synthesis topic ideas. You are free to choose any one of these topics for your next essay:

  1. Talk about the role of technology in modern education
  2. Analyze the effects of social media on political activism
  3. Examine the drawbacks of telemedicine in modern healthcare
  4. Analyze the evolution of environmentalism as a social movement
  5. Talk about the impact of immigration on American culture
  6. Examine the impact of technology on the art of music-making
  7. The ethical considerations of gene editing
  8. Talk about the effects of climate change on global food production
  9. The effects of screen time on children’s development
  10. Examine the role of religion in shaping personal identity
  11. Analyze the impact of AI on the arts in 2023
  12. Examine the about the influence of popular culture on stereotypes
  13. The drawbacks of renewable energy sources

Fun Topic Ideas For A Synthesis Paper

Who said you can’t write on a fun topic? We have an excellent list of fun topic ideas for a synthesis paper right here:

  1. Discuss the impact of social media on modern relationships
  2. The effects of video games on cognitive development
  3. Analyze the benefits of working remotely
  4. The history and evolution of hip hop music
  5. Discuss the relationship between technology and stress levels
  6. The portrayal of mental illness in popular media
  7. Discuss the impact of climate change on global economies
  8. The role of music in shaping cultural identity in 2023
  9. Analyze the benefits and risks of intermittent fasting
  10. The effects of technology on the healthcare industry
  11. The cultural significance of tattoos and body art
  12. Discuss the impact of automation on employment
  13. The cultural impact of comic books and graphic novels
  14. Analyze the impact of AI on society as a whole

Argumentative Synthesis Essay Ideas

Below, you can find a long list of argumentative synthesis essay ideas. Can you answer these questions and support your point of view?

  1. Should university education be free?
  2. Is social media a benefit or a drawback to society?
  3. Is the death penalty an effective form of punishment?
  4. Should gun ownership be restricted in the United States?
  5. Are video games harmful or beneficial to children?
  6. Should genetically modified foods be banned?
  7. Should the legal drinking age be lowered in 2023?
  8. Should marijuana be legalized for recreational use?
  9. Is homeschooling a viable alternative to traditional education?
  10. Should the government monitor its citizens’ internet activity?
  11. Should college athletes be paid for their participation in sports?
  12. Is animal testing ethical or necessary for scientific research?
  13. Should the voting age be lowered to 16 years old?

Advanced Synthesis Paper Titles

If you’re scouring the Web for some advanced synthesis paper titles that are not impossible to write a paper on, you’re in luck. Here are some ideas that should save you:

  1. The ethical implications of gene editing
  2. The impact of technology on modern communication
  3. The role of artificial intelligence in modern medicine
  4. An exploration of the history of global climate change
  5. The relationship between economic inequality and political instability
  6. An analysis of the efficacy of modern-day terrorism
  7. The role of gender in the modern workplace
  8. An investigation of the social effects of the rise of global connectivity
  9. An analysis current state of mass incarceration in the US
  10. The impact of globalization on international trade policies
  11. The relationship between environmental pollution and public health
  12. The impact of blockchain technology on the global financial system
  13. An investigation of the future of space exploration
  14. The impact of artificial intelligence on the job market
  15. An analysis of the role of government control over the internet

Trendy Synthesis Essay Topic Ideas

Our writers and editors have created a list of trendy synthesis essay topic ideas for high school, college and university students. Here are our best ideas:

  1. The impact of social media on mental well-being
  2. An exploration of the rise of veganism and its cultural impact
  3. An analysis of the role of social media influencers on modern-day marketing
  4. The impact of the gig economy on modern-day employment opportunities
  5. The rise of mindfulness and meditation in our society
  6. An analysis of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on global economics
  7. The influence of streaming services on modern-day media consumption
  8. An exploration of the trend of minimalism and its impact on consumer culture
  9. The rise of e-commerce and its implications for brick-and-mortar stores
  10. An analysis of the potential future uses of virtual reality in entertainment
  11. The impact of climate change and the rise of sustainable fashion
  12. The rise of conspiracy theories and their impact on modern-day society
  13. The role of AI in modern-day decision-making

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