175 Awesome Psychology Research Topics For A Great Essay

psychology research topics

Selecting the psychology research topics to write about is not easy. However, picking a good title is the first step in the process of writing a winning paper. This exciting science branch requires more attention from the learners. It’s a complex knowledge area revolving around the human mind and how the brain functions. Therefore, selecting an interesting topic can be challenging, though it’s a great way to understand the human mind’s science. If your college or university student and your educator have asked you to write a paper or an essay, here are captivating topics to consider.

Easy Psychology Topics to Research

Perhaps, this is the first time your educator has asked you to write a psychology essay. In that case, you need a relatively simple topic to research and write about and still impress your educator. Here is a list of easy topics to consider for your psychology papers.

  1. Causes and effects of teen dating violence
  2. Bipolar disorder- What are their main types
  3. How PTSD affects life quality
  4. Describe the primary factors affecting memory
  5. What affects motivation?
  6. How helpful is divorce counseling?
  7. Is being attractive problematic?
  8. What causes stress, and how does it affect the body?
  9. How psychological torture affects a person
  10. Effects of depression on work productivity
  11. What is the meaning of violent dreams?
  12. Dreams and their health benefits
  13. What happens when a person dreams?
  14. What is the purpose of your dreams?
  15. How dreams affect your social life
  16. Can you turn a dream into a reality?
  17. Why disturbing dreams happen, and how you can stop them
  18. Can dreams reveal anything about a person?
  19. What is the connection between dreams and a person’s soul?
  20. Do colors have psychological effects?
  21. Do attractive people have a happier life?
  22. How male and female roles have changed in society over the last 50 years
  23. How a win and a loss affects your brain
  24. The manifestation of postpartum depression
  25. The military intervention of psychologists
  26. Can abandoning your senior increase their risk for mental disorders?
  27. Why schizophrenia patients have a difficult time recognizing emotions
  28. Effects of emotions on sports performance
  29. Emotional Stroop impact- What is it, and how can a person use it?
  30. The unique emotional traits of teenagers whose parents have divorced

All these are relatively simple psychological topics to research and write about for most learners. Nevertheless, they require some research to develop into winning papers.

Psychology Essay Topics for College Students

Are you a college student struggling to choose or develop a psychology topic for research? If yes, these ideas are brilliant for your essay.

  1. What are the differences and similarities of midlife crises among men and women?
  2. What are the dementia causes, symptoms, and treatments?
  3. What are the social triggers of panic attacks?
  4. ADHD causes, symptoms, and treatments
  5. Multiple personality disorders treatment
  6. What causes sleep paralysis, and how it affects a person
  7. How an autistic brain appears under MRI?
  8. Explain the social identity theory of Turner and Tajfel
  9. Why a strong self-perception is essential
  10. Continuous sleep disruption and REM phase
  11. Explain brain function for a person in love
  12. Differences in the brain function between men and women
  13. Describe different types of amnesia damage brain activity
  14. Is there a correlation between PTSD and Alzheimer’s disease?
  15. How yoga affects human psychology
  16. What is the essence of psychological relaxation?
  17. Discuss happiness as a measure of psychological wellbeing
  18. Explain how miscarriage affects a couple’s mental health
  19. Is faith an extended human cognition source?
  20. How terrorism affects a person’s psychological wellbeing
  21. Discuss propaganda psychology
  22. Discuss different stages of coping with grief after a loss
  23. Alzheimer’s disease and the elderly- What are the causes and remedies?
  24. What’s the best dementia treatment for adults?
  25. How to reduce postpartum depression
  26. Effects of school anxiety on teens
  27. Schizophrenia causes
  28. Does narcissism exist in modern society?
  29. Is asexuality a form of sexual orientation?
  30. ADHD in a family system
  31. Discrimination and prejudice
  32. What affects school performance in teenagers?

Any of these ideas can spark your creativity and compel you to research and start writing your essay. Nevertheless, identify good sources to write an informative paper.

Interesting Psychology Topics

Perhaps, you’re looking for an idea you’ll find interesting to explore. Maybe you want to have fun while researching and writing your psychology paper. In that case, this list has some of the most exciting ideas to explore.

  1. Is adding clients to your social media account ethical?
  2. What causes child abuse?
  3. Fetish behavior as an outcome of mental disturbance
  4. The adult content in anime and cartoons
  5. Ethics of Stanford prison experiment
  6. How online dating affects teenagers
  7. Crime doesn’t justify coping with post-traumatic stress
  8. Women as domestic violence victims
  9. Ethics that humans neglected during the Milgram experiment
  10. Homosexuality as a mental disorder
  11. What is lifelong learning?
  12. Define and describe expectancy theory
  13. What are the studying links between problem-solving and intelligence?
  14. Describe the Williams syndrome
  15. Techniques for recovering memories
  16. How neurobiology and cognitive psychology relate
  17. Ethical problems of cognitive psychology research
  18. Why is problem-solving important
  19. How the comprehension of the human brain has evolved over the years
  20. Why do humans repress their unpleasant memories?
  21. How ADHD influences child development
  22. How mental illnesses relates to aging
  23. Analysis of capital punishment application on sex offenders
  24. The link between law problems and bullied teenagers
  25. Homophobes triggers- Insecurity of a person’s security
  26. How socializing benefits a person’s mental health
  27. Quitting smoking via hypnosis
  28. Do harsh laws have an impact on morality?
  29. The link between child obesity and mental health
  30. What is the relationship between childhood trauma and later mental health problems?
  31. Analyzing social interactions
  32. How postpartum depression affects the mother and her child
  33. Sex offenders and their deviant behavior- How cognitive-behavioral treatment can help
  34. Teenagers violence and dating abuse
  35. Effects of depression on work performance
  36. How different forms of torture affects a person
  37. How stress affects a person’s wellbeing and health if they don’t deal with it
  38. Can sexting build a person’s confidence?

