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Do you have a political essay to write, and it is turning out to be a hard nut to crack? Most students find it challenging because the discipline is very wide and requires good analytical skills. To craft great essays in politics, the first step is selecting the right political essay topics. Again, this is never easy, but we are here to help.

In this post, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to write high-quality essays, from politics to custom law essays. We will also list hot 188 topics in politics for you to select the best. Do not get content with standard essays: this guide is all you need to prepare the best for top grades.

What Is Politics?

Politics can be defined as the way people who live in groups make decisions. It entails creating and entering into agreements that are meant to make people live together in small or large groups, such as countries, regional blocks, cities, or tribes.

If you take it closer to everyday life as we know it, politics is the way people are governed, whether in their cities or countries. Therefore, it incorporates structures that are used to make rules & laws, review their application, and change them to suit the people.

At the international level, politics involve agreements and the development of policies that aim at advancing the interest of respective parties. Good examples include the cooperation between countries through the World Trade Organization. It also includes agreements, efforts, and actions that are necessary to address issues of concern.

How To Write A High Quality Political Essay

Now that you know what politics is, we will now provide a step-by-step guide on how to write a high-quality essay.

  • Determine the type of essay that you will be writing. If your university lecturer has indicated the type of essay, that is ok. If not, you need to decide the type of essay, from argumentative essays to compare & contrast political essays.
  • Select a good topic: This is very important because it will dictate everything that happens later. This is never easy for many students, but you need not worry because we have listed 188 hot political essay ideas, from interesting government topics to political issues prompts for you. Whether you prefer international political issues topics or law-related ones, ensure you have ample resources to handle them. This will help you avoid getting stuck in the middle.
  • Create an Essay Outline: This is very important because it allows you to correctly organize the essay for a clear flow of ideas from the start to the end. Remember that you can improve the outline along the way as you discover more content about the selected topic.
  • Introduce your essay: Introduce the essay with an enthralling hook statement to arouse interest from the readers. For example, you can start with a rhetoric question or interesting statistics. Then, briefly highlight to the reader what to expect in the essay. Still, in the introduction, preferably around the middle or at the end, write your thesis statement.
  • Write the body of the essay: The body should take the bulk of the essay. Here, you should organize the main points well so that the reader can easily follow them. Make sure that every paragraph starts with the topic sentence, and then use the subsequent ones to support it. Where possible, numbers, statistics, and quotes should be used to emphasize your ideas. Try to make the essay as unique as possible.
  • Conclude your essay: Use the conclusion to wrap up the main points that you discussed in the essay. You should do this by restating the thesis and summarizing the findings in just a few sentences. Remember to avoid introducing new ideas in the conclusion. However, you can mention gaps noted in the literature and even call for additional studies to fill them.

188 Hot Political Essay Topics For Top Grades

Next, we will look at the best political essay topics that you should consider.

Top Political Research Topics For Top Grades

  1. Game theory: What does it tell us about society?
  2. Celebrities and their impacts on political campaigning.
  3. Germany’s effort to create a republic: Why did it fail until post-WWII?
  4. Australians aboriginals and poverty.
  5. Compare two anarchist societies in history.
  6. Political beliefs in communities: What influences them?
  7. Benefits of universal suffrage.
  8. Cultural globalization: How is it impacted by the media?
  9. Politics in Japan: How are they impacted by the automobile industry?
  10. Caribbean politics: How are they impacted by tourism?
  11. Decision making in the EU.
  12. Propaganda in politics: When language is used for propaganda.
  13. Fear: Is it a good instrument of control?
  14. A closer look at the China-Tibet conflict.
  15. Poverty and popularity of Boko Haram in Nigeria.
  16. Compare and contrast al-Qaeda and IS.
  17. The importance of women in politics.

Political Science Essay Topics On America

  1. Should the United States foster stronger ties with China?
  2. Why should people join political parties?
  3. Analyze the American role in stabilizing Europe after WWII.
  4. The importance of the right to privacy in the US constitution.
  5. Raising the number of justices at the Supreme Court.
  6. California: What happens if it starts a quest to become an independent country?
  7. How does the Electoral College work in the United States?
  8. Compare the leadership styles of Donald Trump and Barack Obama.
  9. Becoming politically involved in the US: What is the easiest route?
  10. Capitalism: Is it the best system for the United States?
  11. Poverty in the rural communities of the United States.
  12. Review the American strategy for withdrawal from Afghanistan.
  13. What made the US get involved in WWII?
  14. Where do you see America in the next 50 years, both politically and economically?
  15. Analyzing the importance of Hispanic votes in the US elections.

