120 Original Humanities Topics To Write Best Essay

humanities topics

There are several interesting humanities topics for students to explore. Suppose you’re studying anthropology, cultural studies, or anything in history, you will need humanities project ideas that could boost your creativity while searching for research ideas or writing your paper or project. Topics in humanities are also essential depending on your career interest as a lawyer.

Finding the creativity needed to spur project humanity essay topics for your work is often difficult. You need to think in-depth, refer to your notes, and spend hours online for original topic ideas. Whether you’re a high school, college, MBA, or Ph.D. student, this article is for you.

How To Write Good Humanities Essay

Sometimes, even as a writer, it’s hard to make your paperwork the best at one go. You need the best strategies to create an excellent essay or report, even after gaining humanities essay topics ideas.

If you need to finalize if you’ve done right by what you’ve written, ask these questions after reading your draft:

  • Is my topic broad enough? You need to consider this if you have a broad topic. You’d want to break it down into smaller parts and simplify it. For example, suppose your essay is about how technology has affected communications, break the topic into two subtopics: traditional communication methods and the role of major social media platforms.
  • Is my topic too narrow? If your topic is too narrow, ask yourself if there are other ways of looking at your subject from other perspectives and include them.
  • Is my paper organized in the most logical order? Now is the time to look at the overall organization of your paper if you’ve read through your rough draft and gained feedback from an editor. A good way to do this is by using a topic sentence for each paragraph which leads to the next question:
  • Does each paragraph have a clear topic sentence? Topic sentences are an essential part of any paragraph. They let the reader know your main point and guide them through each sentence, ensuring that it fits in with your topic. A good topic sentence is clear, concise, and specific and comes in the first paragraph. It also states the main idea of a paragraph.
  • Proofread your essay: Proofread your essay for capitalization, grammar, and spelling errors. If you’re unsure how to spell a word, use a dictionary or a spell checker. It will help if you consider using synonyms in place of common words where appropriate. This can help to create more interesting sentences.
  • Take a break and reread your essay: The best way to improve your essay is by taking a break and then rereading it with fresh eyes. Take some time to rest, do something else, take a walk — whatever helps you clear your head and come back to your essay with a new perspective.
  • Reread it as a reader would: If you still don’t know how to fix the issues in your essay, try “rereading” it as if you were an outside reader. This will allow you to see any inconsistencies you may have missed earlier.
  • Ask someone else for help: If none of these suggestions worked for improving your essay and making it better than before, ask someone else for help. Let this person read because they might spot things you’ve never discovered before. Take this feedback and see how you can implement the suggestions.

You can use or rephrase any of these topics for your next thesis. You will also learn how you can improve a bad essay at the end of these original humanities topics ideas:

Humanities Essay Topics

You may have already guessed that humanities is an interdisciplinary field. There are many disciplines within the humanities, each with a specific focus. You can brainstorm with the following ideas:

  1. Examine the challenges that lead to migration
  2. Does reading more books reduce socialization?
  3. Argue why immigrants should be legalized as citizens?
  4. What are the consequences of domestic violence on children?
  5. How does domestic violence between couples affect a conservative environment?
  6. Discuss why domestic violence is a norm in many Muslim societies
  7. With reference to three wars, what is the core agenda of war?
  8. How does childhood influence a child’s personality?
  9. Explain when teachers and parents should teach sex education
  10. Discuss the challenges of child marriages and examine if poverty is a core reason.
  11. Analyze the best ways to tell kids about sex
  12. Explain why people around the world should care about Ukrainians
  13. Explore the arguments in support of isolating a country because they’re insistent on keeping nuclear weapons
  14. What are the factors responsible for social and political backwardness in developing nations?
  15. Comment on the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing and what should’ve happened to the US
  16. Comment on whether or not any country or body can check the US government’s excesses
  17. What is your comment on UN peacekeeping missions in Africa and Asia in the past decade?
  18. What are your thoughts about US withdrawal from Afghanistan a year ago
  19. Would you say the UN has failed in the Palestine Question?
  20.  Would you say the world wars and the Cold War brought global order or challenged existing systems?

Humanities Argumentative Essay Topics

Humanity is a course that requires an argument, opinions, and creativity banters. You also need to be knowledgeable to be capable of presenting controversial topics in the best ways. You can source inspiration for your next paper from these humanities paper topics:

  1. Is war a prerequisite for peace in modern societies?
  2. Are humans responsible for climate change?
  3. Elon Musk once said that his money could not solve world hunger; what do you think are the intricacies affecting the resolution of global hunger?
  4. Men don’t deserve paternity leave: here is why.
  5. Freelancers should be placed on pension in the companies they work with
  6. The tax system is unfair and corrupt.
  7. Should people adopt cryptocurrency to avoid taxes?
  8. Is automation a tragic invention?
  9. Is it ethical to use animals in research?
  10. Are smartphones a desperate invention, and do they endanger us?
  11. Should the government keep tracking and monitoring humans?
  12. Should torture to considered a norm for criminals?
  13. Should citizens be allowed to own guns, especially in societies with an active police force?
  14. Are artists the mirrors of their countries?
  15. Should developing countries be kept in debt?
  16. Is the death penalty an effective judgment?
  17. Gun violence is a consequence of popular access to guns: discuss
  18. Men should use condoms: discuss
  19. Those that don’t support abortion want to control women.
  20. Beauty pageants and shows are exploitative, and they’re right to be so: discuss.

