100+ Beowulf Essay Topics: Fresh Ideas 2023

100+ Beowulf Essay Topics

Many students look for great Beowulf essay topics when planning to win an essay competition. Every year, some medieval literature and history students decide to write about Beowulf. That’s because this story captures the imaginations of both the writers and the audiences. A student can try to draw Grendel and re-enact their fight with the mother. Nevertheless, selecting a topic for this essay is a challenge for many learners after reading the poem. This article highlights some of the best Beowulf topics for college and university students. But before that, let’s describe Beowulf.

What is Beowulf?

Beowulf is an old Anglo-Saxon poem with over 300 lines. This poem’s author is unknown, but he wrote it around the beginning of the 11th century. The author sets the story in Scandinavia, and it involves several wars.

The poem tackles several essential themes, and the writing style is crucial to scholars. Nevertheless, the main story is about Beowulf’s victory over the monster Grendel and the dragon. Professors ask students to select topics for their essays in this poem. Here are great ideas to consider if your teacher wants you to write an essay about Beowulf.

Awesome Beowulf Essay Prompts

Maybe you want to write an essay on an interesting Beowulf topic. In that case, consider these ideas for your paper.

  1. Write a Beowulf essay about Anglo-Saxon values
  2. Analyze the role of the monsters in the poem
  3. Discuss an exciting passage in the poem
  4. Does Beowulf glorify violence?
  5. How does the author portray religious symbolism in the Beowulf poem?
  6. Compare and contrast Beowulf poem and a movie of your choice
  7. The ancestry value in Beowulf
  8. Describe Beowulf as a bad or a good hero
  9. Write a Beowulf good versus evil essay
  10. How do characters react to gold in the poem?
  11. Describe the three monsters and their characters
  12. What does Beowulf’s character lack?
  13. Analysis of the mead-hall in this Anglo-Saxon poem
  14. What is the women’s role in this poem?
  15. Discuss the digressions role in Beowulf
  16. Is Beowulf a good leader?
  17. Describe the heroic poetry elements
  18. Elements of tone and style- The marches, meres, and fens effect
  19. Contrast and compare modern society with the Beowulf society
  20. Discuss the characteristics that make Grendel evil
  21. Analyze the hero’s attitude towards his enemy
  22. What is the function of treasure in Beowulf?
  23. Are Beowulf’s characters psychologically complex than those in modern literature?
  24. Describe how the author portrays good manners and honor in the Anglo-Saxon culture
  25. Is Beowulf concerned with the perception of the world towards him?
  26. Describe bravery as a theme in this poem
  27. Explain how revenge drives Grendel and the mother
  28. Explain how the author portrays hospitality and generosity in the poem
  29. Does death represent the end of a kingdom in Beowulf?
  30. Explain how the author depicts Christianity influence in Beowulf
  31. Describe the qualities of the monsters in Beowulf
  32. Describe the role of the morality concept in Beowulf
  33. Describe the typical characteristics of the epic hero in Beowulf
  34. Beowulf versus Jesus- What are their similarities?
  35. Describe the weapons, methods, and techniques Beowulf uses to fight the monsters
  36. Explain how the poet and characters feel about gold
  37. Explain the effects of seeking revenge in Beowulf
  38. Why is reputation critical to the characters in the poem?
  39. Analyze the essence of one symbol in Beowulf
  40. The importance of Beowulf and the Pardoners Tale
  41. The Queen’s role in Beowulf and GRE
  42. Describe the allusions of the Old Testament in Beowulf
  43. How Beowulf depicts the gender equality concept in society
  44. Describe Beowulf’s characters leadership capacity
  45. Describe the likable and detestable society features in the poem
  46. What are the central ideas in Beowulf?
  47. Describe fate twist for Beowulf
  48. Compare and contrast Macbeth and Beowulf
  49. Is Beowulf a good king and hero?
  50. Explain why the Beowulf story focuses on the main character’s history as a hero and not a king

These are excellent essay prompts for students at different educational levels. Nevertheless, they require a careful analysis of the poem and other scholars’ works. That way, you can write a paper that will impress the educator to award you the best grade in your class.

Beowulf Research Paper Topics

Maybe, you want to write an excellent paper about Beowulf. In that case, consider these topics for your essay.