This list has exciting topic ideas for learners at different study levels. Nevertheless, each of them requires extensive research to build a good paper.

Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics

Maybe you love researching and writing about argumentative topics. In that case, consider the following ideas for your paper.

  1. Ways to avoid being asked out for a date
  2. A comparison of creative graffiti process and other art types
  3. What are the most critical traits in a relationship?
  4. Ways to get away with while lies
  5. How IQ testing and standardized testing affect the brain positively
  6. How to influence teachers positively for a better relationship
  7. Why do students procrastinate on their essays and homework?
  8. How Google makes a person smarter
  9. Why somebody can annoy you after spending a lot of time with them
  10. Causes of an awkward date and a good one
  11. Stereotypes- Are they good?
  12. Impacts of advertising on the human mind
  13. How good is religion?
  14. The influence of teenage parents on their children
  15. Causes of the increasing number of teen mothers
  16. Should teen marriage be legal?
  17. Training that parents should undergo before bearing children
  18. The link between psychology and music
  19. Why do kids have an easy time learning a second language than adults?
  20. Why learning to play instruments is easier for children than adults.

These are good psychology argument topics, and most students will love exploring them when researching and writing psychology papers. Nevertheless, prepare to spend a significant amount of time working on your essay because you need relevant and quality information to impress your educator.

Psychology Essay Questions

Maybe you want to research and write a paper in which you answer a specific question. You can even answer several psychology questions in a single piece. In that case, these topics can be brilliant ideas for your paper.

  1. How has COVID-19 affected mental health?
  2. Can virtual learning lead to anxiety?
  3. What does normal cognitive functioning mean?
  4. How does being married affect a person’s emotional health?
  5. How does friendship affect emotional health?
  6. Why does a child need to play?
  7. How does the brain develop from birth to the time when an infant is two years old?
  8. What is the ideal way to maintain a healthy brain as a person ages?
  9. How can exercise enhance mental health?
  10. Do specific dream images symbolize anything?
  11. What is the effect of REM sleep on a person’s mental state?
  12. What is the impact of sleep deprivation on a person’s mental state?
  13. How do colors influence a person’s mood?
  14. What is the meaning of reoccurring dreams?
  15. Why do some people have a hard time remembering their dreams?
  16. Do mental health drugs have natural alternatives?
  17. How can an individual know they are ready to quit using anxiety or depression drugs?
  18. What are the adverse effects of depression drugs like Prozac?
  19. What causes postpartum depression in some women?
  20. What are the impacts of mental illness on women?

These are good psychology research questions to answer in an academic paper. However, take your time to understand your preferred question and determine the best way to answer it. That way, you will write an engaging essay that will compel your educator to award you the top grade in your class.

Controversial Topics in Psychology

Do you want to address a controversial issue in your paper? If yes, this list has exciting, controversial ideas to explore.

  1. When is a parent or a guardian a perpetrator of child sexual abuse?
  2. Sexually deviant habits and fetishes
  3. How online dating and social networks affect teenagers
  4. How to justify crime as a coping mechanism for people with past trauma
  5. Veganism and psychology
  6. Adoption or surrogate motherhood- Are they ethical dilemmas?
  7. Prostitution legalization- What do you think?
  8. Socio-emotional development and single-sex schools
  9. Children development and teenage parents
  10. Single parents in contemporary society
  11. Can a convict become an ordinary citizen?
  12. Homeopathy is a fraud
  13. Abortion- Pro-life or Pro-choice?
  14. Is civil marriage a typical marriage?
  15. Homosexuality as a psychological disorder
  16. How parents influence their kids’ mental health
  17. Social media use among teenagers- What are the effects?
  18. How childhood trauma affects a kid psychologically
  19. How domestic violence affects intimate relationships
  20. How people’s attitudes towards homosexuality differ

Any of these controversies can be a good topic for a research paper. However, learners should prepare to spend sufficient time researching the works of other scholars to develop awesome essays on any of these topics.

General Psychology Essay Topics

Perhaps, you’re interested in a general topic in psychology. Maybe you want to write about a unique topic and provide information that your readers will find helpful. In that case, explore any of these ideas in your essay.

  1. Why do people generalize others?
  2. Why is the divorce rate rising?
  3. Why are so many people battling stress?
  4. Obesity and depression- Do they have a link?
  5. How does a narcissistic mother influence their child’s mental health?
  6. Does the environment influence personality development?
  7. How hate crimes affect the community and the victims
  8. The connection between obesity and watching TV
  9. How to obtain a lasting marriage
  10. What are the psychological causes of depression?
  11. How motivation theories work
  12. Understand how suicidal behaviors work
  13. The role of biology and environment in hyperactive children
  14. Understanding the psychology of homophobes
  15. The problems of homeless people

Choosing an exciting topic will make writing your paper or essay a pleasant experience. Nevertheless, writing your paper can be a time-consuming and technical undertaking. That’s because psychology is a science branch requiring more attention from the learners. What’s more, this study field has several components, touching on different issues. Consequently, some students have difficulties selecting the topics to research and write about when educators give them research papers and essay assignments. But, with keen attention to your academic interests, you can pick and develop one of the topics from this category. Seek professional assistance if you’re unable to choose or write about any of these topics.

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