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respect essay

Respect is a way of treating people with dignity. The reasons we respect people differ based on our own experiences. Nevertheless, students must always be taught to respect people and the different ways it can be elucidated. With a simple 500-word essay on respect or other activities, it is easy to teach this concept and make sure that you enable students to grow into polite individuals who respect others.

There are different ways of showing respect to people and these can be understood better when one works on essays about respect. Some of the common ways of showing respect include:

  • Listening to people when you are having a conversation
  • Serving people
  • Giving people words of encouragement and affirmation.
  • Being thankful or grateful when someone does something for you
  • Through your actions, in general.

What Is a Respect Essay?

Respect is a very broad term. It is interpreted in many ways. Overall, it can be considered a positive action or feeling towards people to show them that you hold them in good regard. When you show respect to people, it is also a sign of good, ethical behaviour.

When writing a paper on respect, it is important to understand the different themes of this subject that can be covered. This article will take you through the types of respect essays, what they mean and examples of topics that you can cover when you are assigned one.

Meaning of Respect Essay

Each one’s understanding of the term respect varies. While we hear this word almost every day in our lives, many people do not understand the exact meaning of the term. When you write a what respect means to me essay, you will uncover the true meaning of the word and how it is relevant to you in your life. Additionally, it will also teach you how to treat other people with respect.

Respect Essay Example

The governments of various countries are after ensuring the workplace of employees is safe, supportive, and healthy. This is possible through ensuring that diversity is valued, and each and every person in different organisations is given the deserved dignity and respect. The workplace environment should be nurturing and healthy. Mutual respect and cooperation should also be prevailed since this is necessary for contributing to a positive outcome, especially when it comes to benefit and growth of all employees (Lee & Lovell, 2014).

The Workers Compensation Board of British Columbia is after ensuring safety and health is promoted in the workplace. This body is after ensuring that the workers of British Columbians are free from health, injury, death, and disease at the workplace. It is a requirement according to this act that all employers must take the initiative of preventing where possible and minimising harassment and bullying in the workplace. Bullying and harassment are likely to stress the employees, and this will contribute to a negative impact on their mental health. If the employer notices of circumstances related to harassment and bullying in the workplace, then corrective and preventive procedures should be put in place in the workplace (Almost et al, 2015). This should include providing supervision and direction to the workers who are affected. The employees may also be given training so as to manage the difficult situation or imposition of arrangements related to the workplace in order to minimise risks of harassment and bullying.

British Colombian’s Human Right Code is concerned with the human rights in British Colombia. The code protects individuals from being treated poorly and differently because of their gender. It states that the rights of each and every person should be respected. The B.C. is a crucial law that aims at protecting individuals from discrimination and harassment. The law gives the individuals in various organisations the right to go and file a complaint or complaints if they think they have been discriminated in any way or harassed. The complaints are to be filled with the BC Human Right Tribunal, and the Tribunal can protect anyone who has filed a complaint with any form of retaliation. According to B.C., it is illegal to harass or discriminate a person against their colour, race ancestry, religion, place of origin, marital status, family status, mental or physical disability, lawful sources of income (this applies to tenancy), political belief (in the workplace), criminal conviction (in the workplace), age, sexual orientation, and sex (this includes sexual harassment, breastfeeding, and pregnancy) (Almost et al, 2015). The harassment, in this case, refers to behaviour that is insulting, offensive, or demeaning, and unwelcome comments.

Canada is a territory where the workplace environment of the employees governed by the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Recently, three policies were added to the OHS policies related to bullying and harassment. The employer, supervisor, and the workers should ensure the workplace is safe. The employer has the role of making sure that the health and safety of the workers are taken care of. The employer should do away with any element and minimise harassment and bullying in the workplace. Bullying and harassment in the workplace are likely to affect the employees in the following ways; illness, injury, or death. The workers of the organisation should take reasonable care for protecting their safety and health and that of other workers (WorkSafeBC, 2015).