Interesting Political Topics

  1. What local issues do you think your state or president should solve first?
  2. If you were the leader of your nation, how would you spend the budget surplus?
  3. When is using the military justified?
  4. Privacy or national security: What is more important?
  5. Do rich people get their way off faster than the poor when they break the law?
  6. Is it justifiable for the US to spy on other countries?
  7. The best ways to address mass shootings.
  8. Should the death penalty be abolished in all countries?
  9. How do social media platforms impact people’s political decisions?
  10. What is the risk of WWIII emerging?
  11. Religious extremism after the September 11 attack.
  12. Reviewing America’s preparedness after 9/11 attack
  13. The effects of war on drugs on Europe.
  14. The growing China-Africa economic ties.
  15. The impacts of body positivity in the US.
  16. Where did politics originate?
  17. Democracy: Pros and cons.

Political Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Is war always a political decision?
  2. Do you think your country is headed in the right direction?
  3. War of diplomacy: Which is the better option for handling the conflicts in the Middle East?
  4. Is it possible to overcome corruption?
  5. Revolutions: Do they cause more harm or good?
  6. Is it a good idea for the US to build a wall on its border with Mexico?
  7. Who should pay for healthcare services in the US?
  8. How do individual states in the US work in the federal system?
  9. Should you become a member of a political party?
  10. What makes healthcare in the US so expensive?
  11. How could America be if Hilary Clinton had won the US election against Donald Trump?
  12. Legalizing marijuana: Is it a good idea?
  13. Do people in your nation enjoy enough civil rights?
  14. Do we have instances when democracy is not a good idea?

Global Political Topics For Essays

  1. How influential are NGOs on global politics?
  2. Library in Minecraft: Why was it built by Reporters without Borders?
  3. How did the 2015 migrant crisis impact EU politics?
  4. Socialism in Africa between the 1950s and 1960s.
  5. Is the UN strong enough to prevent the risk of World War III?
  6. Democratization: A review of the three main waves.
  7. Why do countries in Middle East suffer more from terrorism than other nations?
  8. When is international intervention justified in addressing a crisis?
  9. Discuss the role of women in World War II.
  10. California Gold Rush of 1848: How did it impact international politics?
  11. A review of the development of Latin America cities in the early 1900s.
  12. Israel-Palestine conflict: Will there ever be a lasting solution?
  13. What is the process of reconciliations for countries that have been at war?
  14. Analyzing the main risks of transnational crime.
  15. What was the main cause of the war in Afghanistan?
  16. Analyzing the global efforts to protect the environment.
  17. Review the growth of international terrorism.
  18. Foreign policies of African countries towards Europe.
  19. The impact of nationalism in the UK.

Political Science Essay Topics On Public Law

  1. The Human Rights Act of 1998: A review.
  2. Judicial interpretation of the public safety statutes.
  3. Reviewing the most famous legislators in the history of Modern Europe.
  4. Interpreting the Nuremberg Laws during the Hitler’s era.
  5. Comparing America and China’s legal journeys after the 1950s.
  6. Post-conflict justice inequality: A review of the globe after WWII.
  7. Was the nuclear attack in Nagasaki and Hiroshima in 1945 justified?
  8. Civil liberty: Can it be destroyed by national security.
  9. International relations: What is the impact on your country in the last ten years?
  10. Private law and procedural law: What is the difference in application in the UK?
  11. Philosophy of politics: A legal viewpoint.
  12. A comprehensive analysis of constitutional law in Germany after WWII.
  13. What role do mandatory rules in public law play? A case study of the UK.
  14. Comparing private and public law in the US.

Easy Political Writing Prompts

  1. A review of Jim Carter’s leadership style.
  2. President Barack Obama’s biography: How does it compare to that of Jim Carter?
  3. International court of justice: How does it work?
  4. What makes a leader a dictator? Comparing Saddam Hussein to Adolf Hitler.
  5. The life and Achievements of Angela Markel of Germany.
  6. A review of the US-North Korea relationship.
  7. Comparing election news coverage in the UK and US.
  8. Compare and contrast republicanism and liberalism.
  9. Human development index: Why is it important in politics?
  10. China claims ownership of the South China Sea: Why is this so important?
  11. How does a nation’s location shape its politics?
  12. What strategies can sub-Saharan countries adopt to operate free of foreign aid?
  13. Characteristics and responsibilities of global citizenship.
  14. Deterrence theory: What does it entail?
  15. Comparing the African Union to the European Union.
  16. A deeper look into the American policy on the Middle East.
  17. Should the EU be dissolved and each country allowed operating on its own?
  18. Stateless persons in the EU: What rights do they have?

