132 Unique Globalization Essay Topics You Must Check Out

globalization essay topics

If you have decided to search for some of the best globalization essay topics on the Internet, you have arrived at the right place. This blog post contains a list of 132 brand new topics related to globalization for high school and college students.

These topics are unique, so don’t hesitate to pick any one of them for your next paper. In addition, we will also show you how to use the 5 paragraph essay structure for your next globalization research paper. Read on!

Learn More About Globalization and Our Globalization Essay Topics

Do you know just how important interesting globalization research topics can be? In most cases, your professor will award bonus points to students who manage to find interesting, original topics for their papers. As long as you can captivate the interest of your professor, you have a great chance of getting an A or even an A+. In addition, picking the right topics also makes writing the paper a lot easier.

Speaking of writing a globalization college essay, we want to show you a great way to write the paper quickly. The structure we are recommending to each and every student is the 5 paragraph essay, and it looks like this:

  1. The introduction paragraph. This is where you place the thesis statement and provide a bit of background information about the topic.
  2. First body paragraph. Choose the most important talking point or idea and discuss it in a single paragraph. Start by stating the idea and then use the rest of the paragraph to support it.
  3. Second body paragraph. Use the same approach as in the first body paragraph.
  4. Third body paragraph. Use the same approach as in the first and second body paragraph.
  5. One or more body paragraphs (optional). You are free to add more body paragraphs if you have more important ideas to discuss.
  6. The conclusion paragraph. Summarize everything and show your readers how your research, data and other findings support your thesis statement. A strong call to action is a great way to end the conclusion.

Now that you know how the essay should be organized/outlines, it’s time to show you our list of globalization essay topics for 2023:

Best Research Topics on Globalization

We will start our list with our best research topics on globalization. Choose any of these topics with confidence and write an awesome essay in just a couple hours:

  1. Talk about the positive and negative aspects of globalization
  2. Current international business challenges
  3. The rise in steel prices
  4. Latin American countries and globalization
  5. Discuss globalization as seen by Anna Tsing
  6. Case study: McDonald’s
  7. Talk about the effects on the food industry
  8. The effects on our education system

Easy Globalization Topics

Do you want to spend as little time as possible on your paper? You should definitely take a look at our list of easy globalization topics:

  1. Talk about changes brought by globalization in business
  2. Knowledge and globalization in 2023
  3. Effects of globalization on our health
  4. Globalization and its effects on human rights
  5. The effects of globalization on our lifestyle
  6. Talk about employment opportunities in the era of globalization
  7. Discuss gender identity in the era of globalization
  8. National sovereignty and globalization
  9. Why we shouldn’t fear globalization

A List of Global Essay Topics

Want to talk about a global event? Interested in researching the global economic impact of a particular action? Here is a great a list of global essay topics for you:

  1. Case study: Kentucky Fried Chicken
  2. Negative effects of globalization post-Brexit
  3. Talk about the causes of accelerated globalization
  4. Climate change and globalization in 2023
  5. Case study: Microsoft
  6. Talk about the sociopolitical impact of globalization
  7. Discuss the economic impact of globalization
  8. World Peace and globalization in 2023

Globalization Paper Topics for High School

If you are a high school student who needs to write a research paper on globalization, you will be thrilled to learn that we have the most interesting globalization paper topics for high school:

  1. Talk about globalization in Singapore
  2. Talk about globalization in sub-Saharan Africa
  3. Globalization in South American countries
  4. The advantages brought by globalization
  5. Globalization in Eastern European countries
  6. Discuss the concept of modern imperialism
  7. Globalization in emerging economies

World Topics to Write About in 2023

There are some topics that will work great in 2023, and our experienced ENL writers know exactly what they are. Here are some excellent world topics to write about in 2023:

  1. Problems with the current state of globalization
  2. Discuss the global chip shortage
  3. Talk about the evolution of electric vehicles
  4. Outsourcing and its effects on the national economy
  5. An in-depth look at the globalization ideology
  6. Discuss the political dimension of globalization
  7. Talk about the garments industry of Bangladesh
  8. The disastrous consequences of globalization on oil-rich countries
  9. Globalization effects on SMEs in the EU

Social Media and Globalization Ideas

Interested in writing about the link between social media and globalization? Check out these awesome social media and globalization ideas:

  1. How does social media affect globalization?
  2. The global rise of TikTok in 2023
  3. Sharing scientific research on social media
  4. Effects of social media on financial institutions
  5. Discuss the effects of social media on the educational sector
  6. The increase of social media globally
  7. How does globalization influence the use of Facebook?
  8. Streaming movies and music on social media
  9. Discuss the role of social media in culture exchange

Threats of Globalization Topics

Talking about the threat of globalization is a great way to get a top grade. Here are some original threats of globalization topics you can write about:

  1. Talk about the threats of globalization on law enforcement
  2. Job insecurity caused by globalization
  3. An in-depth look at the main causes of price instability
  4. Is globalization a threat to the environment?
  5. The introduction of invasive species
  6. Globalization and its effects on global warming
  7. The effects of globalization on migration
  8. Talk about the effect of globalization on terrorism

Good Globalization Ideas

Some topics are definitely better than others, so be careful what you choose to write about. Check out this list of good globalization ideas and choose the one that suits your needs:

  1. The economic crossroads of the 21st century
  2. Globalization and its effect on air transport
  3. Discuss supply chain management in 2023
  4. The rise in concrete and wood prices in 2023
  5. Improving the rights of women in the age of globalization
  6. Discuss international security and globalization
  7. And in-depth look at Oakley’s globalization theory
  8. Case study: Walmart

Loss of Culture Globalization Ideas

Interested in writing about the link between globalization and loss of culture? Our experienced writers have compiled a list of original loss of culture globalization ideas for you:

  1. What does loss of culture mean?
  2. How does globalization cause the loss of culture?
  3. Will we ever become a single culture?
  4. Talk about the concept of “convergence of traditions”
  5. Losing one’s cultural identity in Greece
  6. The destruction of traditional social fabrics
  7. Talk about cyber-culture in the United States
  8. Discuss an important example of cultural globalization

Economics and Globalization

Talking about economics and globalization shows you professor that you know how to put things into context, so why don’t you give these ideas a try:

  1. Globalization from a microeconomics point of view
  2. Discuss cross-border trade of services
  3. The rapid spread of innovative technologies
  4. What does globalization mean for the United States economy?
  5. Globalization from a macroeconomics point of view
  6. Globalization in the US versus Japan
  7. Globalization in Asian countries
  8. Talk about the best outsourcing opportunities in 2023

Argumentative Topics About Globalization

Did you teacher ask you to write an argumentative paper for the economics class? No problem, we have plenty of argumentative topics about globalization right here:

  1. Here is why globalization is bad for the UK
  2. Losing our identity to globalization
  3. Effects of globalization on the interests of workers
  4. Talk about the Internet censorship in China
  5. Water pollution caused by globalization
  6. Case study: the Apple iPhone
  7. Talk about American Popular culture
  8. Discuss traditions in the context of globalization in 2023

Topics on Globalization for College

If you are looking for some topics suited for a college student, you will be thrilled to lean that we have an entire list of topics on globalization for college students:

  1. Talk about globalization from an immigrant’s perspective
  2. Discuss the effects of outsourcing
  3. Maintaining competitiveness in a global economy
  4. Discuss the concept of a “diversified team”
  5. An in-depth look at offshore tax havens
  6. Discuss 3 major negative effects of globalization
  7. Is globalization a threat or an opportunity?
  8. Dangerous currency fluctuations caused by globalization
  9. Is globalization a social disaster waiting to happen?

Difficult Globalization Topics for Essay

Looking for a more challenging topic to write about? No problem, we have some pretty difficult globalization topics for essay right here:

  1. Globalization and its socioeconomic impact
  2. The ethics behind globalization
  3. A continuous threat to cultural identity
  4. The effects on the relation between 2 countries
  5. Discuss immigration in the globalization era
  6. Talk about child labor in a time of globalization
  7. Talk about sustainable agriculture in Europe
  8. Talk about the role of the United Nations

Our Most Interesting Global Essay Topics

In this list, you will find our most interesting global essay topics. These topics are related to a wide variety of subjects and countries:

  1. The effects of globalization on my family
  2. How important is learning a foreign language in 2023?
  3. Working in foreign country
  4. Discuss neo-liberalism and globalization
  5. The rise of terrorism in the age of globalization

Great Topics Related to Globalization

If you want to write about something related to globalization but not globalization in itself, you should choose from this list of great topics related to globalization:

  1. An in-depth look at workplace diversity in 2023
  2. Globalization’s effects on emerging economies
  3. Equal opportunities for everyone?
  4. Discuss the effects of globalization on natural resources
  5. How does globalization affect the human lifespan?
  6. Talk about 3 forms of globalization
  7. The major concepts of globalization
  8. Globalization effects on world trading

Globalization in Sociology

Talking about globalization in relation to sociology is not easy to do, we know. However, you will find these globalization in sociology ideas relatively simple to write about:

  1. What is globalization? (from a sociologist’s point of view)
  2. The most popular films internationally
  3. TV series recognized internationally
  4. Discuss the concept of “interdependence of world cultures”
  5. Social effects of globalization
  6. Talk about the effect of globalization on poverty reduction

Controversial Globalization Essay Topics

Of course, there are many controversies when it comes to globalization. Why not write your paper on one of these interesting controversial globalization essay topics:

  1. The loss of identity caused by globalization
  2. The controversy behind economic globalization
  3. Discuss the negative impact of globalization on the environment
  4. Talk about unequal economic growth caused by globalization
  5. Exploiting cheap labor markets in 2023
  6. Talk about job displacement and its negative effects on the economy

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