Reasonable steps must be made by the workers to do away or minimise the elements of harassment and bullying. The OHS policies also apply to the supervisors. Due to their supervision, the supervisors should make sure the safety and health of the workers who are under them are catered for. This is possible through eliminating all elements or minimising issues to do with bullying and harassment. This is because bullying and harassment may cause injury, illness, or death to the workers. The WorkSafeBC officers will be going round organisations making sure that the policies are implemented and are carefully followed to ensure safety and health of employees.

Here are some examples of meaning of respect essays that you students commonly choose to write about:

  1. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.
  2. Respect means having zero judgement. Explain.
  3. What is the role of respect in our lives?
  4. How does having respect for others help us lead better lives?
  5. Treating people with physical disabilities with respect.
  6. How to show respect to people with mental health issues like dementia.
  7. What are the principles of respect that your religion teaches you?
  8. Why is respect diminishing over time?
  9. How can you make sure that you are always respectful?
  10. Demanding respect from people. When does it become necessary?
  11. The importance of respect within my family
  12. Is it possible for society to function without respect?
  13. Respect is not limited to the achievements of people around you.
  14. What factors determine your respect for others?
  15. Write an essay on respect in military
  16. Does the core value of respect change due to socio-cultural factors?
  17. Write a definition essay on respect.
  18. Courtesy is a form of respect. Explain.
  19. What are the benefits of respecting others?
  20. How does respecting others help you personally?
  21. The concept of respect as seen in the story ‘The Death of a Salesman’.
  22. Feminism is a demand for respect for women. Do you agree?
  23. Provide an analysis of the book, ‘In search of Respect’ by Phillipe Bourgeois’
  24. The United States is a well-respected country. Yes, or No? Explain in detail.
  25. Why is it important to respect one’s roots?
  26. Communication is key when it comes to respect.
  27. Explain how conflicts can be resolved with respect with reference to the book, ‘Things Fall Apart’.
  28. An analysis of the book, ‘The Respect Kid’ by Margaret Atwood.
  29. Write a what is respect essay explaining the concept using any popular folktale.
  30. How does respect evolve with culture?
  31. How you show respect reflects on your intellect.
  32. Empathy is a form of respect.
  33. Human civilization is shaped by respect. Explain.
  34. What leads to lack of respect?
  35. Respect can resolve most global conflicts. Explain.

Writing a Self-Respect Essay

The first and most important form of respect is self-respect. One must be able to feel a sense of self-worth. More importantly, you should be able to stand up for yourself when the time comes. Along with respect definition essay, this is one of the most important types of respect essays assigned to students. The goal of these essays is to help them understand how to develop self-respect in order to avoid resulting issues like lack of self-esteem which can affect their whole lives.

Here are some examples of self-respect essays:

  1. Self-respect means knowing what you are worthy of. Explain.
  2. Why should you stand up to someone who is treating you in a manner which is lesser than your worth?
  3. Self-respect means being able to stop people who are not treating you fairly.
  4. Ways to ensure that you do not get into the pressure of satisfying people at the cost of your self-respect.
  5. How to develop the boldness you need to stand up for yourself?
  6. Self-respect helps you progress in your career path.
  7. You make better friends when you have self-respect.
  8. When you respect yourself, you will earn the respect of others too.
  9. One book that helped you build self-respect.
  10. People with low self-respect are likely to suffer mental abuse
  11. People who do not have self-respect have unhealthy lifestyles
  12. The relationship between lack of self-respect and depression.
  13. Characteristics of an individual with self-respect
  14. Self-respect reduces the need for comparison
  15. Self-respect is a sign of confidence
  16. Lack of self-respect leads to bad habits
  17. The negative consequences of lack of self-respect.
  18. What does self-respect mean to you?
  19. Ways to improve self-respect
  20. What are the benefits of respecting yourself?

Meaning of Respect for Others Essay

Respect for others helps cultivate trust in the society. It is one of the many reasons why people are able to live in harmony most of the time. It is only when there is a lack of respect that conflicts arise. That said, respect is a two-way street. These essays on respect for others could include essay on respect for teachers, people who are younger than you and older than you. Drawing from your own experiences and life lessons can help you write a thought-provoking essay.