Humanities Research Topics

You need to let your mind wander and muse around various humanities topics to find the best for your next essay. As a required field that deals with humans and how the world works, here are research topics that may pique your interest and challenge your beliefs:

  1. An in-depth assessment of polygamy in America
  2. An in-depth assessment of polyandry in (country of your choice)
  3. What do religions say about the afterlife, and what do atheists say?
  4. Examinations are more of a trap than an intelligence assessment
  5. Rationalize the heat toward the LGBTQ community
  6. Marginalized people will remain marginalized, and here is why
  7. Euthanasia is a human right and should not be questioned: discuss
  8. Why there should be restrictions on what teachers teach students in school
  9. Here is how to reduce healthcare costs in the US
  10. The main challenges of pandemics
  11. Do NGOs play a major role in developing countries or contribute to destroying them?
  12. Statement: rich countries are not obligated to help developing countries
  13. Organ transplant services: an examination on how crime has infiltrated the industry
  14. Reasons why college athletes deserve compensation
  15. How a reduction in childbirth will not (or will) end the climate crisis.

Interesting Humanities Topics

Humanity essay topics are also expected to be interesting and not necessarily humorous. They must be insightful and smart in the delivery too. Here are original humanities essay topics to impress your teachers, professors, and colleagues in class:

  1. Comment on music and criticism
  2. A comment on the study of humanities
  3. The science field is better than the humanities
  4. Obesity should be a problem for any thinking parent
  5. What is the Enlightenment Age all about?
  6. The role of predictions in how the world works
  7. The impact of labor on politics
  8. The most active members of the societies are the busiest and play less role in their politics
  9. Comment on the black lives matter movement
  10. Prostitution should be made a job
  11. Prostitutes are endangered species, but they’re humans
  12. Laws protect some people yet endanger some who are not even criminals
  13. An opinion on the case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard
  14. Are activists the true voice of their movements?
  15. How fashion trends affect rationality in the world.

Humanities Project Ideas

Humanity is a vast subject, and you need to be informed before embarking on any projects. You can source ideas from these 15 humanities topics ideas:

  1. How does social media affect society and vice versa?
  2. Bullying is like terrorism: discuss
  3. Relationship between food and culture
  4. Relationship between food and religious beliefs/biases
  5. Is social media activism effective?
  6. Account for the start and finish of the #MeToo movement
  7. Examine the nature of human and animals sacrifice
  8. Discuss cultural stereotypes and the role of superstitions
  9. Lessons about migration and its effects
  10. How suicide is becoming a culture
  11. Sexist advertisements and how they shape gender narratives
  12. India and its popular sexual violence culture
  13. China and its popular human rights abuses
  14. The role of the US in human rights abuse in Libya
  15. The role of the World Bank in the poverty of selected developing countries.

Topics In Digital Humanities

Digital humanity is a growing field that is constantly evolving and changing. It’s a way to learn about technology and discover how it affects or helps people. Here are a few research topics around digital humanities:

  1. Technology and its influence on the study of humanities
  2. How technology controls the future
  3. The role of online casino games in socialization
  4. The role of gaming in creating an idle American youth population
  5. The challenges of remote work and productivity
  6. An overview of the printing press and present technology
  7. The destructive power of America, thanks to technology
  8. An in-depth look into how technology shapes the century
  9. How humans interact with technology or robotics
  10. The perspectives of Elon Musk on technology
  11. Communications and how technology could make the world unsafe in the future
  12. Videogames and violence: a critical review
  13. A critical review of the effect of online gaming and people’s health
  14. Identify why millennials fear missing out on technology
  15. How significant is TikTok in modern marketing strategies?

Humanities And Arts Research Topics

Exploring the history of humanities is a fascinating subject. Both music, art, and culture contributed to the growth witnessed, and here are a few topics that might pique your interest when you begin your custom essay writing:

  1. An overview of afrobeat in the international music industry
  2. How music is being used as propaganda
  3. The role of Caribbean music in understanding the history
  4. What’s the relationship between art and mystery
  5. Books with objectionable words should be banned: discuss
  6. Liberal laws are not liberal because they don’t protect some people: discuss
  7. The influence of cultural revolutions in selected countries
  8. The impact of advertisement on people’s perception of the world
  9. The role of popular media in advocating feminism
  10. The role of music in promoting violence.

Medical Humanities Essay Topics

The medical part of humanities is sensitive and can sometimes be controversial. This is because you’ll attempt debating what’s ethical and what should be done. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Doctors support patient request for euthanasia out of pity
  2. Nurses and the concept of sympathy
  3. Medical ethics and practices triumph racial and religious differences: discuss
  4. Should doctors report their clients to authorities for putting their health in jeopardy?
  5. Doctors are responsible for drug abuse: discuss
  6. The vulnerabilities of healthcare software and why they shouldn’t be used
  7. Should drug prices increase because demand increases?
  8. Every medical practitioner should be unique with their treatments: discuss
  9. An overview of different medical beliefs in three countries
  10. An analysis of unethical beliefs and bias in global health care.

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