147 Concept Essay Topics For Your Inspiration

147 Concept Essay Topics

Concept papers are common among college and university students writing their research projects. Such projects are not as easy as popular essays since they involve vigorous research and articulate explanations. Since not all students can achieve this easily, professors have noted poor performance in this area. However, this article seeks to break the ground for you by examining what a concept paper is at length, giving a step-by-step guide on how to write it, and providing you with professional writing ideas for concept papers.

Are you ready to succeed painstakingly in your concept essay? Keep reading!

What Is Concept Essay?

It is a brief paper written by a student before starting their research project to explain the purpose of the study, its relevance, and methods used in the research. In other words, you can think of it as a detailed outline of your research project that will form the basis of the final document. It is also called a research proposal.

There are critical elements of a concept paper that give it value and meaning, such as:

  • The research title
  • A brief introduction to the subject
  • Aim of the study
  • Research questions you intend to answer
  • Type of data to be collected
  • How you will collect the data

It is important to note that a student writes this paper before undertaking the research.

Purpose Of Concept Essay

Students primarily write a concept essay to show the reader the worth of the research project they intend to undertake. As the professor or supervisor goes through a concept paper, they should be able to agree that the study is interesting and relevant. Therefore, a student should labor to show the need for the research through the aims and research questions raised.

This paper also seeks to authenticate the methods for data collection by showing that they are realistic, likely to work, and achievable within the set timelines. Remember that every research project has a specific period allocated to it, and therefore there is a need to consider this.

Now, who should write a concept essay?

  • Undergraduate or postgraduate scholars during their coursework
  • A student who wants to pursue a Ph.D. project
  • A principal investigator who is seeking additional funds for a project

There is a need for convincing to get approval to proceed to the next stage in all three instances.

How To Write Concept Essay

Here, we will begin with the essentials of this paper by highlighting the basics and length required. Now, an effective concept essay should be two to three pages long. Others can go up to 20 pages long – those requesting funds.

That should tell you that intensive research is needed to convince your professor in only three pages. Within this length, you should be able to clearly explain the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of your proposed research project.

When writing your concept paper, here are key considerations:

  • The research title should be brief and catchy. As we will see in the sample paper topics herein, the title carries greater weight and thus should have the most attention during your preparation.
  • The intro should also be brief but detailed with a published literature review and identify the knowledge gaps. As you identify the gaps, you will build up your problem statement. Remember that this research paper will bring a solution to a particular problem pointed out at this stage.
  • You should also align the aims and objectives of your study to the problem statement. When writing the research question, ensure that it addresses the knowledge gaps from existing literature.
  • Determine whether you will capture quantitative or qualitative data and define the intervals.
  • Have a laid-out research methodology with specific measurements or equipment.
  • Conclude by stating the significance of your study and its impact. It should also show the beneficiaries of your research project.

With these tips at hand, we can now proceed to the sample topics for the concept essay. However you don’t need to worry if you don’t feel like writing an essay even with our topics. You can buy college essays online from our experts and go enjoy the activities you like.

Explaining Concept Essay Topics

  1. Explain the concept of love in today’s society
  2. Why is the internet gaining more ground in the 21st century?
  3. How do scientists discover a fossil’s age?
  4. How to develop self-esteem through natural circumstances
  5. Explain how nuclear weapons bring massive destruction
  6. How does a computer use its Random Access Memory?
  7. How to develop white teeth using herbal remedies
  8. How does wearing a face mask prevent one from contracting a contagious virus?
  9. Explain the rotation of the earth around the sun
  10. Discuss the concept of recession
  11. Explaining the agricultural revolution and its impact on agriculture today
  12. The concept of religion
  13. Explain the concept of superpowers
  14. Why do children watch cartoons a lot?
  15. Explain how a plane defies gravity.
  16. Explain the negotiation process
  17. The concept of polygamy in Africa

Interesting Topics For Concept Essay

  1. How does one start a business from scratch?
  2. Why do many students aspire to white-collar jobs?
  3. Explain the reliability of a university degree in the job market
  4. Why do students still study the events of WWII?
  5. How to develop a thriving enterprise
  6. The concept of weight and sinking objects
  7. Why commitment is necessary for success
  8. Explain the disintegration of society through social media
  9. How does the earth revolve around the sun?
  10. The concept of integrity among undergraduate students
  11. How to develop better discernment skills
  12. What makes a speaker produce sound
  13. The concept of plants growing towards the source of light

Professional Topics For Concept Essay

  1. Why do some memories stick with us forever?
  2. How does one move from a baby to an older man?
  3. Why do some events make us happy while others make us sad?
  4. Explain the concept of sibling rivalry among families
  5. Why do some people celebrate Christmas while others do not?
  6. Explain the concept of protests and vandalism
  7. Analyze the concept of gender disparity
  8. The concept of associations in politics.
  9. Why are some nations developed while others are still underdeveloped?
  10. Explain the concept of environmental pollution
  11. How do theories help us explain natural events?
  12. Explain the concept of habitual behavior
  13. Why do people need to study?

