130+ Popular US History Regents Thematic Essay Topics for Students

us history regents thematic essay topics

Students are often scared of writing US History Regent essays. This fear could be because the essay topics are extensive and sometimes difficult to explore. But you don’t have to worry about this at all because we’ve got you covered.

Crafting an impeccable essay requires a set of skills:

  • You would need to study your topics and do thorough research on them.
  • You need to narrow down your topic to just one concentration.
  • It is best if you fight the urge to mention absolutely everything in your essays.

You should also note that the US History Regents have a lot of preparatory materials. So study across different areas. Your essay topics could come from places you never expect. In this article, we’ll explore how to write a thematic essay for US history regents.

US History Regents Essay Topics

US history thematic essay topics are exciting and dynamic. You’d have a fun experience writing them if you take your time to study them extensively. US history Regents essay topics are great avenues for students to make in-depth studies of their roots by themselves. Below is a list of US history regents topics that would acquiesce you with the nature of the essay topics.

  1. Women Suffrage
  2. What led to the advocacy for Women’s Suffrage
  3. Was Women Suffrage related to feminism?
  4. Eras and movements in US history
  5. Reform movements and what inspired them
  6. Conflict resolution in the US
  7. The suppression of the black race in the US
  8. Significant wars in the US and their resolution
  9. The fall and rise of the dollar
  10. What businesses or individuals helped to build the US economy?
  11. Why some laws were made to suppress the blacks in the US
  12. What are the major components of the US history regents?
  13. How Abraham Lincoln gave democracy a whole new meaning in the US
  14. Is Abraham Lincoln’s definition of democracy prevalent in today’s America?
  15. The American Independence and how it changed America
  16. How America got to become the first modern constitutional liberal democracy
  17. British America
  18. The American Revolution
  19. What led to the American Revolution?
  20. The tussle for power in the old US
  21. The colonial opposition to the British
  22. Who were the pioneers of the American Revolution?
  23. Did wars facilitate the creation of a new America?
  24. US presidents and assassinations
  25. Child labor in the early US
  26. The history of child labor in the US
  27. How was child labor stopped in the US?
  28. Why was child labor prevalent during the industrial revolution?
  29. Who brought an end to Child Labour?
  30. The industrial revolution
  31. The evolution of religion in the US over the years
  32. What was the first religion in the US?
  33. Religious intolerance in the US and how it affected the minority religions
  34. Christianity in the early US
  35. How religion affected decision making in the early US

The Constitution and Change Thematic Essay Topics

Topics that center on the Constitution and change are also brilliant topics to write on because they are not challenging to study. This kind of topic is concerned with individuals’ rights, the judiciary, amendments, and others. At some point or the other, every Constitution has been subject to modifications or changes. These amendments are made to suit the changing times. This is because as time goes on, some parts of the Constitution may not be applicable anymore. Hence, modifications are made. Below are some essay topics on the Constitution and change.

  1. Supreme Court rulings in the US
  2. Why is the Supreme Court seen as the highest level of jurisdiction?
  3. Did any of the American presidents ever go against the rulings of the Supreme Court?
  4. What do you think of past US Presidents and their decision-making processes?
  5. Discuss what led to the amendment of a section in the Constitution
  6. What’s the impact of law on a nation’s economy?
  7. In what instances can the rule of law not prevail?
  8. Law Reforms
  9. Human rights enforcement
  10. Is the US government genuinely democratic?
  11. Is perfect democracy attainable in a nation?
  12. The impact of law on technology
  13. What can people do to bypass the law?
  14. Has the US Constitution ever been unfavorable to any group of people?
  15. Bias in constitutional amendments.
  16. How do foreign policies affect importation and national cash flow?
  17. On what grounds can a president be voted out of office?
  18. Are there exploitative constitutions?
  19. Is anyone immune to the law?
  20. What becomes of the Constitution in a state of emergency?
  21. Biases in the Constitution.
  22. How the government makes life easier for the people
  23. Has an American President ever been despotic?
  24. The evolution of the Constitution over the years
  25. Why the Constitution is dynamic
  26. Significant changes in the Constitution and how it affected the US
  27. The judiciary and the Constitution.
  28. Criteria for amendments in the Constitution
  29. Why democracy is unfair on some occasions
  30. What defines a constitution?
  31. The origin of the Constitution in the US
  32. How democracy affects the minority
  33. Disruptions in Constitution in the early US
  34. What forms a significant part of the US Constitution
  35. Religious laws in the US.

Global History Regents Thematic Essay Topics

Global history regents thematic essay topics are concerned with world history, the advancements, and growth over time. It is a vast area. Sometimes, students face many decisions stemming from the inability to decide on the perfect topic to write on global history regents. Below is a list of thematic essay topics for global Regents.