Comparative Politics Essay Topics

  1. Talk about conflicts and revolution in an Asian country of choice.
  2. A review of two comparative parties in the EU.
  3. What is comparative politics?
  4. A closer look at the application of modernization theory.
  5. Comparing parliamentary to presidential democracy.
  6. Analyzing Anglo-Saxon characteristics in the American political system.
  7. Recruitments in Latin America: How do they compare to those in the EU?
  8. Comparing the Apartheid and holocaust phenomenon.
  9. Imagining the UK after Brexit: How does it compare to late 1900s Britain.
  10. Comparing US and UK foreign policies towards Russia.
  11. How does WWI compare to WWII?
  12. Criticism and controversies of Amnesty International.
  13. Compare the UK and US response to the Arab Spring.

Good Political Issues To Write About

  1. French Revolution: Why was it so important in the History of Europe?
  2. Online political radicalization.
  3. Capitalism: Is it ethical?
  4. What is the connection between feminism and liberalism?
  5. Plato’s notion of an ideal society: Is your community close to this notion?
  6. Imagine leaving capitalism behind: What would happen?
  7. Ethical issues about the use of globalization today.
  8. Restricting immigration: Is it a good way to increase wages?
  9. Analyzing the concept of philosophical anarchism.
  10. What impact does religion have on politics?
  11. Freedom or stability: What should governments provide?
  12. Preventing police corruption: What are the best strategies?
  13. Discuss the most important things that make people become politically active.

Interesting Political Topics In Economics

  1. How did Mexico benefit from NAFTA?
  2. World Trade Organization: How effective is it in promoting economic growth in developing countries?
  3. Foundation of OPEC: How did it shape the global oil trade?
  4. A closer look at the characteristics of public goods and application in law.
  5. The role of the media in national economic decisions.
  6. Competition in politics: Why is it important in economic development?
  7. Economic troubles in Europe: Why did they cause political tension in the European Union?
  8. Guaranteed income: Can it prevent socio-economic crisis in a country?
  9. Terrorism impact on the production of oil and oil prices.
  10. Trade wars between China and the US: How does it impact the global trader?
  11. Big companies: Do they wield too much political power?
  12. Why are so many countries finding it hard to convert to green policies?
  13. Comparing free markets versus planned economies.
  14. Vegan movement: What is the implication on the organic food market?
  15. Industrialization: How did it change the way we eat?
  16. Cannabis is banned in many counties but cigarettes are not: Is it justifiable?

Food-Related Political Issues To Write About

  1. How much should government influence a country’s food prices?
  2. A deeper look into food politics and impacts on eating habits.
  3. Politics of children-targeted food advertising.
  4. Is subsidizing conventional agriculture a good idea?
  5. What recommendations can you give to the UK administration to make healthy foods more available?
  6. Plastic packaging of food products: Should it be banned to save the planet?
  7. A review of issues related to eco-friendly food packaging.
  8. Outlawing alcohol: What would be the impacts?
  9. Discuss the advantages of banning ads on soft drinks.

Current Political Science Topics

  1. Analyzing the 2019 general election in India.
  2. How do the 2019 general elections in India compare to the 2020 US elections?
  3. The Israel-Hamas conflict of 2021: What were the main causes?
  4. The Russia policy towards Ukraine.
  5. US withdrawal from Afghanistan: Will this embolden other rebel groups?
  6. Emerging environmental problems on the globe.
  7. Sustainable policies: Reviewing economic concerns.
  8. Comparing the politics in the EU and Asia-Pacific (APAC).
  9. America-China relations in 2023.
  10. China-US trade relations in 2023.
  11. Nuclear weapons: Are they necessary in the 21st century?
  12. Crisis management preparedness: Comparing the US to the EU.

Political Essay Topics on Environment

  1. Using the church to drive global efforts on sustainability.
  2. Should all cities adopt greenways in their urban planning?
  3. A review of global political strategies for preserving biodiversity.
  4. Why is global warming so hard to address?
  5. Gaia hypothesis application in environmental politics.
  6. Kyoto Protocol: What did it achieve?
  7. Should environmental education start in lower grades?
  8. Is lobbyism to blame for the delay in the adoption of sustainability in many countries?
  9. Is the US doing enough to address environmental issues?
  10. Are you satisfied with your country’s efforts to address sustainability-related issues?
  11. Where do you see the globe in the next 100 years as far as sustainability is concerned?

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