  1. The correlation between Canterbury tales and Beowulf
  2. Compare Beowulf the epic and Beowulf the movie
  3. The better hero- Hercules versus Beowulf
  4. The Odyssey and Beowulf triumphs and deeds
  5. Describe archetypes in the poem Beowulf
  6. Christian and pagan elements in Beowulf
  7. The similarities and differences between Grendel’s mother grievances and human mother’s grievances
  8. How ignorant or thoughtful was Beowulf?
  9. Describe the importance of Unferth in Beowulf
  10. Grendel’s mother reenactment upon receiving the news of her son’s death
  11. Describe Beowulf’s personae as a leader
  12. Is Beowulf preoccupied with glory?
  13. The woman concept in the heroic culture and tradition of Beowulf
  14. Describe lineage importance as seen in Beowulf
  15. Describe Beowulf’s personality

These are exciting Beowulf research topics to explore when pursuing advanced studies. Nevertheless, they require adequate time to research and analyze information about Beowulf’s poem to develop a winning paper.

Exciting Beowulf Essay Questions

Maybe you want to write a Beowulf essay in which you answer some pertinent questions. If so, consider these queries.

  1. What lessons do you learn from the Finn and Siegmund songs?
  2. Can you consider the characters in Beowulf modern?
  3. Is Beowulf capable of playing the nature of a hero and a king?
  4. How do treasure and gold control the actions, beliefs, and actions of the characters in Beowulf?
  5. What is the mother’s role in the heroic culture and tradition of Beowulf’s society?
  6. How do the main characters influence the general story?
  7. What is the relationship between his lordship and a warrior?
  8. What is the mead-hall play’s role in the Anglo-Saxon warrior tradition?
  9. Does Beowulf lack leadership skills?
  10. Does the Beowulf poem portray society as traditional?
  11. How does Beowulf depict the male dominance theme?
  12. Do you like or hate Beowulf based on his negative and positive traits?
  13. Is religion important to Beowulf’s society?
  14. What is the importance of Grendel’s death?
  15. Do Beowulf and his ancestor Cain have any similarities?
  16. Was it wise for Beowulf to fight the dragon?
  17. What are the primary qualities of a leader based on Beowulf’s poem?
  18. Which was the most exciting fight for Beowulf and why?
  19. Why did Beowulf fight the dragon, and what was its meaning for the kingdom?
  20. Did Beowulf’s people accept his death?
  21. Could the author have made Beowulf’s character better and stronger?

These are exciting questions to answer in an essay. Nevertheless, you require time to research any of these queries to develop an excellent paper, answer it, and exhibit in-depth analysis of the Beowulf poem.

Analytical Essay Topics for Beowulf

Maybe you love analyzing poems and books before writing essays about them. In that case, consider these topics for your Beowulf essay.

  1. Comprehensive analysis of Beowulf’s society in comparison to modern society
  2. Analysis of Beowulf symbols and their importance
  3. Analyzing the consequences of revenging in Beowulf society- How can people solve problems without revenge?
  4. Exploring the role of gold in Beowulf- How does it compare to money in modern society?
  5. Investigating Beowulf’s fight and how the characters in the poem evolve
  6. Analyzing Beowulf as a Christ figure while comparing him with the biblical Jesus
  7. Analysis of Anglo-Saxon society and its concepts of good and evil as presented in Beowulf
  8. Analysis of the women importance in Beowulf’s society
  9. Analyzing monsters in Beowulf- Their qualities and why Grendel and her mother have human qualities
  10. Examining the effects of the mortality concept and its impact on Beowulf’s society

These are exciting topics for a Beowulf thesis or essay. But like those in the other categories, these ideas require extensive research before writing. If you are worried about the result of your work, you can always buy custom essay from our professional helpers team.

Grendel Essay Topics

Maybe you want to write an essay focusing on Grendel only. In that case, consider these topics for your paper.

  1. Describe the character of Grendel
  2. How is Grendel’s death necessary in Beowulf?
  3. Analyze Grendel’s life
  4. What is the symbolic significance of Grendel’s claw in the poem?
  5. A literary analysis of Grendel in the Beowulf poem

These are excellent topics for high school or college learners. Nevertheless, prepare to spend a significant amount of time reading and analyzing the Beowulf poem.

Beowulf Thesis Statement Ideas

Perhaps, you need ideas for your Beowulf essay thesis. That means you need something on which to base your essay. This category comprises the best ideas to explore.

  1. The Anglo-Saxon culture’s value system as depicted in Beowulf
  2. Language, alliteration, and traditions in Beowulf
  3. The passive role of women in Beowulf
  4. The essence of the dragon in Beowulf
  5. The importance of peace-weavers and peacemakers as depicted in Beowulf

These statements can inspire you to write a winning paper. Nevertheless, take your time to extensively research your thesis statement and develop it into a fantastic essay.

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