  1. Historical development of political systems across several countries.
  2. Land systems in Africa and America’s contribution.
  3. The Soviet Union Vs America
  4. Did the Soviet Union cause harm to member countries?
  5. What less to the fall of the Soviets?
  6. Does perfect communism exist in any state?
  7. Is any nation sovereign in the world?
  8. World wars; causes and resolutions
  9. How science and technological development has changed the world
  10. The stories behind the great pyramids of Egypt
  11. The formation of the European Union
  12. What inspired political apathy among citizens in various countries?
  13. The holocaust
  14. Explore nationalism through the eyes of an average citizen.
  15. The French Revolution
  16. How medicine has discredited certain religious beliefs
  17. The bubonic plague
  18. The times of cholera
  19. How the world managed to deal with the deadly coronavirus
  20. Weak governments
  21. The apartheid in South Africa and the life of Nelson Mandela
  22. The origin of the great walls of China
  23. The most profitable Economic systems in Old Africa
  24. The British Monarchy
  25. Who ended apartheid in South Africa?
  26. Religion and how it affects people’s response towards technological advancements
  27. The narration of the holocaust, according to Anne Frank
  28. The Nazis
  29. The invasion of the Mongols
  30. The overtaking of Afghanistan by the Taliban
  31. Military protection; strengths and failures
  32. The Nigeria Civil War and the role of America.
  33. What caused the American civil war?
  34. The terrorism of Osama bin Laden
  35. What did Africa lose to the British during the punitive expedition?
  36. What inspired the punitive expedition?
  37. Most notorious leaders that ever lived
  38. The origin of the separation of powers
  39. The division of the catholic church and the murder of Tyndale
  40. The origin of HIV and the quest towards developing a vaccine.
  41. The punitive expedition of westward exploration.
  42. The rise of technology in Japan

US Regents Essay Topics

US regents essay topics are concerned majorly with general history about the US. There are myriads of popular and unpopular records that are connected to the US. Every nation is made up of many accounts. Sometimes, students get confused on how to go about writing about US regents essay topics because of how tricky and demanding they may seem. But fear is not necessary at all. Good knowledge of the subject and some essential writing skills would do. Below are some interesting US regents essay topics.

  1. The Berlin blockade; what caused it? How long did it last? Who were the significant sufferers?
  2. The Berlin conference of 1884-1885. What countries participated in this conference, and what did they stand to gain?
  3. Why was Africa the target of the Berlin Conference? Was it because the other continents saw weakness in Africa?
  4. The origin of the cold war. How long did the cold war last?
  5. What were the actual causes of the cold war?
  6. Why did the US and the Soviets maintain silence during the cold war?
  7. How did the nations involved in the cold war survive throughout the war?
  8. Which countries were significantly affected by the cold wars
  9. Discuss the advancement in the military defense of the US and how it changed the entire US defense system.
  10. The history of the print media in the US
  11. Detail how the invention of smartphones caused a remarkable decline in the purchase of papers.
  12. American underrepresentation of groups across several political sectors.
  13. American minority groups and their fight towards inclusion and equality.
  14. American Eras: Great Depression Vs Progressive Vs Cold War.
  15. Impact of media on information: misinformation, disinformation, and political propaganda.
  16. Compare and contrast the significant government reforms from Civil Rights to Child Labor.
  17. Americans First: explore the significance of protectionism for and against American interests.
  18. Discuss the impacts of the decisions of five US Presidents in History on war, trade, and international development.
  19. The effects of civil movements on the underrepresentation of African-Americans and revised immigration policies.
  20. Impacts of protests on the human rights and political representation of minority groups and people of color.

Thematic Essay Topics in US History

Choosing an excellent essay topic is very difficult sometimes. One reason is this; there are so many US history topics to write about that you don’t even know the one to write on. Also, you may feel most of the issues are overexploited already. This would make you not want to write about them. So you may have to rack your brain for unique thematic essay topics US history that are not difficult to write—writing original, provocative, and engaging essays that reek of nothing but originality is very much possible when you choose the right topic for you. Below are some topics that you could explore in this area.

  1. Racism and black discrimination in the US
  2. How did the American Revolution affect women in the US?
  3. The beginning of the feminist movement in the US
  4. The civil rights movement
  5. The fun and danger of being black in the old US
  6. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  7. The great depression
  8. Black inclusiveness in the modern US
  9. The red and blue state divide in America
  10. Why women and children suffered more during the war
  11. The strengths and weaknesses of Napoleon
  12. The segregation of black children in white schools
  13. How white and black paradox found its way into politics
  14. The flaws of American history and the beginning of the third world war.
  15. Comparisons between the Vietnam war and the Afghanistan war.
  16. Why the US abandoned the Afghan war and implications from history.
  17. Justify the withdrawal of US troops from the war in Afghanistan.
  18. Taliban occupation and the fall of the US war against terrorism.
  19. Is China a foe or friend? Discuss.
  20. Historical invention of war tactics and how it played out for the US.

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