Concept Essay Topics Ideas From Expert Writers

  1. Explain why man intends to colonize other planets
  2. Is it possible to have enough resources for everyone in the world?
  3. Do conspiracy theories distort sound judgment?
  4. Explore the concept of justice and fairness
  5. Why is cultural diversity necessary in the world?
  6. Explain how various drugs stimulate the body
  7. Why do ladies mature faster than their male counterparts?
  8. Explain the concept of family and relationships
  9. Why there are gaps in the evolution theory
  10. Explain why students get anxious over exams
  11. Describe the concept of public speaking
  12. Explain how people discover talents and gifting
  13. Why do people need each other?

Controversial List Of Concept Essay Topics

  1. Do women have better problem-solving skills than men?
  2. Who is most shy between men and women?
  3. Explain the concept of ‘first come, first serve.’
  4. Why racism is rampant in the European countries
  5. Why social media is a cause for separation rather than unity
  6. Should a woman make the first step in courtship?
  7. Explain the concept of complementary in relationships
  8. Does magic exist, or is it trickery?
  9. Is it possible to have a united and collaborative world?
  10. The concept of vaccination and prevention of diseases
  11. Why do most children follow their parents’ behaviors?
  12. Explore the concept of democracy in the United States
  13. Why exams are making students less productive in the workplace

Good Concept Essay Topics For Undergraduates

  1. How does the education level impact the socio-economic status of a person?
  2. Why parents are the ones to instill key morals in their children
  3. Explain the relationship between health and development
  4. Why most people prefer to marry in their late 20’s
  5. Explain the connection between money and pride
  6. How does a population impact revenue collection?
  7. The concept of humanitarian aid
  8. Explore the role of water in the stability of the earth
  9. The concept of seeking online academic assistance
  10. How age determines a person’s level of maturity
  11. Education systems versus development in a country
  12. The concept of gender and leadership
  13. Explain the mortality rate in the 21st century

Good Topics For Concept Essay In College

  1. The concept of economic prosperity and social classes
  2. The process of developing SDGs
  3. The concept of social life among the youth
  4. Why do babies and older adults sleep more than teens
  5. The concept of retiring from civil service
  6. Why do political campaigns cost more than expected
  7. The concept of truth and political campaigns
  8. Why propaganda is prominent among politicians
  9. The role of a university degree in the thinking process of a person
  10. The growing lifestyle diseases in developed nations
  11. Discuss the concept of dictatorship rule in select countries
  12. The concept of break-ups and rebounds in relationships
  13. The concept of critical thinking in making decisions

Quality Science Topics For Concept Essay

  1. Discuss what makes a coin sink when dropped in water
  2. How does heat increase the size of a metal?
  3. How gravity causes a mango to fall from a tree
  4. Discuss the concept of thermodynamics in physics
  5. Why astronomy is the key emphasis of science in the modern world
  6. Why space exploration is an expensive affair
  7. The concept of computer engineering in cybersecurity systems
  8. Discuss why legitimate science findings are evidence-based
  9. Why do scientists rely on theories and experiments?
  10. Explain the concept of society versus science
  11. Discuss the relationship between physiology and anatomy
  12. Why environmental science is key in conserving the ozone layer
  13. The concept of molecular biology in disease treatment

Top-Notch Concept Analysis Essay Topics

  1. The concept of sound and energy
  2. Why is it necessary for students to engage in group discussions?
  3. Explain why observation is a critical element of science
  4. The concept of myths and misconceptions in religion
  5. The development of icebergs in the polar regions
  6. Explore how various animals adapt to their habitats
  7. Why do some animals and plants test positive for coronavirus?
  8. How does the mass media help in stopping fake information?
  9. Explain the concept of personal achievements and self-esteem
  10. Why do organizations engage in charity work?
  11. Explain why social distancing is now becoming the norm in most places of work
  12. What distinguishes an essential worker from any other team member?
  13. Explore the dynamics of classroom learning after COVID-19

Easiest Concept Essay Topics

  1. Why isolation is not the perfect option for a person suffering from mental health
  2. Explore why most European families keep pets
  3. How does optimism affect how a person undertakes a particular task?
  4. Explain the relationship between the media and people’s communication skills
  5. Discuss the concept of exercise in preventing obesity among teenagers
  6. Explain the role of global warming in the extinction of rare species
  7. Explore the place of distrust in long-distance relationships among teenagers
  8. Explain the environmental effect of using bicycles over cars in public transport
  9. The concept of eating healthy food and body immunity
  10. Why do some kids mature faster than others?
  11. Explore the concept of panic attacks among women
  12. Why many ladies are after weight loss and body slimming techniques
  13. Why does communication lead to a healthy relationship?

Hot Self-Concept Essay Topics

  1. The relationship between self-image and self-esteem
  2. Why is the self-concept dynamic and malleable?
  3. Explain the role of personal behavior in a person’s societal image
  4. How does the public self vary from the self-concept?
  5. Explain why intelligence is a cause for positive self-concept
  6. Discuss the relationship between belonging and self-esteem
  7. Why do women view themselves as excellent spouses and friends?
  8. Why are caring and nurturing people more attractive?
  9. Explain why ladies will always look at a mirror before leaving the house
  10. The concept of health and self-image
  11. Why failed dreams and ambitions cause negative self-concepts
  12. The concept of hopeful statements in self-concept
  13. Explain how friends determine one’s self-image

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