Here are some of the best examples of essays on respect for others:

  1. The society goes easy on you when you respect others
  2. Is age the only factor that determines the respect that you have for people?
  3. You should give every human being a basic level of respect
  4. Respecting others builds feelings of confidence
  5. Having respect for others is the best way to gain their trust
  6. Write a 1000-word essay on respect for younger people
  7. Listening is a sign of respect for others
  8. The people that we work with on a daily basis and why you should respect them.
  9. Being patient when people are talking is a sign of respect.
  10. Respect for people depends on how you view them
  11. Why do we have more respect for specific groups when compared to others
  12. How can you show your respect for others?
  13. Is religion an important factor in determining the respect we have for others?
  14. Conversations to arguments: The role of respect in preventing this.
  15. Forcing ideologies on people is a sign of lack of respect.
  16. Having respect for people from all faiths is necessary.
  17. How traveling becomes a better experience when you respect others.
  18. Respecting people who are lower than you in status or power is a sign of good morals.
  19. The way you treat animals is a window into your personality.
  20. Respect is vital in bringing harmony between communities.
  21. Good civic sense is a sign of respect.
  22. Respect for property is a way of showing respect to others
  23. Taking permission is an important gesture when showing your respect for people.
  24. Why you should respect the political views of other people
  25. The need to respect cultural beliefs for a better society
  26. Lack of respect for others perpetuates violence. Explain
  27. Misuse of power is lack of respect.
  28. Why Your Friends Should Always be Respected.

Essays on Respecting People In Power

Respecting people in power is an acknowledgement of their achievements. This could be anyone who holds a role of authority. It could be your teachers, leaders, parents and others. It also includes individuals who play an important role in your life, including your co-workers, students in your class or your colleagues when you join the workforce.

These examples of essays on people in power will give you an understanding of the concept and why it is important:

  1. Why should people in power be respected?
  2. Write a ‘why should we respect our elders’ essay’ in 500 words
  3. Respect for your organization helps you become a better employee.
  4. You must respect fellow workmates irrespective of their level of duty.
  5. Explain the concept of dignity of labour
  6. Factors that determine your respect for people in power
  7. Is power a good enough reason to respect someone?
  8. How to respectfully stand up for yourself with people in power
  9. Why is it important to respect your parents?
  10. Lack of respect for parents leads to a dysfunctional family
  11. Respecting Rivals: Why is it important?
  12. Employers showing respect to employees leads to better productivity
  13. Explain the concept of mutual respect at the workplace
  14. When do people in power lose respect?
  15. Never compromise on self-respect
  16. Respect leads to healthy competition.
  17. The importance of respecting the rules of the society.
  18. Respectfully disagreeing is important in some situations. Explain.
  19. Reasons why people are losing respect for political figures
  20. How can people in power earn respect from others around them?
  21. Mistakes people in power make that causes a loss of respect.
  22. Humility when in power is a sign of respect. Explain.
  23. Write about one historical figure that you respect immensely.
  24. A contemporary individual holding a position of power that you respect. Why?

Respect for Property Essay

Whether it is a small object like a pen or something valuable, it is necessary to treat it with respect. This is even more applicable when the property belongs to someone else. If you think about what is respect, it is not just admiration for an individual based on his or her position or achievements. It is ensuring positive actions and emotions towards people and anything that affects them.

When writing an importance of respect essay, this is one topic that must be covered extensively.

  1. Why should you respect others’ property?
  2. Disrespecting others’ property shows a lack of good behavior.
  3. Vandalism of public property is disrespect.
  4. Littering on the streets shows lack of respect for property. Explain.
  5. Respect for the environment is respect for all living beings.
  6. Why is it important to respect someone’s privacy?
  7. Respecting privacy shows trust.
  8. Difference between respecting a person and respecting someone’s property
  9. Disrespecting property: What are the implications for you?
  10. Respect for property should be regardless of someone’s race or ethnicity.
  11. Teaching children to respect others’ property.
  12. Examples of disrespect to public property with respect to any popular riot
  13. Why should you teach children to respect property?

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